Chap 2 – Consequences…always

Opps so this week we move on, face to face and what a face! The heart beats a little louder ;))

We shake things up a bit here…lets see how you take it ;))

Next week and week after I am away so you will get chap 3 on Sunday the 7th- I am in Indiaaaaaaaa wooohoo cant wait! I shall be in Mumbai! cant wait! ;))

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Chapter Two

Sabrina’s eyes became hard as stone. Ms Geet Handa? So it was to do with her that had put that wide smile on Maan’s face.

That young upstart, She had seen her hanging around Maan at the conference, even trying to get his attention but thankfully not succeeding. What did she think she looked like. Wild, She looked wild, hair everywhere, what with her ill fitting suit and large framed spectacles. Did she think that a man like Maan Singh Khurana would even look at her dressed like that?

Then a thought occurred to her and Sabrina frowned. Unfortunately Maan did have a soft spot for people who were hard workers and top of their game. She just didn’t need any more competition vying for Maan’s attention and time. As it was there were half a dozen women in this office alone especially Maan’s assistant who were direct competition. It had taken a monumental effort on her part to get him to propose to her in the first place, to act like the unobtrusive, friendly, malleable woman when all she wanted to was scream at his old Daadi to get lost and Maan to actually notice her. Maybe Ms Handa was good at her job but she didn’t want her near her Maan not now that she had him where she wanted him, she just couldn’t risk it.

Taking the envelope from the out tray she smiled sweetly at her fiancée, dropping an air kiss in his direction as he finally came back from his musing and actually bothered to look in her direction.

“Darling, I will personally deliver this to their offices, I am passing by that way to the spa, only three days to go after all to the event. We wouldn’t want it to get lost would we.”

Opening her Fendi purse she pulled out her perfume and sprayed a copious amount on herself making Maan sneeze.

“Sabrina! Aachoooo…Aaachooooo….. You know that makes me…… Aacchoooooo!”

“Darling Maan, you better get used to it because I just LOVE it! I can’t not be wearing that perfume, its my signature scent,” she threw back at him, in her wafty wake, glaring as Aditi swept past her into Maan’s office.

“Aachhoooo! Adi is Ravi back from Hydrabad? Aachhoooo!”

“Don’t know what’s got her goat?” Muttered Aditi under her breath, as she placed Maan’s files on his desk that had been readied by her for his signatures.

“No sir Ravi is not back, still dealing with loose ends I believe.”

“Aachooooooo! Adi please open a window, Aachooooo!”

“Already on it sir….” Aditi replied pushing the window wide open, “She always leaves this smelly dementor behind in her wake to suck up the very air from around us.”

Eyes watering Maan glanced at her, “did you say something Adi?”

“Errr nothing sir.” Aditi muttered. Far be it for her to say what she really felt about Maan sir’s fiancée. If it was something to do with the company itself Sabrina had meddled with, she would and could tell sir. But just because Sabrina was a number one bitch, Aditi grinned to herself, she couldn’t really hold that against her. The woman was a real pain but thankfully she didn’t visit the office that frequently.

Alas when she did, she would practically cling to Maan sir like a limpet staking her territorial claim like a Rottweiler guarding a bone. Adi wasn’t about to enlighten her that she just wasn’t interested in Maan sir that way…in fact she wasn’t interested in men at all, she sang a different song altogether. But she did so enjoy Sabrina stewing when Maan paid more attention to her ideas or credited her work singing her praises in front of her face and had no intention of enlightening Sabrina either in the near future about her preferences.

Sir had always been supportive of her, especially when she had came out to him. His response was, Adi I couldn’t care less what your orientation is as long as your work is exemplary, and it always is. So long as it continues this way I couldn’t care less if you grew wings and flew about the office doing your job, just make sure everything runs efficiently.

With Maan sir at her back she carried on with her work, loving being his right hand woman and she wasn’t about to hurt sir by being rude about his fiancée. He must have seen something in Sabrina that she couldn’t have to have chosen to marry the woman. Maan sir always chose the best of everything and had great taste, but she herself sure couldn’t see what attracted him to Super Bitch.

Maybe she was great in bed and then quickly pushed that gross thought aside…god her sheets would reek of that nasty smell! Sympathetically she glanced at Maan sir who had just about controlled his sneezing fit and had started to sign the paperwork in front of him. Poor man – maybe she should gift him a nose peg as their wedding gift!


Sabrina got Maan’s driver to drop her home first and made him wait outside. Running straight into the kitchen she put the kettle on and steamed the sealed envelope open.

