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Chapter 43

He heard the women giggling and Adi telling Pinky off for making him pay, but he didn’t care.

He entered his room and shut the door on everyone with a smile.

Finally they were alone.

The fragrance of jasmine and rose hit his senses, washing over him as he breathed in. His room had been transformed. Soft candlelight glowed from every corner, fresh flowers bloomed everywhere. The bed was draped with threads of woven jasmine, rose petals were strewn across the sheets.

Adorned, she sat in the middle of the huge bed. In the soft light she glowed and sparkled from every angle as the candlelight bounced of her golden embroidery threads and small mirrors woven into her lengha. As she heard him enter she turned and looked at him, her eyes soft amber and impossibly wide. He stood at the door just drinking her in.

She was his. All his.

“Mishty Maan Singh Khurana!” his possessive words bounced around the room and settled over her.

She didn’t say anything, her fingers agitating. Expectations, excitement and a little apprehension stilled her tongue. He had reassured her this morning but…..a fleeting emotion ran over her face and she bit into her bottom lip, worrying it. As she moved the music from her payal and bangles seemed to be extra loud in this softly lit room, she stilled instantly trying not to break the spell that had woven around her since looking into his dark sinful eyes.

“Bilkul chup? Mishty..” walking up to the bed he leaned past the flowers and trailed a long finger down her cheek.

“I…I ………”

He sat down on the bed beside her, just looking. He noted the soft flush on her cheeks, and then she paled as her eyes trained on his lips, flushing again as she looked up and saw him watching her.

“Are…you just going to… stare?” her lips trembled.

Without a word, his hands reached out and he removed the chunni from her head. Slowly he started removing her jewellery, starting with her earrings, piece by torturing piece until she sat in the middle of the discarded jewels. His fingers touched but he made no move to caress, just gazed at her with dark heated eyes.

“Maan?” she was burning for him to touch her.

“Bas, I could just spend the night looking at you my Mishty. All these,” he said indicating the discarded jewellery, “were just getting in the way of your natural beauty, your sadagi has always drawn me to you.” His eyes strayed to her lips as she smiled.

Her eyes widened a fraction, did he not want her? Why was he not attempting touch or kiss her? Her hands fisted on the silken sheets with want.

He watched her face, uncertainty seem to flicker over it. Did she need more time? Maybe she did, otherwise wouldn’t she have reached out and touched him.

He was burning for her but he had promised he would wait. His eyes flickered over her once more, he was dying to kiss her, to hold her in his arms, to feel her soft skin, to hear her moan his name out loud.

Clenching his jaw in frustration, he muttered under his breath. With superhuman effort he moved away from her and went to his cupboard to pull out his bandi and joggers.

With his head in the cupboard he said gruffly “Geet, why don’t you take this heavy wedding outfit off. Nakul has moved all your clothes here, you will be able to find your night clothes.”

Since when had he become all formal? And why was he not looking at her?

“I am just going into the bathroom to change.” he dropped matter-of-factly.

Change? Wasn’t he going to…

What had got into him? She stared at him in shock, her eyes as round as saucers.

Going to the bathroom he went in and closed the door behind him. “Maan Singh Khurana you are the biggest idiot alive!” He growled looking at himself in the mirror.

For a moment she sat on the bed with a frown, what had just happened here? She had so wanted him to kiss her. Didn’t he want her any more?

Anger coursed through her as her wanton body demanded release.

“Well, I don’t want him either!” She muttered.

Huffing to herself she slipped off the bed gathering up all the jewellery he had discarded and unpinned her heavy chunni from her blouse, pulling it off and throwing it on the bed in disgust. She had imagined tonight would be something else altogether. Breathing a sigh of relief as the heavy weight came off, she went to her side of the cupboard to find a huge box with her name on it.

Curious, she pulled the lid open to find a sheer black silk nighty, there was also some sexy lingerie in various colours that made her blush. Grabbing the card she read it to find it was all from Pinky.

“I am going to kill that Pinky!” she muttered, it was not like she needed it now anyway. Pulling out some night clothes she stared glumly into space. Looking down at herself she wondered how she was going to get her tight choli blouse off without help. She was not going to ask Maan. No way! Arching she tried to reach her doories muttering Punjabi curses that turned the air blue when she heard a loud crash followed by what sounded like things falling coming from the bathroom.

