TPR3 chap 9 – Troubled Dreams

Sunday Sundae is served :)) Slowly but surely we move forward. Sabrina is not going to let go so easily. Maan ko nachayegi – bhangra or Boogie? :))) We shall see about that laters. So lets bank that and see what this sundae has to offer. So buckle up put your thick framed glasses on and take a ride!

So read, enjoy, excuse any errors, as usual I haven’t had much time to edit it and don’t forget to comment please I love to read them and they tell me what you like and what you don’t ;))


“Damn it Geet!” Frustration burst from him. His stormy eyes clashed with hers.

She tried so hard holding it back but her eyes filled. “Please Mr Khurana, I really think you need to go back to your fiancée, she is waiting for you.”

Something snapped inside him as he watch her eyes fill.

“She is no longer my fiancée.”

Her eyes widened for a moment at his declaration, but only for a moment as what he had just said registered in her cloudy brain.

“Whatever relationship you have with her is really not important to me. I really don’t want anything to do with either of you again Mr Khurana.” With that she turned on her heel and walked away from all of them.

Pinky shrugged a shoulder at Maan and followed her friend away from the party.

“I will let you go for now, but Ms Handa we are no way finished talking.” Maan muttered turning on his heel towards Sabrina.

Sabrina calmly stood and waited, of course Maan would have to play the good Samaritan.

“Always have to be on the side of truth.” she muttered. Sometimes she wondered why just he didn’t wear his chaadis outside his pants and be done with it. It was going to be a hard slog being married to ‘SuperMaan’ but she could live with it if it provided the lifestyle she so craved.

She watched Geet walk away with her sidekick following and smiled. She had done what she had set out to do at least. At least some of the people here will now have doubts about Geet’s credibility. She would patch it up with Maan, no problem. She would plead ignorance and say she just wanted to him to see what kind of person Geet really is. What her father was…what the hell, she would make something up. She smiled her megawatt smile at him as he approached with anger in his eyes.

“Maan darling…”

He kept on walking without a backward glance.

“Maan, I am really sorry… how was I to know…”

“Sabrina I really don’t want to talk to you now.” He flung back whilst he kept on walking, his temper was on a fine leash ready to abrupt at any moment. He didn’t like it one bit. It made him do irrational things as he knew from experience, he had been angry with daadima when he had proposed to Sabrina. He needed to calm down, then, he would deal with Sabrina once and for all.

Sabrina let him go, she would catch up with him later at Khurana mansion she thought, for now she might as well make a new contact, she smiled at Sharma and fluttered her eyelashes making him spill his tea all over his pristine white kurta.

“Ravi lets go, we have to catch up with Maan sir!” Adi ran after Maan as he strode out the building.

“Sir! Maan sir!” She called out as they reached within shouting distance stopping Maan who was just about to get into his car.

“Adi, it will have to wait, I am in no mood to talk about work.”

“No sir!” Adi and Ravi caught up with him, both totally out of breath. “Its to do with Sabrina.”

“I don’t want to hear about anything to do with her either!” he glared at the two of them.

“Sir you will want to hear this.” Without waiting for an answer from Maan Adi said, “Sir I think Sabrina is the one who stole those news stories from the file I put on your desk. I am sorry to even say such a thing, I know she is your fiancée and all that, but it has to be her. There is no other logical explanation.”

Maan’s eyes widened with shock. Sabrina? But of-course! Adi’s thought was completely correct. Sabrina had come into his office, hovered about, dropped his files on the floor and rushed out. That’s how she knew about Geet’s father and the bazaar bombing.

Adi saw Maan work it out. “You see what I am saying Sir?”

Maan nodded.

“You remember she exited your office pretty fast Sir.”

“Then she had the piece of paper that proved he was innocent as well but chose only to use the speculative article.” He voiced his thoughts out loudly.

“And you will want to hear this too,” Ravi said “I was behind that politician Sharma and that other finalist Jignesh. And I heard Jignesh say something like I thought you said the bomb would sort Geet out….then sharma shut him up.”

“OMG!” Adi blurted out. “Really you think Sharma was behind planting that device and Jignesh knew? You were right Maan Sir to think things are not what they seem. That is really is a huge break through, we should tell the police.”

“Adi I am pretty sure I overheard that, but they could claim it was something else they said. We have no real proof.”

Why? What did Jignesh have to do with the bomb? Maan’s gaze narrowed in thought, “Hmmm…lets keep this to ourselves for now. Thank you Adi and thank you Ravi. Indeed it was great to have you as my eyes and ears.” he climbed into his car. There was so much to think about.

Much later temper simmering and headache brewing Maan walked into the Khurana mansion. He had been driving around for hours trying to sort out the so many issues that needed thinking about.