Maan’s scrawl as usual was barely readable, going to her desk she pulled out the materials she would need. It took longer than she thought but she managed to make it look as if Maan had written that name himself. Finally sealing the envelope properly she sighed to herself, things a woman had to do to keep her ‘Maan’.

With that in the bag she went off to the spa with a small smile. By the time Maan realised what had happened the competition would be over and the winner declared, and he wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it, but just to be sure she would gently fan the flames against Ms Geet Handa winning in the ear of the other judges on that panel.


“Pinky! I am not wearing that!”

Geets face was a picture as she stared at the midnight blue sliver of a dress that Pinky had chosen for her.

“Shut up Geet! Its just perfect for you. Your long legs, fantastic posture and great body will show it off to perfection.”

“More to the fact Pinky look at the price. That will cost us both our salaries this month. What are we going to have left for food and rent.”

“Shush, go and try it on at least,” Pinky firmly shoved her through to the trial room along with the dress.

“Thank god I waxed,” muttered Geet as she pulled off her T-shirt and jeans and tried to find a way to slide into the fine material without ruining it. For a girl she always thought she was tall, and often at school she had been called names. Even her mother had always kept pointing her height out to people mocking that she would never find a man tall enough. Step-mother Geet corrected. Even though her step mother liked Geet to call her ‘mother’ and punished her if she didn’t, for Geet she never took the place of her real mother. Now as she looked in the mirror her slender tall frame was just right for the dress but it made her look so vastly different- stand out even, this dress screamed look at me from every angle.

It had a pearl choker at the neck which gathered in pleats that flowed over and hugged her breasts, then it pulled the material into her tight waist accentuating her slimness from where the folds flared out right to her toes, the dress covered her but as she moved there was a slit right up one side to her thigh allowing her freedom of movement. Her shoulders and arms were bare. And the colour – it was so intensely blue it made her skin look a lush creamy vanilla.

“Pinky…err I cant wear this!”

“Doesn’t it fit?” Pinky sounded disappointed.

“Errr…it fits..but…..”

“What! Geet?” Pinky barged into the cubicle without a thought and stopped dead.

“WOW! And double WOW!” Her small face lit up with happiness. “WOW!” She muttered again under her breath. “You are so going to knock everyone dead.”

“I am not wearing this? Its obscene!”

“It covers you from head to toe Geet, how could it be obscene.” Her friend replied rolling her eyes at the suggestion.

“But it makes my boobs look lush and my hips curvy and my legs long….Pinky pleassse can’t I just go in my trouser suit?” Geet’s eyes pleaded with her friend.

“Don’t you want to win?”

“I do. Of-course I do. I just don’t want to win because I look like this. I want to win because our company covers trending stories that matter to common people and are far better than any other candidates stories. We side on the side of truth.”

“Jeez Geet, get off your cloud nine! Her lovely small face animated, Pinky huffed and puffed for a full minute, but then relented. “OK you win, you know that puppy eyes thing always works, (Geet grinned happily) but not that old suit please I am going to buy a new one for you and also this dress.”

“Pinky! That’s going to cost a fortune.”

“Its not, look this is on sale and I am sure the suit is going to be too,” Pinky winked to her as she went off to charm the sales man who had been making eyes at her.

Three days later Geet nervously got ready for the awards. Pinky had relented and bought a trouser suit for her in the end, well more jumpsuit, white and sensational. She slipped it on and smiled, as it was Pinky’s choice it had a dramatically bias cut shoulder which accentuated her collar bones, the bust loved her lush breasts and the pulled in waist with a bow sash showed off her slim frame and long legs. But it was a trouser suit Pinky had said so Geet couldn’t refuse to wear it. And it did look good on her she had to admit, the thin self coloured strip of sequins on the trouser legs catching the light now and again as she moved.

Her hair had been washed and dried, curled down her back in a long brown wave. Making sure Geet didn’t slip on her glasses ‘its not as if you need them Geet’ were her words. Pinky had made up her face making her eyes look enormous using very little colour. Matched with sequinned sandals that were a little high for her but admittedly great with the outfit she was ready to go.

“Pinky are you ready?”

“Of-course I am! I was born ready! Lets go and win that trophy Geet!”

People entering the building did a double take as they saw them arrive in Pinky’s very pink VW Beetle. “I’ve always wanted to do this.” she said as she threw the valet her keys with a grin, pocketing the valet receipt.

