TPR2 chap 24 – Hanging by a prayer!

Hello TPRian’s or could it be TPR-tians…hmmmm interesting thoughts. Hope you all had a rocking week Christmassssss is coming ;)) I left you in suspense last week and now you can all relaxxxxxxxx No actually not but its the thought that counts ;))

Do read and comment, love to read them, tell me what you like and what you didn’t! If you have suggestions please do suggest them I will try and include by weaving them in somewhere ;))

Chapter 24

Singhania stared up at her his hard eyes pinning her to the spot. Really? Had she just screamed out loud that she had spotted him? She hadn’t ever seen him in person so how had she spotted him and recognised him. She was much cleverer than he gave her credit for. It wasn’t great that she had spotted him, he wanted to surprise her not the other way round. Taking refuge in a family group he vanished into a shop.

Geet strained her eyes to try and spot him, she could hear Maan screaming down the phone at her.

Geet muttered some curses under her breath, how had he vanished so easily? Well he was a master criminal wasn’t he.

“Get out of there NOW Geet! Now!”

“Chaddo, he seems to have vanished.” Pursing her lips she craned her neck to look down at all the floors below.

“GITTTHHHHH!! Are you insane? Get out of there NOW!”

“Yes yes, I am leaving”

“NOW! Where are you?”

“Shimla mall.”

“I am coming.” Maan raced out of the office followed by Adi and Pinky.

“Stand in a crowd, make yourself visible.” He shouted into the phone as he raced to the car park

Mohan made a strangled sound in his throat Maan Singh Khurana was coming! Even Ramu next to him paled. But Geet had his phone and he needed it back.

“Err can I have my phone back.” He squeaked.

“Oh! So sorry.” Terminating Maan’s call, she handed it back to him. It immediately started ringing. And Geet looked at him properly for the first time.

Her eyes widened and she paled. She looked from one to the other. “ YOU!YOU! You tried to attack us at Mrs Chaddhas! OMG! You two!”

Mohan stared at her transfixed and she took the moment to swing her bag and walloped him hard with it as he staggered Geet swung her bag with force at Ramu knocking him over to the floor.

“Ow! Ow!” Ramu cried falling to the floor. “Kamini, she so vicious! Arrey Ram Ram! Geet madam no need to be so violent!”

“What?” Geet growled, “you are following me, you tried to kidnap ME and now you are moaning, take that!” She whacked him again over the head.

“Mohan RUUUUNNNNN.” Screamed Ramu crawling away on all fours as fast as he could.

Mohan stabbed at the answer button screaming “Boss Boss we are on the third floor .”

“I know.” Came a very posh chilling voice from right behind him.

Geet stared at her nemesis. Singhania in the flesh looked like a very ordinary man albeit dressed in a very sharp suit. Thin handsome face, full of angles, hard and unrelenting. But it was his eyes that froze her to the spot. Such cold merciless black orbs that made goose pimples break out over her skin.

“Finally we meet.” he looked her up and down with a mirthless smile. “How you have alluded me my pretty.”

“Boss! Boss you are here.” Ramu crawled back. “Look we have got Geet for you.”

“You two! I think you couldn’t even get a horse to water in the desert, complete morons both of you . You are just lucky she has fallen into your laps.”

Geet looked around in a panic, Mohan was nursing his jaw where she had walloped him Ramu was wearily standing up keeping a close eye on her. Singhania was smiling a cold mirthless smile at her. Any and all routes to escape were blocked in all direction.

“Well I must say your photos don’t do you justice. Maan Singh Khurana is right to be totally mad over you.” He walked forward his eyes raking her as if he were sizing her up for the kill.

“W..Why are after us? What have you got against Maan.” Her voice was a mere whisper as she had just spotted the small pistol he was carrying in his hand.

“Its a very long story Geet” reaching out a thin hard finger he stroked it down her cheek. “Such beautiful skin. Shame to ruin it all. Hmm I promise not too mark it too much.”

“Maan will not rest until he has you in jail.” Her eyes flashed in anger at him, moving out of his reach she stepped backwards to the rails.

Singhania’s hard eyes gleamed with laughter. “Once I have you, Maan will do anything I say…anything.”

“You are never going to have me Singhania!” Trying a drastic move Geet swung her bag hard knocking the gun out of his hand, it fell down to the floor below to vanish into a plant pot.

