TPR3 Chap 14- Always on his mind.

Sunday Sundae is served ;)) Busy, busy we are pulling people in from here and there- our duo are on parallel paths which I am sure will converge soon ;)) So buckle up and lets go – this weeks epi is so long! So read, enjoy, excuse any errors, as usual I haven’t had much time to edit it and don’t forget to comment please I love to read them and they tell me what you like and what you don’t ;))

Next two weeks I am away working, so next update will be 29th April. Do come back to read otherwise Mugambini khush nahi hongiiiii :)))

TPR3 Chap 14- Always on his mind.

“Geet was there a riot somewhere? Stupid idiots why do they have to get up so early to do it.” Pinky complained angrily eyes still closed.

“Shhh!” Geet motioned her to be quiet whilst she got the details from Ramcharran. Unfortunately he didn’t have any absolute proof to give her, just what he had overheard but at least it was a hot lead.

“No that’s amazing, Ramcharran how did you know it was me they were talking about? There are a thousand Geet’s in Delhi.”

“Arey madamji kya baat of-course I knew it was you! You helped find that bomb in the hospital. I saw it all on TV! You and that Maan Singh Khurana, I said that to all my friends that this madam believes me about the eliens.”

Geet grinned “Err Ramcharran thank you so much for this, if anything else like this comes up ring me straight away, but be careful these are not nice people.”

“Madamji Ramcharran has survived eliens, kya kya kiya tha to me!”

Geet resisted the urge to laugh, “yes but these are very bad people they don’t think anything of hurting people.” She couldn’t fathom how Sharma had decided to put a bomb in a hospital.

“Even I don’t like him madamji ganda admi hai, don’t worry I will be careful.”

“Ramcharran I will leave some money for you at the DBC desk, pick it from there.”

“Areey nahi madamji Sharma ke information free mein, he is not doing any good in the basti usske admi bhi bahut bad hain, no woman is safe from them. They are also trying to divide us, the man is a gunda madamji. He would do anything for a vote.”

“Ramcharran thank you, keep me informed but again please be careful.” Geet pleaded fearing for the little man.

As soon as she put the phone down, she leapt out of bed.

“Pinky! Wake up we have the hottest lead we have had in years!” She was all fired up with excitement.

Face down in bed Pinky didn’t even raise her bright pink head. “Kya hua? Riot? Murder? Geet let me sleep, I was having a nice dream about Ravi, I’m sure you were having a hot dream about Maan Singh Khurana so go back to sleep. ”

Blushing Geet dismissed that thought quickly. She didn’t need distractions. “Yes well, this is more important! Ramcharran just told me that he overheard Sharma’s men say that although their bomb didn’t work at the hospital they will soon make a blast somewhere else!”

“What? Ramcharran who saw eliens?”Muttered Pinky with a snort, “he would tell you anything for money.”

“Pinky he is not asking for money. He called me because they mentioned my name when he overheard all this first hand.” She went over to Pinky and sat down practically on top of her shaking her awake.. “Pinky think about it Sharma! SHARMA! The politician! He put a bomb in a hospital!”

Geet almost shouting made her turn around and face her, eyes now open if a little sleepy.

“Geet are you sure Ramcharran is reliable.”

“Yes, I think so, he sounded very believable and you know when I think about it I can even imagine Sharma the sly to do such a thing to get more votes. I can imagine he would go to any lengths.” Suddenly she jumped up and ran to her small desk to rifle through a stack of old newspapers.

“Where is it…”

“What are you doing Geet?” Pinky wearily sat up in bed knowing she wasn’t going to get any sleep now.

“Here it is…Sharma’s article a few months ago.” Pulled out a sheet from under a jumble of papers.

“Blah blah blah…we are totally opposed to Saxena’s party. We are happy with the new hospital and if something bad was to happen to the new hospital it will be all Saxena’s and his parties fault.”

Pinky yawned a huge yawn but sat up more alert now.

“So he decided to take matters into his own hands and plant the device there so he could blame Saxena if there was an explosion. What a terrible man! So many people could have died or been injured there.”

“Including us!” Pinky’s eyes widened. Indeed Ramcharran had given them a great lead. “Geet we should go to DBC with this.”

Geet nodded, “yes lets talk to Chakravaty himself and see if DBC are actually brave enough to run such an explosive story.”

Pinky got off the bed and started walking towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Geet questioned surprised to see Pinky out of bed this early.

