TPR3 Chap 6 – To love such a man…

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So read, enjoy, excuse any errors, as usual I haven’t had much time to edit it and don’t forget to comment please. I love to read them and they tell me what you like and what you don’t ;)) Any Doc’s out there reading yeah, yeah my story might be filled with many holes as Swiss cheese but hey its a story artistic license baanta hai boss ;)))

TPR Chap 6 – To love such a man

Horrified they both looked into the bag. Just that moment Savitridevi finished her speech and applause broke out startling both of them into action.

“We have to get this place cleared.” Maan said rising to a stand. “Geet grab daadima and Pinky and get out of here!”

“What?” She ignored his command to get out of there. “There are so many people and patients in beds just across from this new wing.” She had seen them herself earlier. “I just cant abandon them.”

A trickle of blood trailed down her chin from her cut lip. Maan’s eyes narrowed on it, he so wanted to get his hands on the two men but for now he pulled out his handkerchief and handed to her.

“Fine!” He voiced tersely as he watched her dab her cut lip with her right arm whilst her left hung awkwardly. “You talk to Dr Gupta, I will find security, then you get out of here, you need a doctor.”

“I will get Dr Gupta and security and talk to them, you get out of here!” She fired back.

“Geet!” He voiced between clenched teeth. “Forget it! I will get them both, now get out of here!”

“I am getting security.” Defiantly Geet glared at him, spasms of pain were shooting up her arm but she ignored it.

“What do you need security for?” Pinky questioned from right next to her.

“And Geet where did you vanish don’t you need to interview people?” Pinky groaned at her wondering why both Geet and Maan were staring down at a bag and the antique camera on a stool. The same stuff the two men had earlier.

“Where are those two goons? Why have they left this pile of rubbish here?” Pinky reached for the bag.

“Pinky stop! Don’t touch it, there is a bomb in that bag.” Geet looked down at bag again and stopped dead. She stared down at it, sank down on her haunches with a painful groan and started smiling from ear to ear.

“Wait!” Pinky voiced in shocked hush tones, “were you both arguing about who gets to stay with the bomb? Completely insane people.” She muttered in disbelief.

Maan who had grabbed Dr Gupta from amidst the VIP’s, was gravely trying to explain the situation to the little man (who was rightfully panicking) caught her huge smile stared at her, what on earth was she smiling about?

“Maan! Pinky! Dr Gupta! Look at the timer!” She started laughing. “Those two idiots!”

“Are you mad Geet, why are you laughing! You just said there is a bomb in the bag!” Panic laced Pinky’s tone as she stared at Geet like she had lost it.

Then Maan saw why she was laughing, a relieved smile also broke out on his face.

“Thank god for their stupidity, they got the time completely wrong, instead of ten minutes which just gave them enough time to leave, they entered one hundred minutes into the digital timer connected to the bomb!”

Wide eyed Pinky for once became speechless but from next to her a woman who had overheard screamed.



For a moment there was utter silence as people digested what had been said then there was panic, people started screaming and running out the exits.

“So the six minutes is actually sixty minutes…thank god!” Voiced the excitable Dr Gupta. Although still very pale, pulled out his phone and started emergency protocols. He instructed his security staff to clear the place urgently. Already most of the people in the atrium had run out in a panic. “This will give us more time to get everyone from the hospital to safety.” he hurried security staff along to clear people.

“Maan beta?” Savitridevi appeared next to Maan. “What is going on? People are saying there is a bomb?”

Then she caught sight of Geet. “Good God! What happened to you young lady?”

“Thanks to this young lady we have time to defuse it. The bomb squad will be here in two minutes.” Dr Gupta confirmed whilst instructing people that had arrived from all directions for his commands.

“Geet go now…take Daadima with you please.”

“Maan I am not going anywhere without you.” Savitridevi voiced her alarm that he was not leaving with everyone else.

Suddenly Geet remembered what the man had stop the device. Cut the red wire…could she should she …?

“Err Sir” she said to Dr Gupta. “I overheard the guy say cutting the red wire would stop the device.”

“Are you sure?” Dr Gupta peered at Geet, judging her credibility.

“Yes! Very sure, he was talking about cutting red wire at red ribbon opening and laughing, he said that was the only thing that would stop this device.”

“Ok leave Geet. Get out from here. You need to see a doctor.” Maan interjected.

“What is it with you? I am not going anywhere! Now thankfully we have time enough to get people to safety and I am not leaving until that happens” Geet glared at him.

