TPR Chapter 38 –

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 Chapter 38


Savitridevi registered Maan’s voice suddenly and looked startled.

“Maan beta? Kya hua? Is Geet ok?”


“Yes she is fine, but why are you looking at these old photos? You always told me to look forward and not back?” The confusion in his eyes was clear.


“Err..” Savitridevi gathered up all the photo’s and put them in a bedside drawer.


“Nothing beta, tell me is Geet awake? How is she?”


Maan looked at her carefully, her expression was normal but her eyes told a different story she was definitely hiding something, but he knew not to push her, she was after all his daadima, she would tell him in her own time.


“Geet is fine, all except her head!” he declared. “She is so weak and yet she decided she was going to have a long soak! She had her eyes closed and was about to fall asleep. What if she had fallen asleep and drowned? It was just as well I found her in it and got her out.”


Daadima hid a grin and then her eyes became as round as saucers at the implication of his words, but he was already carrying on.


“Daadima, I want to be married in two weeks time, I wish it could be earlier!” Savitridevi stared at him with shock, was he serious?


“I need to keep an eye on that stubborn headed Mishty!” he rattled on.


“Two weeks?” There was no way she could arrange a wedding in two weeks! “Beta you are a prominent businessman, there are so many people to invite, so many arrangements to make! The wedding planner, caterers, mandap, Geet’s clothes, her trousseau, the flowers, there is no way it can be done in two weeks.”


“I want a very simple wedding, small and intimate just a few of our family and friends at home after that you can throw a lavish party and invite anyone you want but the wedding will be small and special.”


“But Maan beta!”


“Daadima I really only have you and Adi and a few others that I need at my wedding and Geet really doesn’t have anyone apart from her brother and sister, Pinky, the headmaster and the aunt from her village, so I think a small wedding would be appropriate. After we are married you can invite the whole town if you like.” He said coming to sit on the bed beside her.


She looked at him for a long moment and nodded, overcome with emotions to speak. He was right a small intimate wedding would be lovely to have at home, afterwards a lavish party where she could invite the whole town.


Giving him a big hug she got up from the bed and went to the door.


“NAKUL! Sab gharwalon ko bulawo! NOW! We have a wedding to arrange!”



A week later Geet was sitting downstairs on the sofa knee deep in Sari’s, choli’s, lengha’s lots of exquisite fabrics, and tailors. Both daadima and Geet had been expressly forbidden to go out shopping by Maan as Pandey had gone into hiding after the revelations in the Daily Delhi had all but turned him into a pariah, although he had used Geet’s recovery as an excuse and brought everything to them.


“Daadima I really don’t need all these outfits!” Geet protested vehemently.


“Geet beta you will need all of them and yes and that one and oh yes, definitely that blue one, every colour looks good on you Geet you might as well get all of them!”


Geet looked at daadima as if she had gone mad, ‘please daadima’ just as Maan walked in.


“Maan please tell daadima I don’t need all this many outfits.”


“Daadima knows best Geet, just go along with her,” he said dropping a kiss on Daadima’s cheek and grabbed an apple from a nearby table.


She looked so adorable today he thought, wearing a baby pink salwar khameez, her cheeks were returning to their proper colour now after days and days of making sure she ate properly. Keeping an eagle eye on her definitely had its benefits, he had watched her sleep every night in his bed from his position on the sofa. As the moonlight caressed her every night he thought he was the luckiest man alive to have her in his life. So many close shaves, it didn’t bear thinking about. Every night he heard the soft musical tinkle of her payals as she moved and turned in his bed. She wore a different pair each night he noted from the ones he had bought. It had been hard to keep his hands of her, but the wedding was so near so a few more days would be all that were required for him to keep control of himself.


His eyes darkened, and he bit into his apple with thoughts about the honeymoon on his mind, he watched as she argued vehemently with a banglewali at the moment, she was so passionate, he could wait to taste that passion. He grinned as he recalled how she muttered in her sleep and hogged the whole bed. It seemed he was destined not to sleep much without her and even with her.


“Madam aap khade ho jayee aap ka measurments lena hai.” piped up one of the tailors.


Maan glared at him and the man sat back down hastily.


“Uff! Maan how is he going to fit her choli blouses without taking measurements? Geet beta stand up again and Alibhai please take her measurements. I want my Geet to look beautiful, khookhe jaise kaapde nahi chalenge! If you can’t stop glaring, then its better if you go and do some work or something else Maan. As it is you wanted to arrange all this in two weeks!” Grumbling daadima admonished him.


Throwing his apple away in disgust, Maan snatched up the files he had brought home and marched up to his room taking the stairs two at a time. He didn’t want to sit there watching whilst some man had his hands near her at all, it made his blood boil.


He threw the files on his desk, better to throw himself in his work then think about it all, with that thought he was about to sit down when his phone rang.


“Ma..Maan sir all the arrangements have been made as you requested. I have done it personally.”


“Good! Thankyou Adi. I want next week to go like clockwork there should be no issues. And remember you are here starting 3 days before. I want Geet to feel all her friends and family are here for her.”


“Yes…Y..Yes.” Adi grinned. Maan sir was pulling all the stops for Geet.