“Shower. I know I am not going to get any peace until you have spoken to Chakravaty.”

Geet grinned, it was true this was the break that would get them back into the news business.

Four hours later after much argument with the DBC reception and good natured threats to Ramu on the lead desk by Pinky, they were in Chakravaty’s office facing the small man himself.

His keen intelligent eyes were going over both of them in turn. “First of all, let me apologise for DBC not giving you any work in recent days. It was not my doing but the board thought after the trophy event and Sabrina’s drama that your face shouldn’t be on screen until the drama died down.”

Geet’s temper rose but she held together, it was not Chakravaty’s fault. She nodded accepting his apology.

“Anyway, I happy to tell you Jignesh’s performance has made our board take a deep sharp breath. Our viewer numbers are plummeting fast. If it continues like this we will soon be out of business of the news. So I hope you two have something that’s going to make our ratings rise.”

“I think Sir that what we have will put your ratings back at the top, but only if DBC is brave enough to run the story.”

“Brave enough?” Chakravaty’s eyes lit up. “Finally a proper news story. So tell me Geet and Pinky what do you have for me?”

“We have a lead that told us that Sharma is the man behind the device that was placed at the Sarabai Memorial hospital.”

Chakravaty’s eyes became round as saucers. For a moment he was stumped as what to say.

“Sharma? He placed the bomb? To what end?” Clearly excited but confused Chakravaty was all ears to hear what they had to say.

Geet and Pinky told him everything and by the time they had finished Chakrvaty was more than interested.

“Indeed this is a hot lead,” stroking his chin he said, “I think you should pursue your inquiries and find out if we can build the evidence against Sharma. To accuse him of such a thing we need absolute proof. It wont be easy.”

Pinky and Geet nodded, “We never like it easy.” Geet replied confident of their abilities. “We will follow every lead. Thank you Sir you won’t regret hiring us back.”

Chakravaty looked out of his office to see Jignesh talking to Ramu, “If we can prove this story and get that idiot off the newsdesk I will be more than happy.”

“Eh Ramu, why are those two losers in with Chakravaty?” Jignesh enquired petulantly as he caught them all looking at him.

“Jigneshbhai how would I know?” Ramu decided he wouldn’t tell Jignesh even if he knew. Over the last few days the idiot had literally stumbled through one news story to another like a blind Rhino in a china shop. He was useless as a blunt knife.

“Of-course..” Jignesh laughed, “they must be getting fired. Losers.” He made rude gestures at them through the glass.

Ramu rolled his eyes, muttering under his breath “we know who the real loser is.”

“Anyway, I have more important things to do, Sharma has invited me to his meeting tonight at a basti. I will need a camera crew to go with me to cover such an important event. Ramu organise me a crew straight away. I will be in reception waiting for an important parcel.”

“I hope its a brain.” Ramu muttered groaning with despair, no one wanted to go with Jignesh, literally everyone ran away when he came to the desk looking for a lead. In the last two weeks everyone had the measure of him and they all didn’t want to work with him.

Chakravaty came out of his office about to give Jignesh an earful for his stupid rude behaviour but he was already walking away.

“Ramu, what did that idiot want now?”

“Er Sir, Jignesh wants a crew to go with him to cover a basti event where Sharma is speaking tonight.”

Pinky and Geet looked at each other. “We will go.” They said in unison.

Chakravaty stared at them, “are you sure? If what you are saying is true it could be dangerous.”

“Sir we will be fine, we need to check out the lead anyway, best way to do that is be right there in his face.” Pinky suggested.

“But Jignesh is not going to like that its you two.” His face said more.

“Leave Jigneshbhai to us.” Geet grinned. “He loves to give us advice, we will give him full reign to pump up his ego.”

“Ok but be careful these rallies can easily turn to violence.”

“Yes Sir!”

They were back in business on the hottest news story for months. Excited, they both caught up with Jignesh in the foyer.

“What do you two losers want. I am sure Chakravaty fired you.” He laughed loudly.

“Err no Jigneshbhai he actually said we should be your crew for your story on Sharma’s event at the basti.”

Pinky interjected, “Haan Jignesh he said we could learn a lot from your style of reporting.”

Geet added as Jignesh’s chest puffed up with hot air. “Haan Jignesh he said we could come back to DBC only if we learn from you, so that’s why we want to be your crew today. Will you show us how its done?” Her face was so straight and eyes pleading Pinky nearly went purple in the face trying not to laugh.

