TPR2 Chap 28- Friends in need

Hellooooooooooooo shelloooooooooooooo Sunday Sundae OMG howww does it come around so quickly? Well we are here again- now when Githhhhhhh decides that she is going to do something there is no standing in her way ;)) so By hook or crook we all fall in with her plans……

do comment and tell me what you liked or didnt!

Love you guys, thanks for coming back for more ❤

Chapter 28- Friends in need

Maan stared at Geet as she entered the offices, there was something in face and eyes that he didn’t quite get.

“Err Geet all ok?”

“Yes! Why?” Geet hoped her face didn’t give her away to Maan’s close scrutiny.

“Babli and Chotu get of to school OK?”

“Yes of-course Maan…we have Captain Veer Singh to escort us everywhere safely. Err Maan…I have loads of work to finish today.” She brushed past him in a rush before he could ask her any more questions.

Maan stared at her fast disappearing back. She was up to something… or was it just his imagination? Since yesterdays events she had been somewhat unsettled…they all were, he had called a meeting as soon as he had come into work and warned everyone in KC to be alert. Perhaps that was it, yesterday had knocked her for six and she was still in some shock. Perhaps he should tell her to go home and rest.

Geet ran into her office and sat down on the chair with a heavy heart. This was going to be so hard to do especially as Maan was so near and keeping checks on her all the time. She picked up the phone to call her bank.

Following her into her office he opened the door just to see her pale with fright at his entrance and drop the phone on the desk.

“Geet! You are not fine! Look at you, you are all nerves. Go home and rest!” His eyes looked worried.

“Maan I am fine I just have to finish of some work. I promise you I am fine.”

“Mishty…” he came and pulled her chair out leaning into her, his eyes studying her face intently.

“Maan..listen …” she licked her dry lips she had to come up with something good.

“It will be better if I work.. it will help me forget all about yesterday.”

His eyes studied her a few seconds longer…she nearly caved in and told him she would go home, maybe away from him she could deal with Singhania, just then Pinky walked in breaking Maans eye contact.

“ Ahem, ahem…so sorry!” Pinky blushed as Maan gave her a hard stared and walked out of the office.

“Err no Pinky thank god you came..I was just about to give in.” Geet muttered under her breath.

“Hain? What do you mean by that?” Pinky gushed rushing up to Geet. “SSK was about to kiss you?”

“Pinky! Really is that all you can think about?”

“Well some of us CAN only think about it Geet…. She sighed going back to her bag and fishing out a chocolate bar, she started munching.

“So what was all that about, you two fighting again?”

“No…but if he found out what I was going to do he may never speak to me again.” Muttered Geet under her breath.

“What you are about to do?” Pinky stared at her friend her eyes scanning Geet’s guilty face. “This is about Singhania isn’t it? Don’t you even think about it Geet!” She paced eating her chocolate bar in nervous gulps.

“I am telling you this man..this monster.h..he is no two bit goon. He is a real bad piece of work.”

“Don’t I know that!” Geet frowned. “But Pinky I cant sit on my hands and do nothing.”

“Oh yes you can. And don’t forget you have that delectable Captain Veer Singh following you everywhere…I saw him sitting patiently outside just now. So even if you wanted to, you couldn’t do anything.”

Frowning Geet got up from her seat. She hadn’t thought about how she was going to ditch Captain Veer Singh yet. She eyed Pinky up and down.

“NO! And NO! I am not going to let you do something stupid. And I am not going to distract him whilst you slip away!”

“Pinky but you are my best friend you have to do this for me. But first I have to find out if there is any point in this plan.” She picked up her phone again and dialled the bank, only to put it down in a hurry as the office door opened again.

“Adi! Uff, I thought it was Maan!”

“Huh huh huhhuh…” Adi laughed, “Geet you are married to S…Sir why are you so s..scared? Maan ssss.sir bad mood mein hain ke kya?”Adi looked around as if Maan was going to jump him any moment.

“If he isn’t now, he soon will be!” Pinky gushed pulling Adi in and shutting the door behind him.