He had never met a woman so stubborn. And brave. She had run towards the bomb putting her life in danger when she could have just as easily run the other way.

Savitridevi raised a brow as she saw the tension between them.

All the while the clocked counted down. Fifty Five minutes now.

The army general stepped forward towards Dr Gupta. “I have some experience in disarming bombs let me look at it. I will be able to see if what the young lady is saying is possible. Lets hope it is.” Gingerly he squatted down and peered into the bag.

“Hmm… pen or pencil anyone?” He out out a hand without looking up.

Sweat had broken out on Dr Gupta’s brow, “err Jaysingh, shouldn’t we wait for the bomb squad they will be here in seconds.”

“Believe me Chand, I am not just saying, I really do have experience disarming bombs, at least we will know what the devil we are dealing with.” Maan reached into his pocket and pulled out a slim gold pen and placed it into his palm.

The General very gently lifted away the open cover of the bag to display the workings of the device better.

There was the sound of running feet and the bomb squad appeared. Two men in bomb vests came in, followed by police. “Sir we will take over from here. Please clear the area.” One of the men said as he bent down to look at the device whilst the police officer tried to move them all away.

“No way!” Pinky armed with the camera was filming the events after the initial panic had worn off.

All the while the clocked counted down. Fifty minutes now.

After examining it very carefully from many angles, consulting with his colleague he reached in and cut the red wire with a precise snip. The clock stopped.

A collective sigh of relief went up. Dr Gupta said a quick prayer thanking the gods and the bomb squad.

“Young lady, thank you for being so vigilant.” Dr Gupta reached out and took Geet’s hand shaking it enthusiastically.

Sheer pain shot up her arm and she swayed on her feet.

“Geet!” Maan moved fast to pick her right off the floor and into his arms.

“Maan! Err Mr Khu…Khurana!” Geet’s head swam, “Please puuut me down.” As the intense wave of pain subsided, a tide of hot pink rushed into her pale face. Pinky’s hastily swallowed whoop of delight coupled with the shock on Savitridevi’s face, making her feel more uncomfortable. Was this man insane why did he do such a thing?

“Dr Gupta I think its time we dealt with Geet’s injuries.” Maan urged firmly, his eyes glaring at Geet to be quiet.

“Oh dear, I am so sorry, yes of-course lets get your injuries seen to young lady.” He called a woman who had been dealing with evacuating patients over. “Dr Shalini please can you have a look at this young lady’s injuries, we have her to thank for saving the hospital. Please give her your best attention.”

Dr Shalini requested that they follow her and if she thought that Geet being in Maan Singh Khurana’s arms was anything odd she didn’t say.

“Wait! I will need to ask you a few questions, you saw the two men I understand?” The police officer looked liked he was getting ready to grill Geet.

“Can it not wait?” Maan interrupted the police officer. “She has delayed treatment long enough trying to help everyone.”

“Yes of-course Mr Khurana, I will take contact details and we can talk tomorrow.” He placated as he realised who he was talking to.

“This is madness,” Geet muttered “Really I am fine Maan, please put me down. Pinky did you get everything on film?”

“Yup what a story its going to be. Now Geet stop being such a hero, I still cant believe you two were arguing about who should stay with the bomb!” Pinky shook her head in disbelief at them. “Go and get seen to I will just give details to the police, pack up here and come to you.”

“If somebody wasn’t so stubborn and followed instructions I wouldn’t need to take such action.” Maan muttered under his breath following Dr Shalini holding Geet firmly against his chest.

Followed instructions? Did he think she was one of his employees? Or maybe he was used to lording out instruction to his fiancée. Giving him a hard glare she asked him to put her down yet again which he ignored.

How did she find herself in his arms for gods sake, her head reeled with pain and confusion. More to the point why was she really enjoying being carried in his arms. Her eyes scanned his face. And what a face it was, since the moment she had set eyes on him it was imprinted on her mind. His square jaw, his well trimmed beard, those seriously sexy sooty eyelashes, and dear god why did he smell so good and those bow shaped lips that were speaking to her now looked good enough to kiss…

speaking to her?

She brought her mind back from the dream she was having to pay attention to what he was saying in such deep husky tones.

“Are you OK, is the pain very bad?”

Dark chocolate brown stared down at her, this close she could make out subtle gold flecks. She stared unable to comprehend why she was feeling like this at all.

