TPR3 Chap 17 – Shero V Alpha male :)

Sunday Sundae is served ;)) Sometimes in life we just have to accept that a certain individual is meant to come into our lives…Geet is finding that hard to accept and Maan..well he has already decided.

So read, enjoy, excuse any errors, as usual I haven’t had much time to edit it and don’t forget to comment please I love to read them and they tell me what you like and what you don’t ;))

TPR3 Chap 17 – Shero V Alpha male 🙂

Her breath caught in her throat. Deepak was bearing down on her with a knife. A strangled cry broke from her as she tried to fight him off. Waking suddenly she tried to sit up, her head full of nightmares.

“Shhhh! Easy. Its fine Geet, you are safe.”

Through the dark fog she heard his soothing voice and a gentle hand eased her.


At least she recognised his voice even with her eyes closed. Maan heaved a sigh of relief as she started to come around.

Opening her eyes she saw him sitting in a chair beside her bed. What the…

“What happened?” she asked, her throat was dry and her voice came out all rasping. “Water…please.”

“Do you remember any of it?” His eyes dark and unfathomable he questioned her gently as he got up and put a nearby glass of water to her lips.

She drank thirstily and then lay back against the pillows. Her mind spun as she tried to focus, it tumbled headlong back into the kiss they had shared. Dear god! She remembered he was a good kisser, and then as she saw his intent gaze on her she refocused and remembered walking out angrily to face Deepak, the fight and then just as she had him, he had stabbed her.

“He stabbed me.” Geet muttered with a finality. Damn Deepak he had got away from her.

“The police are out looking for him, he wont get far.”

How had he read her mind, Geet groaned to herself it was getting quite unnerving how close to the mark he kept getting. Frowning to herself she concentrated on clearing her mind, she realised the uncomfortable feeling was her shoulder which was bandaged and looking around that somehow she had been installed in a spanking new hospital room.

She was just about to ask how she had ended up in such a nice private room when she was interrupted.

“GEET!” Pinky all but tumbled into the room. “Thank god you are finally awake!” Her eyes were wet with tears. “Geetnie you gave us such a fright!” She ran over to hug her, embracing her in a bear hug that made Geet groan with pain and Maan wince on her behalf.

“Sorry! Sorry! But I was so scared when you didn’t answer your phone and then Maan answered on your behalf saying you were in hospital with a stab wound.” Her eyes filled with tears again, Maan handed her a hanky.

Geet noted a new level of understanding between them with interest.

“How…how long have I been here?”

“Two days! You gave us such a scare.” Pinky moaned putting down all her bags and flowers.

Geet tried to sit up properly, the dull pain that she had been feeling shot to soaring levels.

A strong arm helped her sit up gently. “Don’t try and do it own your own for a while.” Maan said quietly his eyes speaking volumes.

“I am sure I will manage.” she said through gritted teeth

For the first time in two days a small crooked smile alighted on Maan’s face. Thank god she was back. For a moment he had really thought he had lost her. He had barely moved from her bedside, neither had Pinky.

That had been a godsend. Pinky had helped him understand Geet enormously as she had been gushing out a torrent of information about Geet like a river in a fierce storm. Her worried state about Geet’s health had overridden any filter she had had and now Maan knew Geet’s life story, or more to the fact, everything Pinky knew.

Admittedly Pinky hadn’t known about Deepak or what had happened between him and Geet but he now knew that Geet was a workaholic, had no current boyfriend, had twin siblings in a boarding school, she worked hard to meet their needs anyway she could, had an awful step-mother who was a real ‘B I T C H’ as Pinky put it, gave Geet a hard time whenever she could and took money off her as well. She also told him that her fathers horrific death and subsequent labelling as a ‘atankwadi’ had effected Geet very badly. Geet was determined to clear her fathers name once and for all and find the people who had killed him, but Maan knew that already.

“Ah so you are awake. Good good.” A kindly familiar voice stated coming into the room. Dr Shalini.

So she was in Sarabai Memorial.

“So Geet, you just cant stay away from trouble can you?” She admonished with a grin.

“Trouble follows her around.” Maan muttered under his breath.

“That must be your name then as you appear everywhere I am.” Geet told him tartly whilst Pinky and Dr Shalini exchanged pleasantries.

Maan’s eyes narrowed on her, then he moved slightly closer and said for her ears only, “you had better get used to it.”