“Why?” Adi looked confused as Geet’s eyes threw daggers at Pinky. Somthing was definitely brewing here that spelled danger.

“ reason Adi- shut up Pinky!” Geet said in the same breath.

“Huh..huh.huh…I don’t like this.” Adi said looking from one to the other. “You two are up to something…something that Maan sir is not going to like, and I am going to like even less.” With that Adi sat down with a thump in the nearest chair which happened to be Pinky’s and started to fan himself with a sheet of paper.

“By the way Geet what are you going to do? Pinky questioned, “I mean you don’t even know where to start looking for Singhania.”

“SINGHANIA!” Adi’s eyes swivelled to Geet and nearly popped out of his head.

“SHHHHHHHHH!” Geet sprang towards him to hush him, looking through the glass to Maan’s office to see if he had heard. But Maan wasn’t there thankfully.

“Singhania!” Adi squeaked again. “G..G…Geet you remember what happened yesterday don’ t you? He tried to kill you!”


Adi jumped up off his chair ready to run out of their office.”I am going! I don’t want to know any more!”

Pinky grabbed him and pushed him back into her chair. “Adi you cant run, you have to help me talk her out of it.”

“Don’t you two see! This is the only way I can put an end to this. Singhania can be caught and I can do it..”

“You cant.”

“I can.”


“I have this!” Geet triumphantly showed them Mohan’s phone.

“W..What’s that?” Adi stuttered looking at the device, it was a cheap knock off that didn’t look as if it was of any importance.

“This…” Geet grinned “..this is Mohan’s phone he must have dropped it in my bag by mistake.”

“Who is Mohan?” Pinky stared at Geet with a frown.

“Mohan is Singhanias goon. The one who was with him yesterday. And on this phone we have Singhania’s number.”

“OMG, that’s brilliant! You have Singhania’s number? That means we can locate him and get him arrested.”

“Adi! You know its not going to be that easy. I am going to call him to make a deal. Then once he is out in the open we can alert Captain Veer Singh and arrest him.”

“Are you insane? As soon as you go near him he will kill you!” Pinky squealed with feeling.

“But don’t you see its the only way. If I give this phone to Major Saab they will take so long, I am sure Singhania will somehow escape again. No, only I can lure him out. Remember he came himself to the shopping centre.”

“With what are you going to lure him?” Now intrigued Pinky had to ask.


“Money? How much money?”

“That’s what I am trying to find out but people keep interrupting me here as I am trying call the bank.”

“Stop! Geet! This is a mad plan. Its not going to work. As soon as Singhania has you he will kidnap you and torture Maan sir with all what he could do to you!”

“But Adi, I cant keep living like this. We all cant keep living like this. Although he never says anything I know Maan is greatly troubled. There is disquiet in the office, at home, Daadima, Chotu, Babli even Nakul, everyone is on tenterhooks. I know I can do this. Singhania can be stopped.” There was such an impassioned look on her face for a moment Pinky and Adi just stared at her.


“Well..we did stop Pandey.” Pinky threw in, thinking about it whilst chewing on her last bit of chocolate.

“Exactly! I can do this, I just need your help for a little bit. I don’t want to put you two in danger again so all I need you do is distract Maan and Captain Veer Singh for me. But first I have to see how much money I have, it would have to be a big amount to lure Singhania out.”

“Geet! It wont be the money that lures him out, it will be the prospect of getting his hands on you. Don’t you see that!” Adi looked really worried as he saw Pinky was falling in with Geet’s plan too.

Pushing that thought deep into the back of her mind, Geet looked at him. “But he has to think that I am contacting him to make a deal that’s why I need to get the money from my accounts together. Adi you set up that account. Can you check how much money there is in total?”

“I am not sure I want to!” Adi looked horrified at the way things were going.

“Adi this is the best way to get him.”

“I know its the best way to lure him out but to offer your self as bait is a dangerous and reckless way to go about it! Just give the phone to Maan sir and he will give it to Major Saab, then we know they will find him.”