“No.” She lied and then saw him clench his jaw. What was the point of telling him it hurt like hell anyway. He really didn’t need to know.

Some two hours later she emerged from the treatment room with her arm in a sling, some strong pain killers and a very bad headache. She had told Pinky to go home earlier when she had finished talking to the police and come into the treatment room but she wasn’t surprised that she was waiting for her alongside Dr Gupta. What did surprise her was that Maan Singh Khurana was also pacing the floor outside the treatment room.

Dr Shalini who had treated her handed Pinky a bag of medication, “Please make sure she takes these. Geet you have to take it easy with the shoulder for at least a week. Try not to lift anything. The pain is terrible I know so if you need stronger tablets let me know.”

“What are the injuries?” Maan stopped pacing and questioned Dr Shalini.

“Err…dislocated shoulder was the principle injury, we have managed to adjust it back into position but obviously its going to be incredibly sore, besides several lacerations to the hip and leg and of-course the bruising everywhere.”

“I am fine really. Mr.errr Khurana…” What on earth was he doing here and more to the point what did he care about her injuries?

He would dispute that, he already knew what her injuries were because he had insisted Dr Gupta also check her out but had asked in front of her just to repeat and drum into her the seriousness of needing rest. There was no point of lying to him that she wasn’t in any pain.

“Yes Ms Geet, you must rest, you could have stayed overnight here so we could look after you but you are insisting to go home. Thank you again and please come and see Dr Shalini in a week so we can check up on your progress.” Dr Gupta smiled reaching out to her hand and realising his error he mumbled an apology and joined his hands in a namaste. “I had better go and check on everything, its been an eventful opening. And thank you Maan beta, between you and Ms Geet we were saved!” He looked to the heavens as if to say thanks and walked off to carry on with rearranging everything.

“Geet wait here, I will call a taxi.” Pinky said tucking the medication into her bag.

“Ms Gupta..Pinky I will be happy to drop you both home.”

Pinky looked about to accept. “We can take a taxi.” Geet quickly jumped in.

Maan moved forward towards her and she back stepped throwing him an alarmed glance, worrying he as going to pick her up again into his arms like a feather.

Pinky snorted, “err Geet its quite late now, we wont get a taxi so easily.”

“Fine.” She scowled at Pinky, accepting in bad grace as Maan gave her a look which said he knew what she was thinking.

Stubborn. She was practically dead on her feet, and yet refusing help. He would be quite happy to carry her to the car but he didn’t want to push her.

“Maan Darliiing!”A shrill voice called out. “Thank goodness you are OK. Daadima told me you were still here, I had to see for myself you were fine.” Rather dramatically Sabrina came to a halt with her rehearsed speech to Maan but her eyes were throwing daggers at Geet.

“If she stares any harder she will be able to see right through you Geet.” Muttered Pinky under her breath. “Oh My God what is that smell?” Holding her nose Pinky moved further away from her.

“Sabrina what are you doing here? Of course I am all right I am sure daadma would have told you. Aaachoo!”

“Yes…she did mention…Ah yes…Gauri?…No wait Gopi? So sorry I forgot your name.” Sabrina said with a flounce of her hand, looking at Geet and completely ignoring Pinky.

“Geet. Her name is Geet. Sabrina go home. Its late, I am going to drop them home.” His tone was hard but he couldn’t help it, the woman was being so utterly idiotic. “Aaachooo!”

“Looks like Maan is allergic to his fiancée.” Pinky whispered to Geet still holding her nose.

“But darling, I can get my driver to drop them home, we can go home together, you must be tired helping these needy people.”

“Needy?” Geet ground her teeth together whilst Pinky grinned enjoying the play off between Maan and the idiotic Sabrina.

“We can call Uber Pinky. Thank you Mr Khurana we will be fine getting home.”

“See, Gopi says she will be fine, Maan…” she placed her hand on his arm and pouted, “come let me take you to my place darling and I will throw a salad together.”

“As I said. Sabrina go home.” Anger darkened his eyes as he dismissed Sabrina taking her hand off his arm.

“Pinky, Geet lets go, my car is this way.” They had no option to follow him whilst Sabrina watched them go with him with murder in her eyes.

“Salad?” Pinky chuckled “Really,? Salad?”

“Maybe he likes ghaas phuss.” Geet whispered back.