“Maan! What is this I hear?” Daadima called out to him.

Had Sabrina come crying to daadima again? “Leave it daadima, I am no mood to talk about Sabrina. I am done with her. I am breaking our engagement. She really is not the woman I thought she was.”

“What?” Daadima stood up shocked to the core. “I was going to talk about the Hydrabad deal! What’s happened now between you two.”

“Geet happened daadima!” Sabrina complained plaintively from the door. She had been waiting for ages for Maan to come back outside the gates in her car.

“What?” Daadima stood up to stare at Maan.

“Sabrina why did you follow me here? I said, I did not want to talk to you today!” His calm tone didn’t fool daadima she could see by his clenched jaw and and his aggressive stance he was furious.

“I had to Maan darling…don’t you see she is coming between us!”

“Sabrina there is no US anymore. I am breaking our engagement.”

Her eyes widened with shock, she knew he would be angry but,“What are you saying Maan? For that two bit..”she muttered a curse under her breath.

“Geet has nothing to do with this. I am breaking the engagement because of you. You have brought it on your own head by your own actions. It has nothing to do with anyone else.”

Daadima sat down with a a heavy heart. Somehow she knew it was going to come to this after the first time Maan had mentioned Sabrina’s actions. There was no way her grandson would get married to a woman who would scheme and plot to hurt others.

“What did I do?”Sabrina looked so hurt, “I was only trying to show you where she comes from, her father was a bomber, Maan don’t you see she is a thoroughly bad lot. Not worthy of your interest or attention.”

“A bomber?” Alarmed at the idea Daadima questioned, “Geet’s father was a bomber?”

“No! Absolutely not.” Maan glared at Sabrina. “And you know that Sabrina because you took two articles…no STOLE two articles from the file Adi made for me. So you know that all suspicions were cleared by the police. There was a thorough investigation. But you chose to ignore the truth and in front of an audience, after Geet had been declared the winner of such a prestigious award you decided to spread lies about her father! Why did you do such a thing Sabrina? Why? What has that girl ever done to you?” His eyes blazing furiously Maan threw the question at Sabrina.

Sabrina’s whole face changed as she realised that Maan had indeed put all the pieces together and come to the right conclusion. She was made. There was no denying it.

“Why? You ask me that? You were the one chasing that woman. You went after her in the hall at the first event. You were the one who caught her when she fell. You were the one paying her all the attention. You wanted her to win. Why was that Maan? Why did you want her to win? Why did you get Adi to look up information on her? I am your fiancée you should be paying attention to me!”

Shocked at her train of thought Maan took a deep breath before saying anything. He could see daadima was thoroughly disappointed with him by the way Sabrina was embroidering the truth.

“Firstly, I went after her to apologise as you threw your wine over her deliberately! Don’t think I didn’t understand that, it was no accident. Secondly I caught her falling as I was at the right place at the right time. If you or anybody else had been falling I would have tried to help them too. Thirdly I wanted her to win because she is a fantastic journalist, nothing more. Your train of thought is not only absurd but disgusting.”

Sabrinas face turned an angry beetroot red. “Disgusting is how you look at her! That two bit nothing Geet. The way your eyes follow her everywhere…”

“Sabrina this all in your head!” Maan interrupted her angry tirade, his voice deadly calm.

“The great Maan Singh Khurana! You are not only lying to me but yourself. You are the disgusting one!”

“I admire Geet, I respect her work, and her work ethic.” Maan told her in no uncertain terms. “It really is so sad that you cant see that as well. I really thought your thoughts and ideas matched mine, it seems that you went out of your way to play me. Sabrina, you could learn from Geet about integrity.”

Sabrina’s temper rocketed into the stratosphere, she had come here to plead with Maan and placate Daadima, she could have carried on and turned the whole thing on Maan so daadima would be on her side, but what he just said was the last straw. That he would think she…Sabrina, had anything to learn from that seriously, boring, pathetic Geet!

“I tell you something you are not breaking up with me I am breaking up with you! Do you hear me Maan Singh Khurana! You can take your engagement and shove it!”

“Stop it both of you!” Daadima interrupted the flow of the argument. “This is not helpful to anyone.”

“ Daadima I am sorry.” Maan’s gaze gentled on his daadima. She really didn’t need to listen to this.

“Sabrina please go home. You can talk about this, both of you when you have cooled down.” Daadima said, trying to reason with them both.

“No daadima this is it. I don’t want to see Sabrina again. We are finished. I cant spend my life with a duplicitous woman who lies and steals.” Colour slashed his cheeks, how had he failed to see what a vindictive and shallow woman Sabrina was.

