Chap 5- Chosen paths

Morningggggggggggg Sunday Sundae is here, so fast! This week I had so much stuff I really didn’t get to pen that much but to lay down the foundations of a new track. Sweet n short do read and comment. If there is something you would like in new track do tell me I will somewhere, somehow and some point remember to include it, as always. And do comment I love reading them ;))

Chapter 5 – Chosen paths

Chotu stared at jiju over the breakfast table. Geet didi was smiling at jiju in such a dopey fashion and Jiju was grinning back and touching her at every opportunity but pretending not to as she moved around fixing everyone’s breakfasts. He elbowed Babli, “What’s wrong with them? Are they ill?”

Babli giggled, “idiot! They are in love!”

“Yukkk!” Chotu growled, then had to ask, “Can it be cured? You know like fever?”

“Chotu! I think its lovely, they both look so happy.”

Chotu stared, yes they did look happy but he thought that was because of something else. “ Err Jiju…were you and didi playing hide and seek yesterday night? Because your room was dark, and you weren’t there when we came in.”

Maan choked on his pasta…and Geet flushed bright red.

Daadima grinned, looking at Maan pointedly she asked, “err Chotu why do you ask that?”

“Shhhh!” Babli whispered but Chotu ignored her on his mission to understand what game they had been playing. “Daadima their lights were turned off, candles were glowing and there were flowers everywhere on the floor! What kind of game were you playing didi?”

Daadima who had been watching the goings on at the table on both sides burst out laughing as she watched both Geet and Maans faces blush and pale. It was so good to have children in the house again.

Bright colour slashing his cheeks Maan jumped up making his fork clatter all over the plate. “ errr..I have to go early into the office, important client coming in.”

“Maan!” Daadima hid a huge smile at their discomfort, but she had to talk to Maan. “Wait wait! I need to talk to you about that American company. I have been looking over their accounts.”

“Err daadima we will talk about it later, I really need to rush. Ashokji is coming this morning to talk about his new project. Geet err you better hurry up, the meeting is due to start in an hour.”

“Haan,” Geet rushed off the table glad to be away from Chotu’s puzzled expression and questions.

“ Chotu, Babli be ready later on we have to visit the schools on our list. I will come back in the afternoon.”

“Ok didi, I will make sure he is ready. “

“I can get myself ready,” Chotu jumped in, “I am all grown up now!”

“Geetbeta, don’t worry, I will make sure that they are on time,” Daadima added

Nodding, Geet ran off upstairs after Maan. He was pulling on his waistcoat, looking vibrant and full of energy grinning like a truck headlight as he quickly ran a comb through his hair.

He looked good enough to eat she drank him in hungrily. Last night had been just so amazing, he was a generous, arduous lover, always mindful of her pleasure before he took his, a shiver ran through her frame as she as erotic images of the nights events washed over.

Glancing at her reflection in the mirror behind him he said, “Mishty mine if you keep looking at me I will have to start playing hide and seek again.”

Grinning, she blushed, “I need to speak to Chotu, his mouth runs away leaving his brain behind.”

Turning he pulled her into his arms and looked into her eyes, “Chotu ko kuch maat bolna, waise his idea is not at all bad….I think I would love to play hide and seek with you.” His lips trailed down her throat caressing the beautiful translucent skin with his lips.

“Maan! You are insatiable! We made love practically all night and you still want more.” Her arms crept around his shoulders pulling him to her.

“I will never get enough of you. You are in my heart and soul.” Love poured out of his eyes.

“I love you too.” She whispered her heart in her eyes.

“Of-course you do! Maan Singh Khurana jaise husband tou koi ho he nahi sakta!” he stated matter of factly.

Smiling, her hand cupped his face and her eyes adored him, “Maan yesterday…I meant what I said I will contribute the majority of the school fees.”

“Hmm yesterday it was half…today its majority? I thought we sorted this all out yesterday? Mishty mine when will you get it into your head that everything I am is all yours too? And the children are my responsibility as much as they are yours, I love them both. Have you not seen how happy our home is since they arrived, daadima is thrilled to have them, she dotes on them, in fact I haven’t seen daadima so revitalised for a long time.


He put his finger to her lips, “no buts! Now we really have to get going Ashokji will be waiting.”


“Geet! I don’t really want to talk about this any more!” He grabbed his phone and files, “come on or I’m going, you can come later.”

Glaring at him she grabbed her bag and files and followed him to the car, he carried on, “And I am coming with you to see the schools as well.”

Maan’s phone rang as he glared at her. “Maan Singh Khurana……”

“This is Vikky Khan…I am from Dan Emmersons team. Maan Singh Khurana we have been trying to get a meeting sorted for weeks now…come now yaar dont you want to do business with such a big company?”

Maan’s eyes darkened, who was this? He didn’t like this mans familiar tone.

“Phone my office and arrange a meeting Mr Khan,” his tone brusque and businesslike. “We will be happy to meet with you, Khurana construction is always willing to look at new opportunities.”

“Then yaar lets just fix a meeting now na…after all we are both Indian and time is money.”

Glaring at the scenery Maan spoke again, “Mr Khan as I said before, I will be happy to meet with your company..”