“Maan!” Instantly forgetting everything, she ran towards the door and flung it open.

“What happened?” She asked staring at a bare chested Maan who was standing clutching the shower door in a peculiar way, the shower was running and the spray was going everywhere. He moved and suddenly slipped, cursing under his breath he clutched the door, righting himself.

“Are you OK?” she moved forward to see what the problem was.

“Geet don’t come in, it looks like chotu has spilled soap everywhere………”

Too late she ran across the floor to try and save him and skidded right across it in spectacular fashion, arms flailing, right across the floor into his arms, she let out a scream as they landed on the floor in the spacious shower area.

Winded but not hurt, Maan lay on the floor, Geet on top of him.

“Are you all right, Maan? Bolo!” her voice rising as she saw his eyes were shut and his face looked pained.

Her hands roamed over his bare chest looking for injuries, her soft red mouth pursed with worry, her hair had become loose and tangled all around her face,.

The warm water flowed over them both, he opened his eyes and they immediately fixed themselves to the deep lush cleavage displayed by her tight red blouse resting on his chest.

Dear God! He was going to die of need.

Wriggling she raised herself over him. “Maan please say something!”

Her hands still roamed over his bare chest, She looked up and saw his dark eyes watching her face intently. The fingers tracing his hard contours suddenly changed direction and became caresses. A moan burst from her lips, it felt so good to touch his body, her mind went to the cave where she had allowed her hands to roam over his back and chest so wantonly.

He was beyond saying anything, his body was rapidly betraying him, but he had to tell her to stop.

“Stop wriggling Geet, for gods sake!”

“What? Are you hurt? Where?”

She pushed herself off but the lengha was so wet and heavy now she sank back down against him.

His face took on a tortured look.

“Maan please?” Her hands splayed over his chest, her eyes locked into his.

“Geet! Stop touching me!” groaning, his arms went around her to stop her moving.

Her eyes widened, stop touching him? Something was seriously wrong here.

“W…..why don’t you want me to touch you anymore? Panic seized her.

“I said I would give you time, but if you don’t stop touching me, I wont be able to hold myself back from taking you and then….” the pain in his eyes was evident, “you will hate me for not keeping my promise to give you all the time you need.”

Happiness burst through her.

Deliberately she wriggled against him letting the fullness of her breasts rest completely against his bare chest.

“I am warning you Geet! Stop now!”

“M…Maan…I don’t want to stop! I want you and I need you, now!”

“ were hesitating?” His brow furrowed.

“Because I was nervous, that’s all.” She whispered, sliding up to cup his face.

With a moan she put her lips to his and whispered. “Kiss me….and don’t stop!”

His arms became like steel bands as they pulled her into his body. He claimed her lips in a searing kiss that made her toes curl with pleasure.

She was burning up, his hands were touching her, caressing the skin at the bare expanse of her waist, the water had made it slick and wet, his finger pads sunk into it with relish.

Her hands started up an exploration of their own, running down his torso as he lay under her, she heard him moan deep in his throat, and with a bravery she didn’t know she possessed she put her lips to his flat male nipple and kissed it.

A growl burst from his chest. “Mishty! Oh yes!”

Encouraged by his words she did the same to the other, running her soft lips against his wet silky hard flesh.

Within seconds, he could take no more, he had to stop her before this ended too soon.

He rolled and took her with him so she lay under him. The blouse showcased her breasts, leaning down he ran his lips over the tops of the exposed tight globes. His eyes clouded with passion as she

arched into him wanting more. Pulling her up with him he stood under the spray. Then with a look that spoke volumes he turned her around in his arms pushing her up against the glass. Trembling his hands pushed the heavy swathe of her wet hair out of the way, his searing mouth kissed and nibbled on her neck.

“OH!” her hands curled into fists as she felt the doories of her blouse being tugged. Leaning into her he kissed her beautiful back whispering softly…”tum ko paata hai, I have wanted to do this to you for what seems like aeons, every time you wear a blouse like this you tempt me beyond endurance.”