He looked at Geet speculatively to see if she was having him on, but he didn’t see anything amiss. His eyes lit up at the thought of bossing Geet and Pinky around all evening. “Haan yes come with me, but I tell you if you two step out of line I will fire you myself. You could learn a lot from me. Meet me in two hours with your equipment and Geet better not give me any of your wise cracks.” Throwing his weight around he left.

Geet mimicked Jignesh’s puffed up walk as Pinky slumped against a nearby wall laughing hard.

“I am so going to have fun with Jigneshbhai today.” Pinky promised, wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Pinky we have to try and gather more evidence, I am sure Jignesh and his ego will boast all sorts if we are convincing pathetic pleading females.”


“Maan sir the information you wanted on Deepak has come in.”

“How did you manage that so quickly?” Surprised Maan stared at her.

“You did say budget was no problem…” Maan’s eyes widened, did he say that? Adi grinned, “don’t worry just a little palm greasing and we couldn’t stop them talking.”


“Usual purveyors of information, paanwallahs, paanipuri sellers, local busy bodies. All from within the vicinity of Geet’s old house where her step-mum still lives.”

He nodded accepting the file from Adi, opening it he started rifling through.

Colour slashed his cheeks as anger rose within him as he read on. Deepak was indeed the worst of his kind, hoodlum, gang member, thief, swindler. Several complaints filed against him for sexual assault as he read on it got worse.

“He is Geet’s step-mothers brother!” His voice incredulous.

“Technically her mama.” Adi finished for him.

Revulsion ran through him. ‘He is a bad man’ Geet’s words sounded in his mind. No wonder she had fought him so hard, perhaps that was also the reason why she didn’t want him to know who Deepak was. Did she think he would be repulsed? Well he was, but not by her incidental association with him, he was repulsed by Deepak’s disgusting actions.

“Thank you Adi, leave it with me.” Adi nodded and left his office.

Sitting back at his desk he stared out through the glass reflecting on the fact he seemed to be totally obsessed with Geet at the moment, musing that previously he hadn’t spent even a quarter of this amount of time wondering about Sabrina. He wondered if Geet was thinking about him at all. Soon he thought, once he got through to her that he was serious. His fingers steepled as his mind pictured her face, the moment she had looked deep into his eyes and felt the connection. That moment had been so out of this world for him, it played again and again in his mind. He had seen it in her eyes, it had been the same for her.

A shrill phone ring out in the office knocked him out of his reflection, he saw his team was busy working in their usual efficient way, out of the corner of his eye he saw one of the screens on the wall was playing the news. Suddenly he was alert and sitting right up, locating the remote control on his desk he switched on his own screen.

There is the midst of a rally Jignesh was broadcasting live on DBC. The camera was panning across the crowd, focusing on a broadly smiling Sharma who was busy handing out blankets to a long orderly line of supposed bastiwallahs. They looked more liked hired thugs Maan thought. He scanned the screen again, he was sure he had seen her. The camera panned again and focused on another part of the crowd.


Geet was fiddling with a huge sound mike as she followed Sharma and Jignesh into the crowd. He assumed Pinky was behind the camera.

His brow furrowed, what the hell was she doing there in the midst of a crowd that didn’t look all that friendly. Why was she doing sound instead of actually leading the news broadcast.

He decided he need to go down there and make sure she was safe, if Deepak had been with Sharma the other night he would probably be there with him today and after what he had just read about Deepak he didn’t want to leave it to chance.

Her back ached as she carried the sound mike above the gushing sycophantic Jignesh.

“Sharmaji you are so wonderful with the people… Sharmaji you are so generous…what a wonderful speech Sharmaji…”

Her brain was spinning with smart retorts she couldn’t voice, whilst Jignesh was in his element. She could get him thoroughly enjoying bossing her and Pinky about (especially as she had slapped him) but why was he so gushing towards Sharma? What did Sharma have that Jignesh wanted?

“Jignesh yes I am very good with people, you see they love me (Girl bring that camera closer he shouted to Pinky) I am the right candidate for this election, I will make sure that these people are looked after (Girl are you getting all this recorded, he glared at Geet)

A very dirty looking man pushed through and tried to hug Sharma.

“Please help me Sir…my wife is very sick.” His voice gave way and he started coughing, big horrible racking coughs.

“Urghhh!” Sharma pushed him away with huge shove, the man fell on the floor gasping in pain. A few real bastiwallahs ran to his aid.