She could hear a commotion downstairs glancing down quickly at the scene she saw Maan, Adi and Pinky run in to the shopping centre. Maan was screaming her name.

A smile came over her face. “You are done for now Singhania, my Maan is here.”

Singhania stared down as Maan mounted the escalators two at a time looking around in a frantic state for her. Damn it his plan to take Geet with him was now not possible, his gun was one floor below and these two morons were as useful as a wet tissue.

“Well lets keep him busy shall we whilst we make our escape.” He grabbed a hold of Geet and tried to push her over the rails.

Thinking he would drag her away Geet screamed with fright as he managed to push her up onto the rails, she hadn’t expected this at all. Frantically she clung to the metal.

“Don’t just stand there Moron help me push her over!”

“Ah Ok boss.” Mohan said grabbing Geet’s leg and trying to lift her over the rails as she struggled frantically.

Maan heard her scream resonate around the shopping mall, his heart filled with dread and he looked up to see she was being pushed over the third floor gallery.


Geet wound her arms around the railing and held on for dear life as Mohan and Singhania tried to prise her fingers open.

“Let go off her immediately!” A deep authoritative voice called out.

Singhania turned fearing the police, when he saw a well dressed man approaching fast his face determined, he decided he had nothing to worry about.

“With pleasure.” Smiled Singhania as he prised the last of her fingers open.

“Goodbye Geet”. Singhania looked at Maan who was racing up the escalators and grinned, “nothing personal it was always all about getting revenge on Maan.” His eyes bright with the triumph of revenge he laughed.

“No…No…….” Geet gasped out in sheer fear as felt herself falling.

“GITHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Maan’s heart stopped as he saw her falling then he gasped with relief as a man leaned over the railings and caught her arm but he was hit on the head by Singhania who gave triumphant laugh and ran off. The man looked as if he was falling back. He HAD to get to her before the man’s grip released. Racing up the rest off the steps he leaned over the barriers, the man had slipped down to the floor thankfully still holding onto Geet, but his grip was loosing as he nursed his head from the blow. She was dangling even lower, one of her sandals came loose and fell with a horrible distinct thud making the whole gathered crowd gasp with dread.

“Give me your hand Geet! “ Maan leaned over as far as he could somehow balancing himself on the rails.

Geet groaned, she was dangling so perilously, looking down made her feel sick, but even worse as he looked up was seeing Maan leaning over so far that he too looked likely to slip and fall.

“Geet don’t look down give me your hand…Mishty look at me..look at me.”

Willing herself to look up she met his eyes, they were full of love and determination. She knew he would not let her go. Raising her free arm she caught his hand.

With superhuman strength he pulled her up and stared at her a moment before crushing her to him.

The man on the floor moaned and muttered something. “I am so sorry Maam.”

Maan looked at the man and thanked his lucky stars that he had given him the extra minute he needed to get to her.

“No..thank you for saving her.” he said to him.

“Captain Veer Singh at your service sir.”

“At my service?” Maan looked puzzled.

“Major Saab sent me.”

“Looks like you got to Geet just in the nick of time. I am sorry that I was unable to help her more.”

“Thank god you were here otherwise Geet would have been…..”

“But Maan why does he want to hurt you so bad?” Geet couldn’t get what Singhania said out of her head.

“And I want him in jail even more than that.” Maan growled.

Staring at him Geet thought if Maan did get within catching distance of Singhania, he would not end up in jail more likely in the morgue.

Pinky and Adi puffed up to them.

“Geet ..Maan sir we ran after them but they had a car waiting.”

“Don’t worry, my men are outside they will follow them.”

“Your men?” Ad asked puzzled at this new persons arrival.

“Err Adi this is Captain Veer Singh, Major Saab sent him.”

“Sir I will be Geet’s security from now on. I will make sure Singhania doesn’t get anywhere near her.”

“But Maan what about you.”

“Its you he is after not me Geet.”

Adi stared at Pinky who was ogling Captain Veer Singh brazenly.

“Psssttttttt Pinky if you stare any harder your eyes will pop out of you head. Huh huh huh.”

“Maan if you are not having security then I am not either.”

“Chup! You are not going to say another word to me..I nearly lost you a moment ago!” His eyes dark and full of pain he crushed her to him again not caring all were staring at them.

“Haiiiiiiiiii!” Pinky sighed. And then nearly fainted with pleasure when Captain Veer Singh smiled at her.