He trailed soft kisses down her spine, his hands pushing the blouse apart as he went lower sinking down on his knees until he reached the waistband of her lengha, turning her, his eyes became level with the flashing diamond in that tempting navel. That would have to wait he decided, as he worked his way up trailing hot kisses up her towards her breasts.

Her breaths were coming out fractured and harsh. She was beyond any coherent thought. Water had never sounded so loud she thought until she realised it was the heady rush of passion that was sounding so loud in her head. His skin felt deliciously warm and silky as the water ran over his hard muscles. Winding her hands into his hair she moaned as he licked her collarbone, his fingers tracing and worshipping the recent scar.

His fingers hooked into the top of the blouse and slowly he pulled it off, freeing the lush full breasts to his heated gaze, discarding it without a thought he flung it in a corner. Water spray bounced off his shoulders and fell like soft rain across her body. Unable to meet the heat in his eyes she shut hers. His eyes followed the rivulets of water as they ran over her full globes. The dark rosy crests which lay exposed to his heated gaze budded and tightened as looked his fill, something akin to a pained moan escaped from him.This sexy water nymph was his, all his.

“Open your eyes Mishty mine.” his voice was deep and demanding, as he saw the heated flush on her cheeks, and the small white teeth that worried her soft lips.

Her lashes wet and spiky with the spray she opened them and looked at his gaze which was scorching her skin, in a fit of shyness she covered her breasts with her hands.

“Aaj nahi Mishty, aaj dekhne do, from today there will be no secrets between us.” He said pulling her hands away gently but surely. Reverently he reached up and cupped her breasts, his thumbs trailing over the centres which instantly peaked.

Secrets? A fleeting memory of Daadima and Maan’s father ran like a ghost through her mind, but it was lost as his mouth closed over one turgid peak and her fingers curled into the tight muscles of his shoulders.

She was lost totally, the steam rose all around them as he worshipped her body with his mouth. He took his time paying homage to them both before seeking her lips again in a searing kiss that had her melting against his hardness.

He was burning up to be inside her. His hands reached to the waistband of her lengha finding the zip he released it, not caring as it fell to the floor in a heap. Lifting her out of it he pulled her into him, against him, unable to prevent himself from grinding against her hips. Her red lacy panties drove him to distraction.

“Oh!” Heat was pooling low in her body she gripped his waist, the urgent feeling taking over her a hundred times more potent then ever before.

Urgency seemed to be paramount as his body strained for release. He reached down and shucked off his trousers freeing himself. She looked down at his body and saw the potent evidence of his desire for her. In wonder she reached out and touched him where he most wanted.

“Mishty dear god!” he rasped trembling against her hand, “you are driving me insane!” His hand clamped about her wrist and pulled it away. His spiky lashed heated eyes warning her that he was too close to the edge.

“Please Maan..Please…” he dispensed with her panties with urgency, poised to thrust into her as his body demanded.



But then he saw her eyes, they were clouded with passion and something else, trust. In her eyes he saw implicit trust.

A shudder ran through him as clamped down on his needs. His fingers curled into her waist as he expelled a deep shuddering breath. He had nearly taken her without any thought!

“Maan! Now, Maan!” demanding, her hands ran down his torso in a frenzied state.

“Slow down, Mishty! Wait!”

Wait? She was burning up and his frenzied need was equally evident.

He rested his forehead against hers and breathed deeply, passion clouded chocolate brown eyes of his totally serious.

“Mishty, this first time, I could hurt you if I am not careful, I want it to be special for you. I cant promise you that there will be no pain, but I will only take you when you are ready, totally ready.”

For a moment she could only stare at him. She so desperately wanted him to assuage this burning need but as the implication of his words sank into her fuzzy brain her eyes filled with tears and they ran down her face mixing with the rivulets from the spray. As always he thought about her first even at his now.

“Maan! You could never hurt me.” Her hands cupped his face and she kissed him softly, reverently her every action full of love. He kissed her tears away gently smiling at her, cherishing her.

Breathing deeply he turned off the shower, and reached out to snag a couple of towels, wrapping her in a huge fluffy white towel, quickly drying himself with another.

