TPR2 chap 21- Chotu pulls no punches :)

Hellooooooooooooo Sunday sundae is served! Enjoyyyyyyyyy. Chotu is busy with CC ;)) I hope you guys excuse the mistakes and enjoy the sweet swerving. OK I am taking a break now as next three weekends JAM packed no chance of any writing being done! Not till sept things are likely to settle so sorry guys if u love me u will have to wait, in between if I get chance I will pen down what I can. Love uuuuuu all!

Chapter 21 – Chotu pulls no punches

Chotu paced behind the bike shed. CC was late. He really couldn’t hang around too long as much as he would like to beat CC to a pulp if he was too late home Geet didi would have a fit. He kicked a stone muttering to himself about bullies being cowards.

“So he is here!” CC’s annoying thin voice carried down to Chotu. He turned to see CC had brought two of his friends along .

“Decided to come did you?” Chotu glared at CC. “I thought you chickened out!”

“Yeah, so we can beat you to a pulp.”

Chotu laughed, his little face filling with amusement. “We? You need your friends to do your fighting for you?”

CC glared. “I wish I had hurt your sister more, maybe broken her other arm too!” CC grinned a really nasty grin.

Temper rising, Chotu threw his bag down. “Fight like a man CC! A real man, not a coward who needs his friends to fight for him.”

“I am not a coward!” CC squeaked, the anger in Chotu’s face worried him a lot. But his friends were laughing at him when Chotu who was half his size called him a coward. CC stepped forward towards Chotu.

“I’ll show you!” He lashed out but Chotu was too fast for him, he dodge and kicked CC right in the bottom as he lunged.

CC’s friends were first shocked and then they stared laughing loudly at CC. “CC you’re getting beaten up by such a small kid!”

“I am not!” CC shouted and lunged at Chotu again. Chotu jumped aside neatly dodging the lunge and gave CC another kick.


“Did that hurt? Good!Well take this as well.”Chotu said punching CC right on his arm. “ if you EVER hurt my sister again I will break your nose.”

“OK OK…here lets shake hands,” CC said rubbing his bottom and sore arm. He couldn’t believe how nimble Chotu was. “I don’t want to get beaten up.”

Both CC’s friends looked at him in astonishment, CC was backing down? Chotu also stared at the outstretched hand with scepticism.

“Come on shake hands?” CC begged, “you know I didn’t really mean to hurt your sister I just got carried away.”

“OK.” Chotu decided he wouldn’t bear grudges, he moved forward to shake his hand. CC grabbed him by the shirt and threw him to the ground and started punching him hard in the face.

You think I would back down? You’re stupid Chotu just like your sister!”

He could hear his friends saying that was sneaky but he didn’t care. He just wanted to punch the daylights out of Chotu for daring to stand up to him.

Realising he should have never trusted CC Chotu started punching him back wherever he could reach. But CC was so heavy. Trying to think whilst he was being beaten into the ground was quite hard he realised. He wriggled hard and punched CC back, finally he decided the only way to get CC off him was to grab his ears and pull hard.

“You’re just scared of my sister is cleverer than you that’s why you are bullying her! I am so going to teach you a lesson!”

“OUCH!” CC cried even as he was punching Chotu as hard as could, suddenly Chotu felt the weight lifted off him as CC was pulled away.

“That’s enough!”

They all looked up to see the headmaster standing over them alongside Maan.

“Sir he did it, he hit me first.” CC started crying and wailing like a proper martyr. The head looked at CC, he didn’t really have a scratch on him save for a few bruises whilst Chotu had blood coming out of his nose and mouth.

Maan got down on his haunches and helped Chotu get up. “Are you hurt badly Chotu?”

Chotu shook his head to say no.

“What happened here?” The headmaster looked at them both and the two boys he knew to be CC’s friends.

“Chotu attacked me!” CC wailed again determined to get his version to the head first. “look at the bruise on my arm, and my ears, look! You should punish him!”

“Chotu what happened?” The headmaster asked, But Chotu was no snitch he just shrugged his shoulders.

“It looks like to me CC that you beat Chotu up, there is hardly a scratch on you. I think I will have to get your dad to come in and have a talk.”

“Mr Khurana, I am sorry that you have had to see this, usually we have very good discipline.”

Maan patted Chotu down and wiped his bloody nose and mouth with a clean hanky. Chotu was looking at him with some trepidation. He had seen Chotu despite his size land some hefty punches on CC. He was trying not to smile as he didn’t want Chotu to think it was OK to go around beating people up.

“Lets all go into the office and discuss this,” the headmaster said. “I will have to call your parents too.” he said to CC’s friends.

“No sir! Please!” Both boys were too scared of their parents coming to know this.

“Then tell me what happened.”