Hands on hips Sabrina fired back, “Well that’s a relief because I really am fed up with trying to be everything you both want me to be just to get into this house.” She looked at both of them, “You with your Khurana bahu’s behave like this and that, and everything has to be just so! So boring, no clubbing, no parties, no drinking. God after spending time with you I need a drink! So many rules…SO many bloody rules!”

Daadima’s eyes had became as round as saucers as she watched Sabrina in full flow, just realising all this time she had been pretending to be the ideal woman for Maan was a total revelation. What an actor! She had her fooled completely, with her daadima yes, daadima of-course! Still unable to understand how she had been so fooled she watched her flounce out of the door holding her head high whilst screaming curses at Maan.

“Maan beta” she voiced with utter surprise, “What was that? Kya cheeze hai yeh! What did I see in her to think she would fit into our family? I really wouldn’t believe what she just said if I hadn’t heard it with my own ears, she fooled me completely.”

Maan went up to his daadima and sat down next to her, “And me, Daadima. She really should have gone into acting. Thank god Adi put two and two together and concluded Sabrina could be the only culprit. Thinking back I realise that she was the one who also changed the my nomination of Geet to Jignesh Patel. I still cant understand why she thought Geet was a threat to her as far as I know she hadn’t even met her before that time she threw red wine over her white suit.”

“Anybody who catches your eye who isn’t male she would perceive as a threat.” Daadima concluded reflectively. “She would always feel on edge, her smallest mistake would and has made you see through her ploy, she couldn’t understand that you could admire another woman because of her integrity or accomplishments and to add to that Geet is a very beautiful girl.” Daadima sighed remembering the passionate way she had argued with her grandson, “Well anyway, its best we found out now rather than later. Thank goodness she is gone from your life.”

“I don’t think we have seen the last of Sabrina, I am sure she will pop up somewhere.” People like Sabrina don’t let go that easily he thought.

Somewhere what Sabrina had screamed at him niggled. Was she right? Was he guilty of paying too much attention to Geet whilst he should have been with Sabrina. He examined his actions and decided that he had been right in doing what he had done….nothing more, nothing less.


Geeeeeeet! Stop wearing those horrendous glasses Maan Singh Khurana’s voice boomed at her. Geet found herself in an opticians, all sorts of frames surrounded her. Big frames, small frames, all sorts of shapes and sizes and colours. She kept putting them on and Maan kept whipping them off her face.

Stop it Ninja Singh Khurana! I wont bow down to you! I will wear these if I want to!

I can take them as fast as you can put them on! Geeeeet…you cant hide from me! Maan chased her all around the opticians pulling the glasses off her face.

Why haven’t you got your shirt on? Wide eyed she stared at him.

Finally she saw them! The largest pair of glasses she had ever seen! She tried to put on the huge pair of glasses that were so big that she could practically hide all of herself behind them.

I have you where I want you Geet! Even with those you cant hide from me. He reached forward whipped away the huge glasses, throwing them away as if they were light as a feather and lifted her into his arms.

Now I am going to kiss you! His lips hovered over hers…

Yes…Maan…kiss me! Kiss me now! Plastered against his bare chest Geet gazed into his dark eyes, it was liking looking into melting dark chocolate, his lips just reached hers…

Geet woke up suddenly, breathing hard and covered in sweat. For a minute she was sure Maan was in the room with her, she reached out in the dark whispering his name but her hands felt nothing but the cool air. Why was she imagining him half naked? Dear God she had so totally lost it! She fanned herself rapidly.

“For god sake Geet, cant you get it into your head, he is engaged to another woman!” She muttered to herself fiercely. Then she remembered what he said to her.

Now she was wide awake.

At almost the same time…in his bedroom at the Khurana Mansions…

White gauzy curtains fluttered across the open window as he tossed and turned.

Bare chested Maan found himself at the opticians throwing various frames at Geet whilst she faced him wearing those hideous dark thick frames he hated.

Geet…try these, they would look so nice on you…

No way Maan Singh Khurana! She batted them away with a cricket bat. Her face was lit up with passion as she hit them away one after the other shouting,



Geet stop it! Try these please…he handed her another pretty frame.

Get lost Maan Singh Khurana, go back to your fiancée.

She is not my fiancée anymore Geet. I love you Geet!

With that he gathered her close to him and was just about to close his lips over her lush pink lips when he woke up with a start.

“I love you? What the hell is happening to me? Why wasn’t I wearing a shirt?” Eyes wide and troubled Maan sat up, a fine sheen of sweat covered his skin cooling his hot emotions.

Did he have such strong feelings for Geet? How could he have, he just met her a few weeks ago. Not only that, wasn’t he supposed to feeling upset about his breakup, instead he was dreaming about Geet.