“Now lets take it slowly,” he whispered setting himself yet another impossible task. His lips sought hers again and he kissed her deeply lifting her against him with a moan, without breaking contact he stepped out of the shower avoiding the soapy trails and carried her to bed.

By the time he had laid her down against the soft rose petals she was lost in his kisses again. His hands roamed over her body blotting the moisture and finally whipping the towels away so they lay naked against each other.

“You are so beautiful” she whispered in wonder as she trailed her hands over his amazing sculpted body.

A huge grin lit his face, “Mishty Maan Singh Khurana that should be my line!

Heated dark eyes locked into her warm amber, “Mishty mine you are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined,” he whispered. “You make me burn. And now I am going to make you burn until there is nothing but you and me, just us…just us.”

Those sinful lips sought out a dark rosy peak and she became lost, so totally lost in sensation after sensation as he carried on worshipping her breasts until she writhed and moaned out her pleasure, her nails raking down his back.

“Yes, Mishty mine, tell me how you like it, tell me what pleases you most?” he said grazing his stubble on the underside of her sensitive breasts.

“Ahhhhhhhh!Yes, Oh that!”

“And what about this?” he rasped, as he trailed hot kisses down to the belly button where her diamond nestled, sparkling at him, taunting him to lick and nibble as she sucked in huge heaving breaths that had her rising off the bed. He pushed her down into the bed and went lower and lower.

“N..NO! Oh!”

He looked up at her pleading eyes and smiled, “I told you before there will be no secrets between us from today, none….and Mishty I think KC should definitely go into the beauty business.” as he saw the neatly presented triangle.

“Maan! Ahhh… “ and then she could say no more as his lips closed around her tight bud of need catapulting her instantly into another dimension altogether. His fingers slid against her soft folds, learning, teasing.

Embarrassment fled as her body became a fluid channel of need, she was burning up, gently he slipped his knowing fingers inside her, touching her in a way that drove her insane and yet made her want more and more.

“That’s it,” he rasped encouraging her, “Let go.” he said simply.

Lights exploded behind her eyes as she came, writhing in a frenzy against his fingers.


She felt the warmth of her climax run through her whole being, her body trembled in its aftermath, totally relaxed. She felt him move up her body vaguely hearing a tearing sound as he protected himself and then he was there at her core, poised and ready.


“Shhh! I don’t want to share you with anyone just yet…are you OK? ” he asked with a ragged breath, his eyes dark pools of need as his trembling hand moved away stray tendrils of damp hair away from her face.

“I have to be inside you now Mishty!” Her answering smile was so full of love and trust, then he was inside her with a single hard thrust sheathing himself deeply.

Even though she was so ready and relaxed, her body bucked and there was a flash of pain that had her sinking her teeth into his shoulder. His breathing was harsh as he stayed still letting her body adjust to his bold invasion, she felt his whole body tremble as he sought to remain still. The pain passed after a moment and she realised that if he had not prepared her so well it would have been unbearable.

“Open your eyes, I am so sorry, forgive Mishty mine?” He asked with a ragged breath, his face a picture of worry that he had caused her pain.

New sensations were invading her body. She was his, completely. They were as joined together intimately as two people possibly could be. Every sense of hers seemed heightened to unbearable sensitivity, underneath their bodies the rose petals crushed and gave up their last sweet gasp of scent, his sweat mingled with hers and created a heady scent that had her mind flooding with ecstasy. She knew that this moment would remain with her for the rest of her life, he had made it so beautiful for her.

“Open your eyes, Mishty mine!” He whispered, nibbling her lips tenderly.

Dragging her eyes open, she looked into his dark pools of desire. Amber locked into brown and when he saw only love and passion he smiled softly down at her.

“Ahhhh! Now we begin!”

He started to move gently, sliding in and out of her, strange sensations of being stretched and full were being replaced by shivers of pleasure. Moans started escaping her and he encouraged her by cupping her bottom and settling deeply into her.

Deeper and deeper he took her into his world, where he was the master and she was nothing but a slave to the spell binding sensations he was making her feel.