“It was CC he was bullying Babli, Chotu’s sister, he pushed her over badly today and that’s why Chotu called him here and then CC tricked him…”both boys nodded vigorously.

“If that is the case Chotu why didn’t you complain to your teacher or me?”

“Babli didn’t want to worry didi or jiju.” Maan looked at him but didnt say anything in front of others. He would tackle the issue on the way home he decided.

“Chotu but this is not the right way of going about it.” The head quietly said to him.

Sheepishly Chotu looked at his Jiju. “I know but he hurt Babli so bad she can’t write for days!”

“Chotu I am going to give extra detention and a lot of work to do, you cant take matters into your hands you have to talk to your teacher or come to me if this ever happens again. Are you listening?”

Chotu nodded. “Mr Khurana you can take Chotu home now I think he has understood.”

CC was standing next to headmaster grinning away as he gave Chotu his punishments.

“And you CC I think its time we called your father in. I have been getting a lot of complaints about you lately. Just because I know your father doesn’t mean you can get away with everything!” Said the head glaring down at CC. “Mr Khurana, I am sorry about this, please believe me when I say CC will be severely punished for bullying. We do not condone bullying in any form. And remember Chotu if anything like this ever happens again I want you to come to me, is that understood?”

“Yes sir!” Now it was Chotu’s turn to grin even thought it was painful. CC was going to get into a lot more trouble than him. He didn’t mind detention or extra the work as long as CC was getting punished for he had done.

Satisfied that the punishment was a lot worse than his Chotu grinned a lopsided grin up at his Jiju. “Lets go home. I am so hungry!”

Maan escorted him to the car. “Chotu you know you shouldn’t have called CC like that to teach him a lesson.”

“I know jiju but he was bullying Babli for weeks, and always getting away with it. He kept stealing her lunch and eating it or throwing it away! Tell me, I am her brother, was I going to stand for that?” Chotu climbed into the car all indignant.

Maan suppressed a grin. “No, but you could have told me. Even if you don’t want to tell your didi…err especially if its a man thing (trying to make him feel all grown up) you can always tell me.”

“I guess so..” Chotu looked down at his feet. .

“By the way you are a good fighter, you landed some good punches at CC.”Maan grinned at him. “Maybe I should give you a few lessons.”

His little face brightened up. “Will you! Will you jiju! Oh thanks I was watching you Jiju you are a brilliant fighter.” He jumped up on the seat and launched himself at Maan with a Wohhoooooooo!

“If you promise me that if you or Babli are ever in trouble that you will come to me I will teach you the martial art of Wing Chun, but remember first rule is to resolve all disputes responsibly, fighting is always the last option.” Maan hugged him tight and ruffeled his hair fondly.

Chotu nodded happily settling back down in his seat and belting up again. “I promise jiju.”

“And you better wipe that blood off your chin otherwise your Geet didi, Babli and daadima are going to have a fit.”

Chotu rolled his eyes and muttered ‘Girls!”

By the time they got home, Babli, Geet and daadima had also arrived. As soon as they walked in there was a collective gasp from daadima and Geet, but it was Nakul who looked as if he was likely to faint. He ran to up to Chotu shouting, ‘Master Chotu what happened! OMG! Master Chotu!’

Savitridevi called for one of the other servants to get an icepack.

“Relax, daadima, uncle Nakul. I’m fine.” Chotu declared, “nothing to worry about.”

“Maan?” Geet’s eyes were full of questions, had Singhania’s men got to Chotu?

“No , no nothing like that Geet.” Reading her mind, Maan cleared up straight away. “Err Chotu had trouble with a boy at school But…” as he saw her face pale, “its sorted now and the boy is going to get punished by the head.”

“Nakul uncle please can I have something to eat I am so hungry!” Chotu rubbed his empty tummy. Nakul ran off to get something for him.

“Didi.” Chotu went up to Babli. “Are you ok? Does it hurt a lot?” His troubled eyes ran over her arm which was in a sling.

“Not as much as your lip and nose I bet.” Babli smiled. But she didn’t elaborate as Maan and Chotu both winked at her. Daadima missed the wink as she was busy setting up the dinner with a frantic Nakul who had decided to bring out everything for Chotu including all the flavours of ice-cream they had. But Geet saw.

Later that night….

Geet stood drying her hair waiting for Maan to come out of the bathroom.

Why did he have to come out with only his joggers on? All coherent thoughts fled. She felt like she hadn’t been in his arms for such a long time when it only had been a very eventful 36 hours at Mrs Chaddhas.

“Geet if you look at me like that you know …”

Blinking away his sinful image, she got a hold of her self. “What was that wink about?”