“She is our Shero!” Pinky declared turning back to Geet, who was frowning for some reason.


“A she-hero you know, female hero. Geet don’t frown, you are a Shero definitely!” Pinky wondered why Maan was smiling to himself.

“Yes but this Shero gets injured too much.” Dr Shalini said going up to Geet and checking her vitals. She looked at Maan pointedly and with an embarrassed cough he muttered he would wait outside.

“Thank god.” Geet stated as he left and closed the door behind him. Geet rolled her eyes and grimaced as Dr Shallini checked out her wound.

“That man has a serious saviour complex Dr Shalini can you please give him something to cure it.”

“What! Geet! The man has been glued to you since he brought you in. I think he feels responsible that he wasn’t able to save you in time before you got stabbed.” Pinky declared with passion.

“How did he come to that conclusion?” Geet groaned with disbelief. “I am the one who decided to try and capture Deepak.”

Pinky rolled her eyes at her dense friend, “Geet the guy is all alpha male, he is bound to have such macho issues, live with it I say. He is not bad on the eye either.”

“I’ll say!” Dr Shalini interrupted, “he is drop dead gorgeous.”

“That as maybe…” Geet started to say.

“Geet that is not a maybe, that’s a definite! Even you can’t deny that.” Pinky said with a firm tone her eyes trained on Geet to disagree.

A blush coloured her cheeks as she remembered the moments in the warehouse.

“OMG!” Pinky almost screamed, “something happened between you two in that warehouse didn’t it.” Now her eyes were glued to Geet’s rising colour.

“Pinky! Calm down nothing happened and nothing will happen between us!” Geet lied through her teeth trying to control her colour, her eyes telling Pinky to shut up as Dr Shalini was still in the room.

Pinky grinned widely completely ignoring Geet’s eye signals.

Changing the subject Geet asked, “Err Pinky how come I am in this brand new hospital room? It looks expensive!” Then a thought occurred to her. “Maan is not paying for this is he?” She didn’t want to be in his debt for that as well as saving her life by getting her to the hospital.

Dr Shalini jumped in. “Geet you helped to saved all the staff and patients in this hospital from a bomb! You definitely are our Shero as Pinky says, Dr Gupta has been beside himself with worry and personally seen to it that you have the best care available. Although Mr Khurana did actually sign all the forms initially with regards to payments but Dr Gupta waived them away.”

Even that didn’t sit well with her. She didn’t want to be in anyone’s debt. “I just did what anyone would, there is no need to make out it was more than that.”

Pinky groaned with despair. “Geet, seriously! Milk it baby! When else are you going to get such good care and royal treatment and Maan Singh Khurana to take care of your every whim?”

Annoyed with her situation, she lay back against the pillows as Dr Shalini finished with her examination declaring she was healing very nicely. Did she have a choice? Not really, the next few days she was not going to be able to get away from Maan’s presence from what Pinky had said, he had already been a constant by her bedside. His words better get used to it rang loudly in her ears.

The next three days passed too slowly for Geet’s liking. She had many visitors as she strived to get better and out of the hospital as soon as possible. Friends arrived with flowers and good wishes. Pinky popped in and out between jobs, Dr Gupta and Dr Shalini hovered like a guardian angels making sure everyone was treating her like royalty and to top it all Maan arrived promptly twice a day like clockwork.

He took over as soon as he arrived, insisting on knowing what she had done therapy wise to what she had eaten to reading her notes. Geet refrained from rolling her eyes after the second day, it was no use when he was acting like a runaway steamroller. In the back of her mind was the sensational kiss they had shared and in the front of her mind were alarm bells that told her the differences between them were too vast.

Finally on the third day after begging Dr Gupta from the night before, he relented and said she could go home on the condition her arm remained in a sling for the next week. She timed it well, Maan had already been that morning and wasn’t due for a few hours. She decided she would be well gone by the time he arrived again.

She was just getting ready, packing her belongings when her mobile rang, thinking it was Pinky she picked it up.

“Geet madamji, kaise ho?” Ramcharran’s voice came through worriedly.

“Ramcharran, I am fine thank you, much better. Have you got something for me?”

“Haan, madamji I know where Deepak is.”

“Really?” Geet’s eyes lit up, this was the best news she had had since she woke up here.

“Tell me Ramcharran.”

“Madamji can you come and see me? I can show you, he is staying in the basti not far from me.”