Too soon it was happening again, her body was tightening, she could do nothing but go along with him as he took her to a new place along with him. His eyes locked into hers, they became one. He showed her how to move with him, against him, to let herself feel him, to touch him freely as he thrust into her, his movements controlled as he steadily increased the pace. The muscles in his neck corded as he clamped down hard on his needs but he knew he was not going to last much longer, he could feel her coming as her body started to tighten around his, she was frenzied, her actions and soft screams driving him on and on.

“Let go! Mishty Mine let go!”

With a loud scream which he took into his mouth. she did.

And moments later after thrusting deeply a few more times he took his own release and tumbled after her into a world of ecstasy.

They lay on the bed limbs tangled, breathing harshly his face buried against her in the crook of her neck.

She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t move. She was sure she had died and reached heaven in his arms.

“Mishty Mine! Sweeter than honey,” he rasped. Adjusting her slightly so aftershocks of pleasure trailed through her heated limbs.

Breathing like a man who had run a marathon he smiled down at her, a sweet soft smile lit her face and her eyes had already started shedding tears that he knew she would, his lips traced the tears and he kissed her sweetly, deeply. There was no need to say anything her eyes told him everything he wanted to know. This beautiful moment was theirs forever.

After a while his breathing steadied, he gently disengaged himself and went off to the bathroom.

“Maan?” She murmured,

“Shhhh.. I will be back in a minute, I am not going far.”

Her limbs felt like jelly, she couldn’t move. Smiling from ear to ear she lay grinning, slipping into sleep as her sated limbs settled down.

Hearing him coming back she slowly opened her eyes to see him swoop down and pick her up in his arms.

“Maan! Where are you taking me?” she asked sleepily tucking herself into his chest.

He didn’t say anything but climbed into the large bath full of warm scented water.

“Mishty, you will feel better after this,” he said softly and sat down with her on his lap.

“Hmmmm,” a sigh escaped her as he gently washed her in the scented soapy water with a natural sponge, when he ventured there, she muttered a sleepy protest but he paid no attention just carried on gently cleansing her. She barely registered any more as sleep overcame her, he dried her gently and took her to bed tucking her into his side and cupping her breast possessively . It felt as if they had been sleeping like this for ever, she breathed him in sighing deeply.

Last thing she heard him whisper softly was, “sleep well Mishty Maan Singh Khurana, my wife, my life.”

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Chapter 44

“Its time we made our move. Now that Maan is busy with his new wife we can get the old woman to do what we want without too much trouble. I want you sober and for gods sake go and get a haircut and tidy yourself up!”


Grumpily Anwar stared at him. His mouth was so dry, his eyes were burning red in this appalling hell hole of a room where there was no air whatsoever, his head felt ready to explode. Being sober and off drugs was killing him but the idea that he would get hold of so much money and live in luxurious surroundings for a while definitely appealed he had been dragged around by Ajeet for months now living in places that even cockroaches would be scared to venture into. And so what when he got to Khurana mansion he took a snort here or there no one would know. Yeah, Ajeet was getting old and lax in his decisions, he would clean them all out and blame it on Ajeet. The plan sounded class to his ears he grinned at Ajeet.


“Idiot! Go and get a haircut, I am going to phone her now and get her to come and see what a dire state her son and grandson are living in. That might melt the ice queens heart and hopefully get us into the Khurana mansion.”


Ajeet paced up and down in the tight space. Planning was so very important now. She mustn’t get any hint that this was all pre-planned not even the slightest whiff. He knew she was sharp as a knife.

Deepak would have to play his part really well and much as he hated it he would have to rely on him to execute it. Pulling out his phone he called Deepak to make sure he was sufficiently recovered to get on with the plan.



The bed seemed to be moving under her. Geet groaned and snuggled deeper, but why was it so hard?


“Mishty mine if you keep doing that I wont be responsible for what happens next.” he growled deep in his throat.


Instantly her eyes opened. She was sprawled on top of him snuggling down into his body as if it were mattress.


“OH!” she tried to move but his arms held her hard and fast against him.




“I have been trying to keep still but you just wont stop wriggling and now you have to face the consequences.”


“Maan! What time is it we need to get up!”


