TPR2 chap 23 – Dangerous Echoes

Hellooooooooo Shellooooooo Sunday is here again so quick YIKES! We move on with our story, Maan has made Geet mad with rage ;)) Don’t we just love her sparking fury at him. Well enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment. Tell me what you enjoyed and what you didn’t!

Chapter 23

“WHAT!” Geet screamed down the phone even though they were only feet apart.

Maan winced and held the phone away from his ear until she stopped ranting and started pacing.

“Geet! Calm down…it wasn’t like that.”

“What do you mean it wasn’t like that?”

“Exactly what I am saying! Damn it, I cant talk to you about this over the phone I am coming there.”

“Don’t you even bother! I know exactly what you were doing last night you were sweetening me up
to tell me this. What you had done without consulting me!”

Spitting fury she slammed the phone down grabbed her bag and stormed out of her office running past a startled Pinky and Adi straight out of the offices and on to the road.

“Taxi!” She flagged one down and jumped into just as Maan ran out onto the road after her.

“Where to madam?” The driver asked as they pulled out into the traffic.

“Jahannum mein!”

“Hain? Madam? Ghar jaana hai?” The driver looked at her oddly.

Did she want to go home? No he would find her there straight away.

“Where to? He asked again.


“Shopping? You want to shopping?” The taxi driver offered helpfully.

“Yes yes..take me to the nearest shopping mall.” He would never think of that, she hardly went shopping. Turning to look out the back her eyes strained to see if he was following, but couldn’t spot him.

Why had he done such a thing. She was SO fuming mad at him. Didn’t he know how hard it was for her to get clients for herself? Without the Khurana influence. She was an independent business woman before she had met him, and when he came into her life her small company was coming on leaps and bounds without his help. Now she knew Saxena would spread bad publicity about her because of this, which would mean that clients wouldn’t bother to look at her bids unless she was working on a project for the Khurana banner. Damn it ! She and Pinky had worked so hard to get somewhere in a very male dominated environment. It totally threw her that he would do such a thing, he knew how important it was for her.

Maan ran out on to the road and watched her taxi speed away.

Stubborn stubborn Mishty! Maybe he should have handled it better, started off with how Saxena had infuriated him by making demands wanting her to be his disposal when he wanted. How rude he had been. It made him mad all over again. Why was she insisting on working with such a sleazeball anyway, she didn’t need to at all.

“Ma…Maan S..s.sir something happen?”Adi questioned appearing behind him.

“No, nothing that I cant handle..I will catch up with her when I get home. “ Maan muttered turning back into the office. Couldn’t she see he was doing it for her own safety. He walked back to his desk and sat down staring into space with a scowl.

“Err Maan, do you know where Geet has gone?” Pinky gulped as she saw his scowl darken. “Only she has left her phone behind.”

“But she had her bag with her…didn’t she.”

“She must left in a hurry to leave it behind, I can get one of the peon’s to deliver it to her. “

Mrs Chaddha’s dire warnings about bad men and danger coming came into his mind. What if she was in trouble, she wouldn’t have her phone with her to call for help. But she would be going home wouldn’t she?

Wouldn’t she?

He sprang up from his chair, in the angry state she was she could decide to go anywhere. How was he going to find her, and what if Singhania’s men were keeping an eye on her? Hopefully after that beating they received they would be wary of coming near her. He raked a hand through his hair and decided to come clean.

“Pinky, Geet has gone off I don’t know where..err I pulled her out of the Saxena project without consulting her. “

Pinky gaped at him.

“In my defence I found that Saxena was working with Dan and they were playing her to get to me.”

Pinky gulped and decided too that she had to say what was in her mind.

“She must have been so angry. I mean the company means a lot to her, she wouldn’t want her clients to think that she wasn’t capable of carrying out the work.”

“Don’t you think I know that Pinky. But She means a lot to me Pinky, she means everything to me and if it means making her angry I will live with that as long as she is safe. But now I have to find her, I am hoping she has gone home.” checking his watch he said, “ we will know in half an hour if she has, if that’s the case then its fine. But if she hasn’t well….you know what happened at Mrs Chaddha’s there are very bad people after her, she could be in serious danger.”
The taxi dropped her off at the shopping centre, Geet distractedly looked around. What was she doing here? She was in no mood to shop really, it was more Pinky’s territory, but she went in just the same. Reaching into her bag she decided to ask Pinky which were the best shops in this enormous place, she was bound to know but as try as she might she couldn’t find her phone. With a groan she realised that she probably left it on her desk. Annoyed with herself she muttered some curses she decided to look at the map of the place if there was anything to interest her, if not she would go home with that in mind she went to look for a map.