Giving each other a look Pinky carried on recording. Geet pushed the mike closer as she heard Sharma carry on.

“You will give me disease you dirty old man (stop recording girl) chi, chi get away from me.” His cronies pulled the man away by his arms as he carried on coughing.

“You better not put that on film!” he glared at Pinky.

“Oi you two you can wipe that and stop recording now. Get back and prepare a report for me” Jignesh shouted at them.

“Sharmaji I will learn from you, I want to get into politics as you know.”

Sharma smiled a nasty smile, of-course you will learn much from me Jignesh, you and your father’s money.

Pinky and Geet pretended they hadn’t heard Jignesh’s dismissal and carried on recording.

There was a sudden push through the crowd and shouts and screams were heard. Sharma and Jignesh ducked with fear.

Missiles were being thrown in every direction. Sharma pulled himself up and nodded to one of cronies. Geet heard him say did you make sure to spread it was Saxena’s men? The man nodded as more fights started to erupt around them.

Grabbing Pinky closer to her Geet said in her ear, “Pinky things are kicking off, you better get back higher up. If it gets bad we do our usual and walk away.” Pinky nodded, walking wth the camera towards the higher ground so she could capture a wider shot. They had a system for just such an event, they stayed in touch by phone.

“Girl you can stop that now.” Jignesh shouted as he saw Geet still recording. He was copying Sharma’s misogynistic attitude to a T. As the fighting got worse, Geet watched Sharma get into a car and be driven away.

“Er Jignesh what’s happening rally over?” Geet waved the mike in a panicked looking Jignesh’s face. To her it looked like the thugs that had been pretending to be bastiwallahs were beating up actual bastiwallah’s.

“Haan cant you see the violence? Saxena’s men are causing problems, Sharma’s men will sort them out though.” As he said that a large number of cars arrived with men all carrying sticks, bats and other weapons all shouting “Sharma jai ho, Saxena hai hai”

“Damn!” Geet muttered, this was no place to be stuck as she saw Jignesh clear off saving his skin as soon as Sharma vanished. Dodging missiles and the violence as best she could she was just about to make a clear ran out of there when she saw the old man who had been coughing being kicked by Sharma’s goons.

They were kicking and hitting a helpless old man! She couldn’t believe it. Furious she abandoned her mike and ran towards them, pulling one of the goons off the old man.

“Bitch!” he shouted rushing back at her.

He launched a punch at her which she caught and barrelled back right at him using his energy to hit him right back, satisfied when she saw him fall down to the ground.

“Baba? Are you ok?” She tried to lift him as the violence around them started getting worse.

Her phone rang. She pulled it out as she helped the old man up.

“Geet its getting bad here, I am grabbing the footage we have and leaving, meet me back at the car.” She could see Pinky waving at her but she was quite far.

“Pinky I am going to find a safe place to leave Baba and maybe lie low until this dies down, you go, get out of here.”

“Geet let me put this away in the car and I will come there.”

“No! Pinky get out of here with the footage. Its important.”

“Ok, Ok but you find a safe place. Be careful!” A worried Pinky quickly packed up and ran out of there.

“Baba can you walk a bit?” He nodded as she half carried, half dragged him away from the violence, dodging some punches, taking a few, she managed to get him into a safe area.

“Beti get out of here! These men are bad. I will be fine now.” He ducked down in a doorway hiding himself.

Geet could here screams all around her as ran out of there as fast as she could, suddenly she was lifted right off the ground and carried over a wide shoulder.

“Put me down!”

She bounced on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Punching his back and shoulders she tried to dislodge the strong arm that was holding her in place like a steel band.

“Stop fighting Geet you will hurt yourself!” Growled a familiar voice.

Running through a few alleys where it was calmer, he kicked open a door and let her down in what looked like a warehouse.

Maan? What was he doing here? She watched as he vanished behind some boxes. She was just about to ask that when another voice intervened.

“Hum tummmmm ek kamremein bandh ho aur chabbi kho jaaye!” She whipped her head around at the song.

What? Who?

“Aaj ke most requested song is playing for all you lovers out there in Delhi ke love ki gaaliyon mein…”A DJ voiced in his most sultry voice as Geet’s eyes located that the sound was coming from an abandoned radio.

“Geet there is no way out from the back, and we can’t go out the way we came… we are stuck here until the riot calms down.” Maan voiced grimly his hands on his hips, reappearing from behind the stacked boxes.