As she watched him open the car door for her their eyes met, she felt sorry for Sabrina at that moment, Maan Singh Khurana was not a man that liked interference, even if it was from his fiancée. What a contradiction he was. The way he had held her and made sure she was looked after as opposed to the harshness with which he had dealt with Sabrina.

“Why do you care Geet?” She muttered to herself. It wasn’t as if she was in any danger of falling in love with him, that would be too outrageous to comprehend.


16 responses to “TPR3 Chap 6 – To love such a man…

  1. fermeen30

    January 28, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    Loved part 6. Bomb diffused but a time bomb of attraction is ticking. Eager for the next part.

    • janememe

      January 29, 2018 at 8:49 am

      Time bomb of attraction- I like that, sounds like another Kaboomm is coming up ;)))

  2. Anupama Sharma

    January 29, 2018 at 1:50 am

    He is so cute…. always ready to pick her up. Sabrina … haha… Maan allergic to her fiancee
    Both are stubborn but really explosive together…..
    Waiting for Maan carrying Geet to her flat after she sccumbs to the main killers…….

    • janememe

      January 29, 2018 at 9:25 am

      HAHA Anupama bechare ke back ka khayal karo ;))) Thank you for your lovely comment, glad you are enojying.

  3. honeygrape

    January 29, 2018 at 2:45 am

    Lovvlyy. Maan has started his gunda work with geet .. Enjooooyd watching her in his arms

    • janememe

      January 29, 2018 at 9:27 am

      Gundawork lollllllllllll love it- yeah he is so focused when he wants something done. ohhh you enjoyed watching her in his arms…yayyyyy you visualised my writing ! job i done 😉

  4. maanKijaan

    January 29, 2018 at 4:13 am

    Ahhh, bliss. Being in Maan Khurana’s arms and to Love such a man. Lovely episode, sparks flying all over the place. Waiting for next Sunday to come sooooon.

    • janememe

      January 29, 2018 at 9:29 am

      Noooo dont come soon Sunday- I have not got anything down yet! maankijaan meri jaan baksho;))))) Thanks for your comment 😉

      • maanKijaan

        January 30, 2018 at 3:14 am

        😂 hahaha

  5. Madhuri53 / Madhuri Kulkarni

    January 29, 2018 at 9:41 am

    Part 6 – nice part. both maan & geet helped to defuse bomb. I liked pinky’s dialogue that both were arguing for staying with bomb. Geet got hurt with her shoulder. Maan agreed to drop them. But this fool Sabrina came to take him away. But her plan failed and maan left with geet & pinky leaving Sabrina behind. I liked pinky’s comments about maan & Sabrina.

    • janememe

      January 29, 2018 at 9:46 am

      Yes Madhuri I love my Pinky – she is really to the point. What you see is what you get;)) Maan was being nice wasn’t he and Sabrina couldn’t have that …tut tut He really doesn’t like being told what to do and not to do!

  6. karam80

    January 29, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    Superbbbb update….
    Sooo those idiot gave 100 min….
    Tooo muchhhh….
    Loved Maaneet moments sooo muchhh….
    In end that vamp come….
    Loved d way Maan said her to go home…
    Totally enjoyed it…….

  7. kathrinsha

    January 31, 2018 at 12:25 pm

    i am sorry as i haven’t updated my reply for previous two posts simultaneously. but i have been very sincere in reading ur post at the exact time but still a late comment i know.
    well thanks for saving them from being bomb attacked and i love ur twist in the story, esp geet knowing about cutting the red wire. you are so intelligent my dear. next, geet is getting to know the caveman character of maan i guess, they are slowly but steadily falling in love and i am very happy with maan being the saviour for
    geet in every way possible. keep writing n reply too.

    • janememe

      January 31, 2018 at 1:10 pm

      Hey kathrinsha 🙂 No worries at all- I am just happy that guys enjoy my work. Bechari Geet got beat up but did get to enjoy being in NSK’s arms ;)) Well love is along way away I think abhi tou we have to if they can stand each other really ;))) And poor Sabrina ka kya hoga? Keep commenting whenever you can

  8. khwaishfan

    May 26, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    Thrilling update! well written! Geet’s quick thinking saved the day! she is indeed brave! Maan and Geet helped save many lives!

    Liked Maan’s concern for Geet! This Sabrina is so mean and rude! great that Maan does not listen to her!!

  9. sgayatri

    September 27, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    Maan allergic to his Sabrina ha ha .Bomb diffused .Maan made Sabrina clear who is the boss.


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