Mohan couldn’t believe his luck. Geet on her own at the shopping centre! It was too good to be true
No mad aunties with Ninja chickens or Maan Singh Khurana in sight. He pulled out his phone and dialled his boss.

“What do you want Mohan, I am really busy.” declared Singhania who was busy studying his nails, sipping a whisky and lying on a lounge chair. Try as he might he couldn’t think of one sensational plan to get his revenge on Maan Singh Khurana.

“Err boss I thought I would let you know that I am tracking Geet in a shopping centre and she is ALL by herself boss!” He giggled unable to contain his joy. Finally his luck seemed to be turning, maybe boss would actually pay him this time.

“Are you sure?” Singhania became suddenly very alert. “Which mall?”

“The big one near you, Shimla mall.”

“You keep tracking her, make sure you are not seen. I am coming there myself.”

“Boss! Really are you sure? I mean..”

“Just keep tracking her..where is Ramu?”

“He went to get a vegetarian wrap he cant handle chicken any more.” Mohan advised with a giggle.

“What is it with you and this chicken business really why do I only get morons working for me?” Growled Singhania.

“Arey boss you forgot my name? Its not Moron its Mohan!” Hurt filled his voice.

“Arrrghhhhhhhhhh! Moron!” Singhania screamed down the line. “I am coming and when I reach there I will call you.”

“Ok boss see you later.” His face sad Mohan watched Ramu comeback with both their lunches.

“Did you get hold of Boss?” Ramu questioned handing him a Veggie wrap.

“Haan…but he keeps forgetting things …must be that knock on the head he had. Keeps calling me Moron instead of Mohan.” Shaking his head he decided Boss couldn’t help it.

“Aww so sad na…poor boss.” Ramu nodded. “Quick hide she is coming this way!” They slid themselves behind a pillar.
Geet looked around she was sure she could feel she was being watched, but didn’t spot anyone. Maybe Maan was right she should be more careful. A wave of emotion came over her. Her thoughts in turmoil she walked over towards the gallery where she could over look the floors below and just mull over things. Everyone was going about their business. Children held on to their parents hands and skipped along. Girlfriends giggled and talked loudly to each about their purchases. Lovers held hands when they were sure they could not be seen and smiled into each others eyes.

His eyes last night…dear god, she had never thought she would find someone who loved her that much in this lifetime. It filled her with exultation and at the same time scared her witless. How could he not see that he was just as precious to her as she was to him. But his love sometimes pushed him too far..she could handle men like Saxena, he had to come to terms with that. He couldn’t wrap her in cotton wool and keep her in his glass office so that she wouldn’t get hurt always.

Maybe she should go home and talk it out with him later. She knew it was his overwhelming need to protect her that made him do these outrageous things. But he had to understand that she could handle herself and was not going to be a cosseted to the extent where she felt stifled. What kind of example would she set to Babli and Chotu if she became a ‘coffee morning’ wife. It was just not her.

She was musing away when she spotted someone down below on one of the floors who rang alarm bells in her head. Who was that man, she definitely knew him from somewhere. She scanned her brain,the fact that he was ringing alarm bells told her it was not good news. She stared at him harder as he walked around with his mobile in his hand. She had seen his picture….that’s it she had seen his picture somewhere.

Was it OMG! Really no it couldn’t be! Could it? Her mouth fell open with shock. What was he doing wondering around shopping malls when he was supposed to be dead!

Maan scanned his watch again. Pinky and Adi had been hovering around his office since the last half hour. Obviously on tenterhooks for their friend, he hadnt been able to concentrate either as he had literally been counting the minutes. He looked up at them and gestured through the glass for them to come in whilst he dialled the home number.


“Err daadima has Geet come back yet?”

“No beta, anything wrong?”

“No” his heart sank but he didn’t want to worry daadima.

“Ok don’t worry, I will call you later.” He terminated and looked at Pinky and Adi with a frown.