“Arrey I am their Indian rep…lets meet tomorrow at 11, your offices, I want to see if your company is actually worth doing business with.”

Anger clouded his brain, for a moment he was about to tell him he didn’t like his tone or pushy upstarts but after a moment he thought he might as well see what they wanted , perhaps Adi was right he should make an effort, and it would be Dan Emmerson he would be doing business with. India was opening up Khurana construction didn’t want to be left behind.

“I am sure Mr Emmerson will find our company is as competitive as any global business he has come across. We are in the top five Indian companies.”

Vikky Khan sniggered other end. “Yes he will be there, but I take care of all their Indian business so its me you have to keep happy Mr Khurana.”

“We will see you tomorrow,” Maan said brusquely cutting the call, if this was the tone that the business was likely to take he wasn’t really that happy.

“Why are you looking so annoyed?”

Not wishing to bother her he didn’t volunteer any information and anyway she was bending over picking up some papers, giving him a nice view of her bottom, which was much more interesting than Mr Khans idiotic comments. “Err its nothing, what time do we have to go this afternoon?”

“You don’t have to come,” she said looking up from her papers, then catching his stop me if you dare look, “We need to be there at four o’clock.”

He nodded just as they arrived at the office, they rushed in with minutes to spare before Mr Shah came in to talk about the new project he had in mind to build. The afternoon flew past as Mr Shah outlined his new vision for upcoming young first time buyers, he had in mind to builds flats with all the facilities that working couples would want and require.

“This project is going to be big, the biggest thing my company has ever done, and I want you to handle all aspects of building and design. Khurana construction has already proved to me that they can build extraordinary homes now I want you to build for me exceptional apartments.”

Maan nodded, “I think my team can definitely handle this, we will have a brain storming session and come back to you with ideas.”

“Fantastic!” Ashok smiled at the team as they all filed out of the conference room. “Err Maan, I have heard that Dan Emmerson is looking to your company as the gateway into India,” he hesitated looking at Maan squarely in the face, wanting to say something but wondering if he should, after all Maan Singh Khurana was an astute businessman, perhaps he wouldn’t want interference or advice.

“Please don’t hesitate, Ashokji say what you think, I value your opinion.”

Smiling at Maan, Ashok continued, “Well I am not quite sure if their practices are above board, there is something about his company that just doesn’t ring quite right.”

Maan reflected on what daadima had mentioned, she too was hesitant.

“I will definitely keep that in mind, I am meeting them tomorrow, some Vikky Khan is looking after their Indian arm.”

“Vikky Khan!” Ashok looked troubled. “Then Maan I say to you keep your wits about you. He is a sly one that one!”

Maan nodded.

“Perhaps we shouldn’t meet with them?” Geet said as Ashokji left, she looked greatly troubled.

“Geet don’t worry, lets just see tomorrow, if we don’t like their ideas we don’t have to business with them.”


14 responses to “Chap 5- Chosen paths

  1. naina

    February 2, 2014 at 11:55 am

    hahahaha…..chotu n his big mouth…..i just love their passion….now who is this vikky khan yr?

    • janememe

      February 2, 2014 at 3:26 pm

      Nainaaaa aage agge dekho new ppl, new tracks ;))

  2. menakkrish

    February 2, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    Chotu…naughty one:-):-) loved it…new trouble brewing up I think….cool update

    • janememe

      February 2, 2014 at 3:27 pm

      Hi Menakkrish…Chotu is so cute na ;)) I can just see him with a mop of dark unruly hair, a total Mr Mischief grin :)) Full of life!

  3. Beena

    February 2, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    hi Janey, how r you? i loved your short update 😉 so the new plot is getting started is it… I’m sure its gonna be interesting n I’m looking forward to read them. have great wk. see ya 🙂

    • janememe

      February 2, 2014 at 5:08 pm

      thanks Beena ;)) You to have a great week..they seem to be flying past! lets hope I live up to your expectations the pressureeeeeeee! ;))

  4. honeygrape

    February 2, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    omg i smell trouble…..viky is khan, is he the next pandey in their lives?? thanku for the part 🙂 loved it 🙂

  5. karamjeet

    February 3, 2014 at 8:29 pm

    Awesome update..Chotu is tooo muchhh…….vikky khan look’s like trouble 4 maan nd geet….

    • janememe

      February 3, 2014 at 9:43 pm

      Chortu is my master mischief ;)) ready to make chaos at teh drop of a hat 😉

  6. savitha.

    February 4, 2014 at 4:10 am

    ha ha ha..chotu & his blabbering mouth..:) hmmm..this Vikky Khan looks interesting..lets see aage aage hota kya hai….delicious scoop janey 🙂

  7. shraddha16jan

    February 4, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    i lvd this chotu’s charactr.. nice update.. waiting for moree!!

    • janememe

      February 4, 2014 at 9:23 pm

      Thanks Shraddha, Chotu is lovable and cute ;)) yes moreeeeeeeeeee alwayyyyys ;))

  8. Chetna

    February 24, 2014 at 7:11 am

    hi dear…fab update! Maaneet embarrassed by Chotu. Dadi happy tht all is well. Ashok warns Maan abt Vikky Khan! Well written


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