Not only dreaming but chasing her half naked and kissing her! He’d never had such vivid dreams about any women that bordered on the insane, this had never happened to him before. Somehow Geet had managed to effect him in a way no other woman ever had. Now wide awake and alert he stared at the huge moon hanging outside his window wondering what Geet would think if she knew he was having such vivid and insane dreams about chasing her around an opticians bare chested!


14 responses to “TPR3 chap 9 – Troubled Dreams

  1. fermeen30

    February 25, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    Loved part 9. Engagement broken and Sabrina true face out. She’s a vamp so she will be back to cause chaos. Maneet both dreaming about each other, dreams are precursor to subconscious feelings. Eager for the next part.

    • janememe

      February 27, 2018 at 10:51 am

      Thank you Fermeen! So happy you loved it :)) precursor to subconscious feelings- yes totaalyyyyyyyyyy! Eager for next part! Jeezzzzz wait some more please ;))

  2. Anupama Sharma

    February 26, 2018 at 10:24 am

    At last……. Sabrina is out of Maan’s life. Before she left, she herself blabbered out everything exposing herself to Daadima and Maan. Finally they knew that she was acting all the while.
    Adi is daam good in her job.
    The simultaneus dreams were just perfect. NSK giving her the frames and Geet batting those frames..he he he
    Both realizing their love for each other……..though in dreams
    Eagerly waiting for the next one

    • janememe

      February 27, 2018 at 10:38 am

      Anupama yeah Adi is good at her job that is why she is on MSK’s team :)) I am happyu liked the dreams it was fun to write :)))
      Areeyyy U guys want more before the week is even begun and I served up last one ;)))))))))))))) Rehem karooooo Jaanpannah

  3. karam80

    February 26, 2018 at 10:47 am

    Finally the Most awaited break up of Sabrina and Maan…..
    Loved it….
    Geet and Maan both has same dream….
    Totally enjoyed it…….

    • janememe

      February 27, 2018 at 10:39 am

      Thank you Karamsweets ❤ I am happy you loved it! Keep commenting.

  4. kathrinsha

    February 26, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    well you literally kept sabrina at bay this time.Now 2+2 has actually turned 4, it was really good chapter. i loved the portion where she herself revealed the real intention behind all those fake satisavitri plot. i believe after this there wont be any chance of luring from maan and ofcourse she wont give up so soon but atleast maan wont fall this time on her schemes.
    and yes they are dreaming which is a great sign. now their subconscious mind needs to take form of reality. thank you dear. next time a long wala update needed.

    • janememe

      February 27, 2018 at 10:42 am

      Thanks Kathrinsha , this was LONG update! Kitna blood sweat n tears were shed to formulate edit and come up with this chapter! Phew I need a holiday:))) They are dreaming about each other but when awake will they acknowledge their subconscious? We shall see! Keep commenting glad you liked chapter 🙂

  5. Madhuri53 / Madhuri Kulkarni

    February 28, 2018 at 4:07 am

    Part 9 – Lovely update. Glad that for now, sabrina’s chapter was close. Dadi & maan both took a sigh of relief.
    Thnx to adi & ravi who provided him right information about sabrina’s plotting against geet.
    Maan was thinking about what Sabrina said about his eager attention towards geet made her do such things.
    Omg….both geet & maan had almost same dreams. In both dreams maan was behind her big glasses and he was bare chest. Lol. Both dreams were funny to read. Enjoyed them most.

    • janememe

      February 28, 2018 at 10:01 am

      Madhuri thanks for your lovely comment :)) Yeah great dreams werent they;)))I was giggling whilst writing them ;)) Waise bare chested Maan in your dreams is not a bad idea *wink wink*

  6. honeygrape

    March 1, 2018 at 1:57 am

    Omg this is tooop much 😂😂😂both of them having the same dream where maan s seen without shirt n kissiing her. Hayeeeee. And am soooper happy that sabrina the witch os out of their lives. Dadima got to see her real self right from her mouth. What more can one ask for. I seriously dint want her around for long.

    • janememe

      March 1, 2018 at 2:03 pm

      Happy you enjoyed it Honeygrape – Youdidnt like Sabrina! Really :)) Abhi she is gone but who knows- she could reappear when required if you know what I mean :))

  7. khwaishfan

    May 29, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    Geet’s reaction justified! can understand Maan’s anger! Sabrina went too far! glad Adi put everything together and told Maan! great that Maan confronted Sabrina! finally she revealed her true colors! at least dadi saw this!

    Maan and Geet dreaming about each other!

  8. sgayatri

    September 27, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    Sabrina showed true colour dadi was shocked listening to her.Sabrina chapter is closed now.Maan dreaming about Geet positive sign.Shirtless Man Wow.


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