“Ladies let me,” said a young doorman with a flourish, opening the heavy glass doors to let them through to the auditorium. He smiled letting through the two very different but stunning looking women into the foyer.

Everyone was milling around the reception area, already it was getting quite busy.

They spotted a few of the hopeful entrants and a couple of the judges. Jignesh Patel came up to them grinning widely.

“Eh kemcho, I am happy you came to applaud me.”

“Jignesh how do you know you will win?” Geet questioned. Her journo radar was instantly on alert. Was there stuff going on behind closed doors?

“Behn behn,” he tut tutted, “that’s the whole point,” he guffawed, “behn!” Laughing at his own joke he said, “you should stick to laal ribbon openings and children’s parties.”

“And you should actually try using a dictionary.” Geet rolled her eyes at him.

Pinky snorted, “Jignesh, we would applaud you if you stopped writing that crap you dish out every week.”

Suddenly there was a hush and Geet turned towards the door. Her breath seem to catch in her throat as she saw Maan Singh Khurana enter, resplendent in a dark tuxedo he looked fabulous, on his arm holding on to him as if she couldn’t bear to part with him was a small, thin, stunning woman, wearing a designer evening dress that must have cost the earth.

“Chanel. Its Chanel Geet,” Pinky muttered under her breath.

“Bet she hasn’t eaten for two days,” Geet whispered to Pinky, “she looks poured into it.”

“We cant all be like you Geet and wolf down four parathas with not a centimetre extra of weight gain.”

They watched them work the crowd moving through like royalty. The thin woman milking the attention, flitted from one group to another whilst Maan hung back. Maan looked relaxed talking to various people. They watched the woman stop as she realised Maan was not with her and had become surrounded by people engrossed with his every word, she turned back reclaiming his arm as passing waiters handed them glasses. It was obvious that she wasn’t going to let him out of her sight. They moved on again, unfortunately they seemed to be moving towards them. Geet tried to move away but Pinky held her tight.



“Hello Sir…Ma’am.” Pinky said out loud as they walked past.

Maan glanced in their direction and stopped as he saw that it was Geet Handa.

“Er…Ms Handa and Ms Gupta.” His sharp memory recalled both surnames. “How are you both? He held out his hand and Pinky who was still holding Geet’s hand pulled and placed it forward into his.

Raising a brow, he shook it firmly and let go, but his eyes did not leave her, they moved up slowly from her sandalled toes up her slim frame to her face. Then it occurred to him that she looked different…where were those big glasses that had covered most of her face last time. He was glad that she wasn’t wearing them now because he could see how stunning she really was. It was a really lovely face he thought, a really lovely face.

Eyes a man could drown in.

Now where had that thought come from?

Why was he looking at her so intensely? Geet found herself mesmerised. Her fingers itched to grab her glasses from her purse so she could hide behind them as his dark eyes swept her from top to bottom but her body did not obey her thoughts.

Geet was still stunned that he had actually stopped and spoken to them by name, an internal fight broke out between setting him right about what she had heard him say last time she had seen him and the fact that close up the man was totally dynamite. Somehow the dynamite factor won, she suddenly felt herself get tongue tied. But Pinky was in form.

“We are fine Sir, looking forward to the announcements later,” she smiled with confidence shaking his hand with gusto.

“And you Ms Handa?” Asked the thin woman with a hard smile.

She dragged her eyes away from Maan Singh Khurana and settled them on the woman.

“Sabrina, my fiancée,” Maan said after a small hesitation.

“Yes of-course, I am as well. We always work hard on stories that matter.” Geet said earnestly.

Sabrina’s whole body stiffened as she saw Maan smile at the young women. She saw also Geet’s reaction to that smile, her pupils seemed to dilate and she drew herself up even straighter as if trying to display herself better to Maan. Well, she wasn’t having that. With a dramatic stumble, pretending that she had been pushed inadvertently from behind she threw the glass of red wine all over Geet’s pristine white jumpsuit.

Geet stared down at herself in horror as the claret red stain spread right across the front of her breasts, across her flat stomach and dribbled down one trouser leg.

She completely missed the malicious gleam in Sabrina’s eyes watch the stain making its way across her suit but Pinky definitely did not.

“Ms Handa! Sabrina?” A horrified gasp broke from Maan.

Maan couldn’t fathom how Sabrina had managed to pour red wine all over Geet when nobody had brushed past them from behind at all. If they had he would have felt it as she was practically glued to his side.