“She didn’t go home. Where the hell has she gone. How am I to keep her safe if she runs off without telling anyone where she is going or taking her phone. Come on think…. think Pinky, Adi where could she have gone….” He tailed off raking a worried hand through his hair, his eyes dark with frustration and anger, frustration that she had gone off again and didn’t have her phone and anger at himself for not handling the situation better.
Maan she had to call Maan immediately. She looked around frantically and spotted two men trying to jump back behind a pillar, they looked very odd. Their eyes met and the men froze. One of them had a phone in his hand that was ringing but he was staring at her as if petrified.

“Err bhai can I borrow your phone for a minute?” Geet stared at them, they too looked familiar. Then decided she was going mad..she couldn’t have seen everyone before that was ridiculous but glancing down at the other man she definitely had seen him before.

Mohan couldn’t speak or move. GEET had spotted them! Boss was going to kill them and bury them alive somewhere where they would never be found.

“Bhai saab..please its an emergency I wont be long.” she hissed looked down again at the man she thought she recognised.

He could do nothing else, he handed her his phone. At least thank god she hadn’t recognised them.

Walking away from them she dialled Maan’s number fast as possible.

Maan’s phone rang. He stared at it. Unknown caller? Singhania?

“It could be Geet Sir ..maybe she is calling from public phone.”

Nodding Maan stabbed at the answer button.“Maan Singh Khurana.”

“Maan! Maan”

“GEET! Where are you. Why didn’t you go home? And why did you go off without your phone?” All his fears came tumbling out of him.


“GEET NO I have had it with you, you just don’t LISTEN!”

Geet’s eyes widened and then narrowed with anger, he was the one not listening!


Her furious scream into the phone reverberated around the area funnelling the sound down the floors. The words bounced and echoed until everyone was staring up at her including the man she was trying to hide from.


14 responses to “TPR2 chap 23 – Dangerous Echoes

  1. Naina

    November 23, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    my god………..geet…… why she always misunderstood maan ………..n maan ?????????………..I’m sure now that singhania is gone. he have to facing both tiger n tigress :v

    • janememe

      November 23, 2014 at 4:41 pm

      lolllllll Naina she understands Maan totally but she has to maintain her independence and thats also one of the things Maan loves about her. Its catch 22 :)) keeps them fighting us laughing and enjoying.

  2. Mazni

    November 23, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Haahhaa shopping mall n sherni vs sher these two love each other madly n to the core will do anything to keep each one safe 😀 n the passion is at peak if its love,romance,anger ,care in everything oh i just love them now what singhania got to know n wat will happen now.

    • janememe

      November 23, 2014 at 4:43 pm

      Ohh keeping you in suspense Mazni ;)) Glad u enjoyed 🙂

  3. ramykrish

    November 23, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    Superb suspense.

    • janememe

      November 23, 2014 at 4:43 pm

      Thanks Ramykrish glad you enjoyed ;))

  4. Annie Jose

    November 24, 2014 at 7:58 am

    HAHAHA Mohan cracked me up and Singhania so wanted to wring his neck :-DDDD …..Maaneet needs to join anger management & art of communication classes, they are short fuse ready to blow at a drop of a hat :D…chalo atleast Geet managed to get across to Maan, bet his blood ran cold….waiting for next updateeeeeee……*again mutters in a low voice* chotu 😦

    • janememe

      November 24, 2014 at 9:40 am

      Thank goodness someone got my Mohan joke! Mutters Mutters….and then Kicks Annie! eat slowly dont gulp ;))

  5. Chetna

    November 28, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    intense update! Angry Geet! She leaves! Maan worried! Both r stubborn! Maan wants 2 protect her bt she is independent! Uff Geet spots Singhania n calls Maan! update soon! sorry 4 late likes n comments! pls post Maaneet OS! Thanks

    • janememe

      November 28, 2014 at 7:17 pm

      I cant write anymoreeeeeeeeee Sundae is enough on maaneet ;))

  6. savitha.

    November 30, 2014 at 11:39 am

    For once a huge kaantaaaaap to Geet..and hasn’t she heard it”patience pays” sighhhhhhhh.. he he..good going (y)

    • janememe

      November 30, 2014 at 11:47 am

      hain poor Geet ne kya kiya boohooooo! ;)))

  7. karam80

    December 1, 2014 at 7:02 pm

    Mohan ind Singhania conversation is toooo muchhhhh…..loved it….
    Why Geet always misunderstood Maan…..

    • janememe

      December 1, 2014 at 7:46 pm

      Aww thanks I love Moron ;)) he is not a bad man he just fell into the wrong crowd ;))


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