“Tere naino ke bhool bhulyan mein Bobby kho jaayeee….” more like Geet kho jaye she thought as she looked into the deep dark chocolate depths of Maan’s eyes.

See you back on 29th April!


to what end?


13 responses to “TPR3 Chap 14- Always on his mind.

  1. fermeen30

    April 8, 2018 at 11:18 am

    Loved the update, brilliant. Geet in pursuit of her story. Amidst the violence her knight in armour appears leading to a situation of them being together. Eager for the next part, more maneet moments.

    • janememe

      April 8, 2018 at 11:22 am

      That was TOOOOO Fast Fermeen ;)) Yaar thoda dheere se read karo ;)))))) Sip like a good glass of champagne hehehehhe but love your enthusiasm.

  2. anupama sharma

    April 9, 2018 at 1:39 am

    Loved the update.
    I loved the last part the most. Beautiful choice of songs. Chaabi sach me kho jaani chaahiye so that we can see more Maaneet moments. I am reminded of the night where both were locked in GHSP and chaukidaar was playing the radio in the background.
    Geet and Pinki on the mission “Exposing Sharma” and Maan as usual rescuing Geet. Good that Chakravarty trusted them. Seems to be a well meaning person. Jignesh is easy to befool……
    Hope Pinky gets away safely with the recordings…
    I wonder about Maan’s reflexes. He was fast enough to notice her on TV and straight away landed at the basti…..
    Waiting for more. Loooong…. update on 29th.

    • janememe

      April 9, 2018 at 8:51 am

      Hi Anupama when all you can think about is that person you can spot them anywhere ;)))) Chakravaty has always been on Geet’s side thankfully. Dont know if it will be lambaaaaa as when am I going to write ? But lekin bol diya tou bol diya! Buahahhaha See u then! ❤

  3. Madhuri53 / Madhuri Kulkarni

    April 9, 2018 at 9:59 am

    Part 14 – Lovely update. So finally geet & pinky were back on their work with bang, by fooling jiggy. He was not aware of what they planned. Glad that chakravarti was with them. As expected they got a lot masala from this rally against Sharma & his men.
    I was so scared that Deepak would find her and take her out from there. But glad it was maan. Smart move maan, came on right time to whisk her out from riot.
    Oh…he got good info about Deepak. Hope he will do something to tackle him before he could do something with geet.
    Wow…dono ek kamre me band hai…so we can expect some romance bet them.

  4. honeygrape

    April 10, 2018 at 3:34 pm

    Hayeeee. I just knew this caveman would be maan. Lovvd the part. Hope there will be something against jignesh n sharma this tym

    • janememe

      April 11, 2018 at 10:05 am

      HEHEHHE Honeygrape aur kaun, haina ;)) Hmmm next time abhi not socha, strokes virtualbeard ;))))

  5. karam80

    April 11, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    LOVED IT….

    • janememe

      April 11, 2018 at 7:05 pm

      Thank you Karam so happy you enjoyed ❤ See you back laters !:))

  6. kathrinsha

    April 17, 2018 at 8:16 am

    this maan is literally a knight in a shinning armour. where do we get such guys these days?
    the other name of geet is chalti phirti disaster so she is bound to face all those hurdles time n again. and i know she is not even complaining.
    my girls are really strong and work driven that they are tolerating that jignesh tyrant. and when he is going to fall so badly that he wont be standing on his feet again?
    this time it was really bad move to end at that point cause we all wait for that moment and u know it.
    well two stubborn people are stuck in one room and the headline going like no key to escape sounds romantic. u better bring some when u come back.
    waiting ………………………

    • janememe

      April 22, 2018 at 4:36 pm

      HaHA chali phirti disaster ;))) Thats so me too! Geet n Pinky are good at their job and wont let annoying Jignesh get in their way ;)) Romance you say you want! buahahhahaha lets see;)) Thank you for your lovely comment ❤

  7. khwaishfan

    May 31, 2018 at 7:21 pm

    Thrilling update! Ramcharan is hilarious! at least he gave useful info! Geet and Pinky on a mission! hate this Jignesh! loved how they fooled him!

    Maan goes 2 save Geet!

    Maaneet stuck!!!

  8. sgayatri

    September 28, 2018 at 8:24 am

    stopped at wrong time .Time for some romance.Jigneshbhai ki hai hai by Pinky and Geet.


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