Terminating the call from Adi he called Jaspal sir and the children to update them, telling him that the wedding was now all arranged for Saturday and that he was sending a car for them and Aunty on Friday, it would pick them up straight after school. Last week he had already sent a tailor and exquisite silk fabrics for Babli and Chotu so they could look like a proper bridesmaid and pageboy in their new outfits. The children were super excited and they had been sworn to secrecy by Maan as he knew that Geet had also made some local arrangements for their clothes, but he wanted the children to look extra special for Geet.


He heard the tinkle of her payal coming up stairs so he rang off, remembering why he had come up in the first place, he sat down at his desk with a scowl pretending to be working.


“Maan……its all done.” She saw the scowl on his face and her lips pursed.


“Hmm!” He said without looking up.


“Err he had to take the measurements you don’t want me to wear badly fitting clothes on the wedding day do you?”


“Ho gaya na!” He said tersely, “bas I don’t want to hear any more about it. Any man touching you apart from me makes my blood boil.”


“B…B..but,” Geet spluttered. Why was he so irrational.


Just then his phone rang, giving her a fierce glare he answered it. “Haan……” he looked at her for a moment and then said, “Sheena yes I would love to meet you, when?”


Geet’s ears perked up. Sheena? Who was this Sheena?


Pinky on the other end of the line stared at her phone in surprise, why was he calling her Sheena? It was Maan Singh Khurana she had called wasn’t it? She looked at the number again just to make sure.


“Err Maan its me Pinky! You asked me to call you when the surprise was all arranged?”


“Haan… Haan Sheena. Yes I understand.” Then he said loudly “Geet can you give me some privacy this is a very private call!”


Her mouth fell open in shock.


Private, privacy? SHEENA? He had made sure all this week that he had drummed into her head that there was no need for privacy between them, they would be husband and wife soon, thus there was no need and now he was saying he needed privacy!


With a angry shocked glare that would have shrivelled lesser mortals she turned on her heel and walked out of his room banging the door so loudly it swung on its hinges.


He winced at the loud bang, then with a huge grin on his face and went back to his call.


“Haan Pinky I know its you, its just that Geet was here and I had to get rid of her quickly.”


“Oh!” Pinky smiled, “I arranged for the same singers for the Sangeet night as the Shah’s had, they will be singing that song you two danced to, also Mr and Mrs Shah are very excited about the wedding, they showed me all the things they had bought for Geet, it was if they were giving gifts to their daughter they have bought so much!”


The Shah’s he knew would go overboard, but then they had been instrumental in their meeting.“ Yes, I know they were very excited when I spoke to them last. And thank you Pinky for arranging all that.”


“No problem.” Pinky grinned. “I cant wait for it all to happen I am so excited!”


“Yes, I will see you on Thursday, night Pinky.” smiling he terminated the call. Now to find Geet, he was sure she had flounced off to the outhouse.


She was pacing up and down her bedroom like a pink Virago. He grinned at her from the door instantly hiding it as she turned and saw him.


Without a word she strode up to the door and tried to shut it in his face, catching his finger in the doors instead.




Her hands were instantly around his finger, pulling it into her soft mouth and sucking on it to ease the pain. His body responded immediately forgetting the pain and thinking of something else altogether.




“Lagi?” her eyes were worried and angry at the same time.


Ignoring her he asked, “Why are you shutting the door on me?”


“You wanted privacy, I am giving you privacy!” She glared. “All this week I was allowed none, I was in your bedroom, you walked into the shower when you felt like it.”


“Err… Geet I didn’t look! I only came to grab my towel.”


That earned him another furious sparking glare.


“You watched me night and day.”


“For your own good Mishty”


“Don’t you call me Mishty!”


“You are my Mishty, sweet and incredibly beautiful.”


Ignoring the seductive tone of his, she came up to him poking a long finger into his chest she asked, “And who is SHEENA?


Then she shook her head and turned away, “and I am supposed to be marrying you on Saturday!”


“Mishty, look at me.” that soft tone was so seductive and dangerous.


“Saturday!” she muttered angrily trying not to pay any attention to him.


He was moving closer and closer, she stood her ground showing him her back.


“Well? Who is she?” It popped out of her mouth. She didn’t mean it to, but it was burning her up.


“If you let me get a word in edgeways,” he said lazily from right behind her, his fingers lightly stroking the silken skin of her beautiful back.


“OOO! Dont do that!” she turned and let him see the fury that sparked out of her eyes.


“Mishty,” he said softly. “You look so edible when you are like this…I want to kiss those lips of yours and those eyes that spark I want them to drown them in passion.” He came up close to her seducing her with his soft tone.


Angrily she pushed at him, “don’t you even dare! Y…You were speaking ‘privately’ to Sheena five minutes ago, go and seduce her!”


He smiled at her then. It was her undoing, she was lost in the warm liquid love in his eyes, “Mishty the only woman I ever want is you, day and night, I want to lose myself in you, I want to spend my days making you happy and my nights making you scream with pleasure.”


His arms slipped around her and his lips found hers


“So who is this Sheena?”She asked her amber eyes huge, why could she resist him at all? She was putty in his hands, she hated it and the same time loved it.


“She is of no importance at all my Mishty.” he said as his lips closed over hers.

“Don’t call me that!”

“I would rather not speak at all, I just want to lose myself in your sweetness,” he growled as his lips closed over hers. And then she became lost in him as lost himself in her.

In her room Savitridevi stared at the large envelope again. She had told herself a thousand times that no good would come of opening it, glaring at it she threw it into the bin unopened and walked out. Raking up the past was not something she was interested in now.

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