“Yes, yes! I am coming Ramcharran.”

“Where are you going Geet in that condition?” Maan’s voice questioned from right behind her.

Geet nearly jumped out of her skin. What was he doing here?

“Nowhere.” Tilting her chin up at him she looked at him with her best no nonsense look. “Wha..what are you doing here so early?” She bit her tongue as soon as it slipped out, she didn’t want him to know she timed his visits to the minute.

Ignoring her question, his dark accusing eyes travelled slowly over her packed bags.

Dr Gupta must have told him she surmised when he didn’t bother to answer her question. “Home. I am going home.” She told him determined to shake him off.

He didn’t believe her at all. “Then I will drop you home.” He stated firmly watching her becoming more flustered.

“No need, I have called a taxi.” She met his eyes with as much bravado as she could muster.

“Uncall it.” He could see by her tell tale slight flush she was lying through her teeth. He decided to test how far she was going to take this lie.

Picking up her bag he said, “come on,” not brooking any arguments.

“Maan! Stop right there! I can make my own way home, you don’t need to escort me like an errant child.”

“Well you are only going home right? Its on my way home, so I can easily drop you, no trouble.”

Unconsciously her teeth stared worrying her lower lip. Damn Maan and his persistence. Ramcharran was waiting for her, she was not going to let Deepak get away from her a second time.

“Give it up Geet.” He said in a condescending tone. “Where are you actually going?”

Glaring at him for reading her so easily she could do nothing but tell him.

“I am gong to see one of my informants, he said he can show me where Deepak is.” There she had told him. She gave him a look that said take that and don’t you dare try to stop me.

With her one arm in a sling and not even out of hospital she was contemplating chasing after the thug that had stabbed her in the first place.

“You are insane.” He told her flatly. Even whilst admiring her sheer guts he had to make sure she understood that this was lunacy.

“Tell me the name of your informant and where you were meeting him and I will go.”

“No way! I am going and that’s that. You are not my keeper Maan Singh Khurana!” Her eyes blazed at him. With her good arm she pulled her bag out of his hand and started walking towards the lifts.

“Insane woman!” Maan muttered under his breath and reached for her bag, retrieving it from her hand. Silently they took the lift down together. No words needed to be said, no argument needed to be taken further, he was going with her and that was that. His dark eyes told her. Anger, frustration and now a familiar simmering awareness of each other bubbled between them.

With a flash of her eyes she relented to let him tag along but clearly was not happy about it.

“Tough.” He told her loudly breaking the silent conversation they had been having as he voiced his anger at her for even thinking he would let her go alone.

She directed his driver to the basti without further fuss. They left the car and driver waiting a little distance away as they went to find the address. Maan remained glued to her side as they walked amongst the crowded alleys and makeshift houses that almost tumbled into one another. The place was a maze, the sheer amount of shacks, jumbles of power lines and clothes that hung from every nook and cranny. Children laughed and pointed at them, they did stand out, especially Maan with his understated but expensive looking handmade suit and shoes.

“Did you have to come dressed like that.” Geet muttered under her breath at him.

“As I recall I was taking you home.” He replied smoothly. “Are you sure its this way?”

Annoyed that he wasn’t getting riled in the least she pulled out her mobile and called Ramcharran again. After taking further directions from now a somewhat rambling Ramcharran they made it to his rooms.

“What is it?” He questioned suddenly alert to the dark look of confusion that had come over her face.

“Err nothing…he sounded strange.”

Ramcharran’s door way was partially veiled by a gauzy red sparkling sari material.

Maan’s brow raised as it fluttered like a flag in the wind and a peculiar smell arrived out of the room.

“Ramcharran?” Geet called out stepping into his dark interior.

“Geet madamji welcome.” Ramcharran beamed at her, smiling from ear to ear.

Maan sniffed the air cautiously. Something smelled strange.

“Biscuit?” Ramcharran offered with a huge toothy grin.

“Err no thanks.” They both replied simultaneously.

“Sirji, madamji please eat, its not everyday I have guests, such important people! I ordered them specially.” Ramcharran looked as if he was about to cry at their refusal. “Arrey madamji , sirji please…they are so good madamji. I eat these all the time, it keeps away the thoughts of aliens and what they did to me.” He looked so put out.

“What?” Maan’s startled eyes stared at Geet. “This guy is your informant?” He muttered with disbelief under his breath.