“Oh dear, I am so sorry Ms Handa.” She said feigning remorse. “How clumsy of me.” She pretended to dab at the stain with a napkin, “Oh my dear! I seem to be making it worse.” She said spreading it further.

Shocked beyond speech, Geet felt mortification creep over her, suddenly everyone was staring, at her. Childhood nightmares came to the fore fast and furiously. So many times she had been dressed up and paraded then only to have her step mum do or say something that would hurt and humiliate her.

Pinky’s hand closed over hers in a tight reassuring grip as she saw her friend’s face pale to a ghostly white.

“Don’t worry, I have just the right thing that will clean this stain right up.” She declared firmly her eyes steady on Sabrina’s face even though at this moment she couldn’t think what, she only knew she had to get Geet away from there.

“Sir.” Smartly taking Maan’s leave whilst throwing a hard glance at Sabrina, she pulled a still stunned Geet behind her towards the main door.

“Sabrina….HOW?” Maan turned to her just as they left.

“It was an accident daarlingggggg,” she pouted. “Someone pushed me, you know how people have no sense of space.”

Dark angry colour flared on Maan’s cheekbones. Sabrina had just told him an outright lie. She had deliberately thrown the wine over the poor girl’s white suit.

The look in Geet’s eyes stuck in his mind. She had looked haunted, cornered almost, frightened. Gone was the confident woman he had seen previously in front of the camera. Only when her colleague Pinky had gripped her hand, she had blinked and come back to the present.

“Oh I am sure they can manage to clean it up a little, after all its not as if she is going to win anyway. Why are you even worrying about such a small thing Maan. Come lets go, look there is Mr Shivakrishanam the shipping billionaire.”

“Cooeeeee….Mr Shivakrishanam, Sabrina Singh Khurana…”

Incredulously Maan glanced down at her, “MRS Singh Khurana?”


9 responses to “Chap 2 – Consequences…always

  1. honeygrape

    December 17, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    Ohhhhh i hate sabrina. Pls pls jane do something , but make geet win this one. You cant let that evil one win in this dirty game of hers

  2. janememe

    December 17, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    LOllll Honeygrape ;)) Kyu fikkar kaaring babes…hum hainaaaa;)))

  3. Madhuri53 / Madhuri Kulkarni

    January 8, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Part 2 – Oh…jealous Sabrina did something to that name. what she did write there. She was sure that geet handa’s name will not be there. But maan will come to know that she did that as she only offered to give that envelop personally delivered.
    She was so jealous even poured drink on geet’s dress. Maan minutely watched her expressions, that look of fear and loss of confidence.
    He scolded Sabrina but that was no use. She called herself mrs singh khurana. Lol. I hope in this party only all her dreams gets spoiled.

    • janememe

      January 8, 2018 at 4:44 pm

      Haha Sabrina ke dreams are huge ;)) Not going to give up that easily! Thanks for your lovely long comment, thank you ;))

  4. kathrinsha

    January 9, 2018 at 4:53 am

    what a late reply i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sabrina resembles that lady who will do anything to get a rich guy basically a gold digger. But here that gold shines the brightest in the city after all its maan singh khurana we are talking about. She can hurt anyone and ofcourse geet is new priority in her list. i so wanted geet to wear that blue dress but u made her wear a jumpsuit. Anyway, that sabrina was out of my reading, for a while only cause she came back again to hit geet right in her white suit with a wine. SERIOUSLY???????????//
    I know you will punish her and i can feel that there is great update coming as in tit for tat for Sabrina.
    well i am hoping maan to voice up. thanks for the update.

    • janememe

      January 9, 2018 at 5:11 pm

      LOllll change of dress tou baanta haina boss ;)) Hmm should I punish her…I dunno…thinking…thnking….thanks for your comment Mumgambini khush hueeeee!

  5. Chetna

    May 20, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    Chap 2

    Dynamic update! well written!

    Hate this Sabrina!! what does Maan see in her???? she is so annoying!

    liked seeing Maan admire Geet!

    Sabrina was so mean!! glad Maan did not believe Sabrina!

    liked that Maan was worried abt Geet!

    How dare this Sabrina introduce her herself as Mrs Singh Khuarana!! Maan did not like this!

    • janememe

      May 20, 2018 at 8:02 pm

      Thanks for your comment! Glad you are enjoying ;))

  6. sgayatri

    September 27, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    now i got stupid spoiled Geets dress.Make her pay in your unique janememe way.Would love to see that.


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