“Hmmm…” He had already slipped his arms around her and was pulling her into his kiss. She smelt heavenly especially after having spent the night sandwiched in bed with Adi! “I don’t want to talk about anything at this moment, not Mrs Chaddha, her ninja chickens,” He placed another kiss along her jaw, “not bhoot, or Pinky and Adi,” tracing the outline of her lips with his he sucked and tugged on her bottom one making her arch and gasp in pleasure, “and definitely not about any winking! I just want you..I want to sink into you and make love.”

“Maan…” she groaned as he found that sweet spot at the base of her throat, it made her moan with pleasure. Without even breaking his kiss he lifted her and placed her on the bed joining her.

“Mishty mine it seems like we have been apart for so long…”Geet smiled his words echoed her thoughts exactly.

Wrapping her arms around him she kissed him back with passion. Soon it was not enough and they frantically shed their clothes to let allow the intimacy that they were both craving.


“No, not yet!” he growled “…first I have to taste you all over. See what you do to me!”

He tortured her by pinning her down when she would have brought him to the brink too early, he tasted, nibbled and allowed himself the luxury of discovering all her sweet spots again. By the time he relented coming over her and joining them with a deep hard thrust, they had already started to tip them both over the edge.

So much later…a sated Geet murmured, “Maan…what was all that about with Chotu?”

“Hmm..oh that it was nothing to worry about, just a little bit of boisterous play. But one thing is for sure Chotu is definitely going to be great at martial arts.

Geet’s hazy cloud lifted. “Chotu? Fighting?”

“Shhhh…Mishty mine, I am proud of Chotu, and Babli,how like their sister they are.”

“Are you sweet talking me?”

“Is it working?”

Her eyes smiled at him as his mouth found a lush breast. “Maybe….if you pay full attention to what you are doing you might even get an A!”

“Uh..huh lets see about that hmm…” his hands started to create magic and he definitely shot to the top of the class.

Much later as the moonlight embraced their satiated bodies, Geet’s eyes suddenly opened wide as she remembered something.

“Maan! About that bhoot…………!” She stared across at his peacefully sleeping form and grinned.


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  1. honeygrape

    June 15, 2014 at 11:34 am

    haha….maan really knowws exactly how to manage her…lovvvvvvvvly part…cant imagine a sunday with this yummy sundae…:( thats sooo soo sad news u hav given…3 weeks :O by God….can u reduce it to atleast 2 weeks ? 😦 i know its not possible…chalo will wait 😦

  2. naina

    June 15, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    god….lovely part….chotu is growing up as exact copy of maan 🙂 ….at last cc get his punishment….n maan…how easy it was for him to make geet forgeting everyting…….YHAHOOOOOOO…… are taking three weeks off……for the 1st time after i start reading your writing im so glad that you are taking off 😀 …..bcoz im going to have my MSS final exam next 3weeks 😦 ….so no net no fb 😥 ….pray for me dear…..catch you after 3weeks….TAKE CARE

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    oh oh… though I’m happy that Chotu gave back to CC for hurting babli, I’m amazed n i adore his love for his sister 🙂 but I’m don’t like little children fighting and hurting each other 😦 but i guess that how it is always… i remember my school day n i use to fight as well 😉 very well written Janey 🙂 so taking a break is it!! a question though I’m just confused… did you say 3wks or are you busy till September??

    • janememe

      June 15, 2014 at 5:39 pm

      Hi Beena, no I don’t either but it happens, Glad you enjoyed. Next 3 weeks defo no postings after that till sept busy but may get time in Aug to pen one so thats why I was saying. Sorry wasn’t clear. Glad you enjoyed anyway and hope you defo come to read again 😉

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    I loovvve chotu here…what a fine man in the making 🙂 buhahahahaaaa only maan can manage his mishty..lovely update janey..and nooowwwwww…what about this bhoot….aaarrghhhh will hv to live with this suspense till you r back…enjoy your break janey dear 🙂

    • janememe

      June 16, 2014 at 8:21 am

      He is isnt he, love my Chotu :0) Glad you enjoyed! Break…no just too many family things going on!

  5. Beena

    June 22, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    Janey i forgot that there would be no updates for 3 long wks :(. No worries i read this chapter again. you’re so talented yaar. how amazingly you have written 🙂

    • janememe

      June 23, 2014 at 10:51 am

      awww thanks Beena ;)) sweet of you! Yup there is SO much to read here go and visit all my stories once again! 😉

  6. Chetna

    June 24, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    extremely sorry 4 late comments! ah will miss ur updates! Terrific update! well written CC is punished! Chotu is a wonderful brother! He is growing up n will protect his sister! Maan manages 2 distract his Mishty! So she remembered bat the bhoot thing! 🙂

    • janememe

      June 25, 2014 at 8:09 am

      heheh MR BHHOOOOOOOOOOT! ;)) no worries Chetna u have a great week ;)) Love Ya!

  7. karam80

    July 4, 2014 at 9:37 pm

    Superbbbbbbbbb update…..


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