“Yes. He is very reliable.” She hissed back. Reaching for a biscuit and shoving one in Maan’s hand. She took a cautious bite urging Maan to do same.

A surprised look came over both their faces as they took a bite of the biscuit and another, it tasted amazing.

“So where is he?” Geet took another bite.

“Who?” Ramcharran grinned and ate another biscuit offering more to them.

A giggle escaped Geet. “Deepak of-course!” Why was she giggling she wondered.

“Oh woh saala.” Ramcharran laughed happily. “I know exactly where he is.”

“Get to the point!” Maan growled and then laugh escaped him as he reached for and ate another biscuit, something told him that he should stop eating them.

“What is the point? I’ve forgotten!” Geet giggled and then burst into laughter. Slapping her hand across her mouth as she realised what she was doing, but she had to have another, she reached out and ate one more biscuit.

Her laughter was somehow infectious and Maan started laughing too as he chewed on another.

“Geet? Why are we laughing?” He laughed at his own question.

“I don’t know? But everything is funny!” Geet laughed as Ramcharran joined in.

“See, I told you sirji, madamji it makes me forget aliens and everything!”

Maan looked at the three of them all laughing hysterically.

“Geet I think there is something in these biscuits,” a giggle escaped him.

“I think we are stoned!”


12 responses to “TPR3 Chap 17 – Shero V Alpha male :)

  1. fermeen30

    May 13, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    Loved the update. Feisty Geet is a shero. Oh dear Maan and Geet in a predicament, stoned. What will happen now, eager for the next part.

    • janememe

      May 13, 2018 at 4:22 pm

      Thank you Fermeen ;)) Yup she sure is a Shero. What will happen now? Who knows…buahhahahahaha

  2. honeygrape

    May 13, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    Shittt. Now they are trapped. Oops hope nothing bad comes their way. I expected some akal in maan. But nahii usko bhi khaana tha yeh biscuit. Now am sooper scared for them

    • janememe

      May 13, 2018 at 6:02 pm

      Loll Akal? Hmmm he had akal to eat good shit na ;)))) Buhahahhaha dont be super scared for them they are busy laughing ;)))

  3. Madhuri53 / Madhuri Kulkarni

    May 14, 2018 at 6:49 am

    Part 17 – Kaha phas gaye dono. Kahi ye rama Deepak ka bhi informant nahi hai. Both so easily got into his trap. Ab kya hoga.?
    Liked the whole update. Geet & maan’s sarcastic banter was fun. And All-India-Radio pinky is putting more fun to it. She already gave so much info about geet to maan.
    Shero v alpha male. Both are so stubborn. This was evident in her whole hospital stay. He never left her in initial days and then always visited her. She was adamant not to take any favors from him.
    Omg…..she reminded their kiss from warehouse when he first asked her about what else she remembered.
    Now what will happen…?

    • janememe

      May 14, 2018 at 3:11 pm

      Hai Rama kya hogaaaaaaa….abhi tou nahi paata ;))) Thank u I enjoyed bantering with them theyre fun, and Pinky well has a runaway mouth, no stopping her when she gets going! OMG of-course that kiss is THE focus of interest innit ;))) Thank you for your lovely comment ;))

  4. karam80

    May 16, 2018 at 10:47 am

    Nice update…
    Now looking forward to know what kind of Trap they got ????
    Continue soon….

    • janememe

      May 19, 2018 at 8:43 pm

      Trap? hmmmmm depends on your definition of trap :))

  5. anupama sharma

    May 27, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Apologies for late comment.
    Excellent update with such an apt title…….
    Shero vs Alpha Male…. what you call in hindi “nehle pe dehla”. Geet and Maan both are so so headstrong, won’t budge from their place. Geet is just out of hospital and irrespective of number of days she has spent in hospital ready to fight again with Deepak. But I loved the attitude of Maan (always). He is very clear that she should be used to his proximity now…….
    But end is scary. Seems that Ramcharran has shaken hands with ……
    Lets see what happens next………

    • janememe

      May 27, 2018 at 2:08 pm

      hehehhe Ramcharran is innocent I tell you ;)))

  6. Chetna

    June 2, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    excellent update! glad Geet is fine! Pinky teases Geet! Oh no Maaneet stoned! didn’t expect Maan to have the biscuits!

  7. sgayatri

    September 28, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    Shero again on mission.Damn the Maan gave them something can’t wait for next.


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