“Adi, Major Saab has been looking for him for ages, they haven’t found him yet have they? But one call from his goon to say I was in the shopping centre he came himself. Don’t you see Adi this is the best way.”

Adi looked at her. She was right. It was the quickest way if not necessarily the safest.

“Well are you with us?”Geet asked, assuming that Pinky had already agreed to fall in with her plans.

Adi looked at them both. This was totally a mad and reckless plan, all he could do was to make sure that he knew exactly what Geet and Pinky were doing in order to keep them safe.

“Ok then I suggest we go to your office Adi and I will call the bank from there as this place is not safe.”

“B..But my office!” Adi paled. “If Maan sir finds out that you have been my office to plan all this mera kya haal hoga!”

“Adi! Stop being so scared.” Pinky groaned at him, “here have some crisps.” She pushed a bag of crisps in his face pulled him out of office practically pushing him to his.

Geet followed them out her brow creased, where was Maan? He had not been in his office for a while. Had he gone out of the office? Perhaps its better its not here if he saw all three of them together he may click that something was going on.

“Now Adi lets have a look at the bank account to see how much I have to lure Singhania with.”

A very pale Adi looked up at both Geet and Pinky. “Are you really sure about this?”

Both of them glared down at him.



12 responses to “TPR2 Chap 28- Friends in need

  1. Naina

    February 8, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    this time if geet get into any trouble i don’t want maan to come so soon for her rescue. she deserve it for calling denger not only for her but maan’s too all by herself.

    • sunshine

      February 8, 2015 at 12:37 pm

      I want Maan to get into trouble coz of Geet! Then she will know not to do anything stupid like this again! This is such a reckless plan (even though it is still in the making)!

      Jane, this is the first time I am commenting on your blog, but Im a big fan of you writing 🙂

      • janememe

        February 8, 2015 at 1:06 pm

        HEHEHHE another hardliner 😉 Dekho dekho abb kya hota hai. OOOOO first time commenting, thank you thank you. And I am chuffed and humbled you like my writing ❤

    • janememe

      February 8, 2015 at 1:04 pm

      hehehehe taking the hard line Naina ;)) I like it!

  2. Chetna

    February 8, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    terrific update! superbly written! Maan worried abt Geet! So Geet adamant! Pinky questions her n adi overhears! she puts her plan in motion! update soon

    • janememe

      February 8, 2015 at 7:35 pm

      Stay happy – Until next sundayyyyyyy!!

  3. karam80

    February 8, 2015 at 7:20 pm

    Awesome update ….
    Idiot Geet is going to get shock of her life again soon by singhania….becoz of her Reckless nd flop plans…our Maan suffer always… but she Really need a Tough lesson by Maan for trying dis kind of stunts…
    poor Maan…when he will find out what she is going to do…
    iss baar wo Geet ko bilkul maaf nahi karagaa…or i think karna bhi nahi chahiyaa…

    • janememe

      February 8, 2015 at 7:36 pm

      EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Geet ko maaf kaaar do – bechari would die for her Maan na…sob sob sob

  4. karam80

    February 8, 2015 at 8:09 pm

    Yeah i know she can die for Maan…
    but She need to know if she doing dis type of stunts …She herself troubling Maan like that…she always made Maan to thought she didn’t Trust him…
    She need to Trust on Maan more….
    soooo she can share everything 1st with him…not with her friends.. He always last in her list to tell anything to him…

    • janememe

      February 8, 2015 at 8:36 pm

      So true! Bad bad bad Geetnieeeee!

  5. Mazni

    February 9, 2015 at 5:01 am

    I dont gind it a good plan like Adi,n keeping it a secret from Maan defenitely not.everytime she does it,she has reasons but its a reckless plan ,easy way to torture Maan is to tortire Geet and singhania going to do that with geet,i am scared Hope adi tell this to Maan or he himself knew what she is going to do this time,fingers crossed hope everything will be fine.

    • janememe

      February 9, 2015 at 9:33 am

      lets see what happens hehhehe fikkar nwat Mazni – Mugambo always khush in the end ;))


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