“Maan Singh Khurana is up and has been ready for a long time. He rolled taking her with him. Now where were we?” His mouth started tracing a path down her throat.


“Ohh…” His hands started roaming over her sleepy tousled state, waking body her up with his caress.


“You are so warm and soft Mishty mine. I want to taste all of you again, but that will have to wait till later, now I am desperate to be inside you.”


She feel his body tremble with need, but still he didnt rush. His mouth teased a lush breast, his tongue circling the tight budded centre, preparing it for his hot mouth. The sensation was so incredible heat immediately pooled between her thighs, he teasted and suckled whilst his fingers slipped inside her testing her readiness. He had been awake and wanting her for hours and was dying to be inside her again.


After last night she didn’t think she could feel any more pleasure, but how wrong she was, now that he had learnt her body he was using it his advantage and Maan Singh Khurana was a fast learner. Swiftly he reached to the cabinet beside their bed and protected himself before slipping his hands under her to angle her for maximum pleasure. In one deep thrust he sheathed himself deep within her.


“You feel like hot silk” he whispered against her mouth as he kissed her taking her gasps of pleasure in his mouth. “I cant seem to get enough of you.”


How could he talk, she had no thought in her head except for what he was doing to her. She wrapped her self around him and clung as he spent the morning loving her to his hearts content.



“Maan, Geet why are you two up so early?” Daadima asked with a twinkle in her eye.


She watched as Geet blushed bright red whilst Maan glared at her. “I did say to her to rest a little more, but she was insistent that you would need help this morning.”


“Nahi beta Sunita and Ashok made sure of everything last night. They have been so wonderful. And Babli and Chotu also have been a tremendous help.” She said as the children came in draging Nakul’s in with them. “I am going to miss the children so much when they go back.” She smiled at Babli and Chotu.


“Geet beta why don’t you find a good school near here, it would be so good to have children in this house again.”


“I told her that a long time ago daadima but your bahu is so stubborn to the point of madness. Her atma saaman gets in the way.”


She was touched by daadima’s generous offer to have the children here. Finally they would have proper home again, but she didn’t want Maan to think he was paying for everything for them. Pursing her lips Geet glared at him, “Daadima once Babli finishes this year I was thinking about moving them here anyway, I don’t like being away from them either. Anyway they are my responsibility.”


“And now you are mine.” his voice was silky soft but the intent behind it was strong as steel. “they are my responsibility too,” he said, fondling Chotu’s hair and playfully pulling Babli’s plait. Both the kids sat on either side of their jijaji grinning.


“I am not your responsibility, I can manage my own affairs Maan!” Just because she was married to him now didn’t mean he could decide everything for her.


Grinning daadima watched the conversation fly between them at the breakfast table. Neither backed down they were so well matched.


“I told you that there would be no more secrets between us!”


Immediately Geet’s eyes clouded over and she looked at daadima. What should she say?


Daadima shook her head. It wasn’t time yet she had to make sure before she broke the news to Maan. She watched as he played at arm wrestling with Chotu pretending to loose. He would be such a good father when the time came, she was sure of it unlike his own, her eyes filled with tears. It was time to find out and lay the ghosts of the past to rest. With a determined stride she went to her bedroom to call the go-between.






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      February 15, 2013 at 8:49 pm

      Thank you so much. I was really trying to put feelings into it more then the ‘doing’ part if you know what I mean ;))

      • savitha.

        March 20, 2013 at 8:31 am

        and it came out perfecto janey, feelings with action left me breathless )

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      Ayyiii Yo……! 😉 Garam garam bite ;)) Why does he call her Mishty mine? Because she is his Mishty, sweeter than honey, headier than Maderia ;)) Jeez mujhe yeh kay ho gaya!

      • Radhika

        March 18, 2013 at 11:19 pm

        oh so it is Mishty mine… sounded a bit off-key (so much for my musical background hehe) so wanted to clear it :p

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    • janememe

      March 18, 2013 at 11:13 am

      Chetna, Deepak is the little go between who got thrashed by that huge Sardarji when daadima and Geet went to the cafe remember? He is Ajeet’s (maans father) little goonda.

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      Aww Fang U Anniekins ;)) much appreciated you chewing the cud ;))

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