“Err Major Saab has arranged security for Maan sir too.” Captain Veer Singh advised all.

Geet grinned as Maan scowled, “I don’t need any security. I can look after myself.”

“Maan!” Geet scowled, “ you are doing what Major Saab advises, or else I am not either.”

“Damn it! OK! Who and when is my security coming? I have a few rules to lay down before we start.”

“I think they are here.” Captain Veer Singh looked towards the escalators.

A smartly dressed handsome young man and a super fit beautiful young woman walked towards them.

“Huh Huh Huh yeh Major Saab models recruit kaha se kaarte hai?” Adi laughed under his breath.

“They are not models Adi sir.” Captain Veer Singh surprised Adi by hearing and knowing his name.

“These are two of our best agents. This is Agent Rathod.” he said as the young man put out his hand and Maan shook it. “And this is Agent Gupta,” Maan shook her hand also.

“Make sure Agent Rathod that you look after my Maan he will try and lose you as fast as he can.”

Maan scowled at her, damn it now he didn’t have the element of surprise with Agent Rathod.

“Oh, you are mistaken, Geet maam, I will be looking after your Maan sir, and I promise you I will not let him out of my sight for one moment.” Smiled Agent Gupta her perfect even teeth glinting bright white.

Geet looked at her and her eyes widened, SHE was going to look after her Maan? Turning she looked at Maan with pouting frown .

But Maan was not even looking at her, he was busy smiling at Agent Gupta, his eyes warm, his manner so instantly charming.

“So pleased to meet you Agent Gupta, and Geet (he didnt even glance in her direction) I wont try and lose Agent Gupta at all…and I think you are right I should have security at all times too.”

Geet turned back to Agent Gupta, her fists clenched, she forget al about Singhania, she so wanted to knock out those perfect white teeth.


12 responses to “TPR2 chap 24 – Hanging by a prayer!

  1. Naina

    November 30, 2014 at 11:46 am

    ohhhhhhhhhh i can’t laugh anymore yr……..
    ………poor mohan n ramu……..n singhania ……u r gone now ……..agent gupta :/ …..along with her maan n major saab both going to get a good treat from geet in future 😀

    • janememe

      November 30, 2014 at 12:28 pm

      Hey Naina ;))
      Glad u enjoyed Singhania ke aaise ke taisee!

      Abb tou Geet has other things to worry about ;))

  2. savitha.

    November 30, 2014 at 11:47 am

    omg omg omg……you had me hanging by the edge too..and whattaaa pause..Agent Guptaaaa hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 😉 I love jealous Geet too :p

    • janememe

      November 30, 2014 at 12:27 pm

      Were u dangling along with Geet! Scaryyyyyyy!! lolll Geet has forgotten all about Singhania for the moment and is thinking about re arranging Agent Gupta ;)))

  3. ramykrish

    November 30, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    Love jealous Geet.Delicious update Janey.

    • janememe

      November 30, 2014 at 4:45 pm

      THanks RamyKrish glad u enjoyed sweety ;))

  4. karam80

    December 1, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    Mindblowinggggg update….
    Singhania nd his 2 Morons….what a villian team….Haha ha….
    Ms Gupta nd Maan…..loved d way Maan teasing Geet about Ms gupta….
    Jealous Geet is sooo cute…..
    loved it…

    • janememe

      December 1, 2014 at 7:45 pm

      Awesome that you loved it ;))
      Should be funnnnnnn J Geetnie ;))

  5. Annie Jose

    December 2, 2014 at 9:24 am

    HAHAHAHA what an updateeeeee, pura nail biting tha :DDDD. Awwww Pinky is mooning over the guy, poor poor Adi Sir 😦 , looks like Maan hit jackpot, tsk tsk tsk Major Saab you gonna get into a whole lot of grief when Geet gets hold of you :DDD

    • janememe

      December 5, 2014 at 7:17 pm

      Annieeeeeeeeeee hehehe Geetnie in a fluster ;))

  6. Chetna

    December 5, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    hi sorry 4 late likes n comments! Fab intense update! Sherni Geet in action! Maan is der! Singhania gone! Geet saved! So Maan also has a bg n tht too female! Geet j n possessive! Maan teasing Geet! update soon! superbly written

    • janememe

      December 5, 2014 at 7:18 pm

      Hey Chetna no problems glad you enjoyed babes ;))


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