TPR2- chap 6

Morningggggggggggg Sunday Sundae is here yet again! Following on from last week, we are still bickering ;)) and new characters are coming into their lives to turn it all topsy turvy…kuch chaat kaatha, meetha and spicy! Dont forget to comment love to read them. Next week there will be no TPR, busy weekend so a short break baanta hai ;))

I will see if I can update the Madhubala FF before the weekend. Love you guys!

Chap 6

Vikky Khan sat in the luxury chair and took a small sip of his gin and tonic, strictly speaking he shouldn’t be drinking, but why pass up the opportunity. Dan was still eating, and had been since he had got there, the once pristine starched white napkin which he had tucked into his very White three piece suit, now covered in masala stains.

Vikky looked around at the top rate suite Dan had settled himself into at the Leela Palace, reported to be the most luxurious hotel in Delhi. And settled in Dan Emmerson had, his ample American body just about fitting into the made for two upholstered seat. One night in this suite would pay for his grocery bill for a good few months, how unfair, Vikky thought as he sipped his drink.


Saala ne teen plate chicken curry with rice daaba diya and still moaned about not getting hamburger how he liked it. Where to find a hamburger in a country that worshipped cows? But he couldn’t complain, he had to keep Dan buttered up to get a slice of his action, so he had people running all over town to find Dan’s hamburger. Apparently where Dan came from, steak and hamburgers were just about all they ate.


“Vikky have you fixed the meeting with Khurana?” Dan asked in his American twang, whilst a huge burp managed to escape him. He licked his lips and stared at the room service menu longingly, damn this spicy food was just so morish. But he was fit to burst, maybe he should wait a little before he ordered something else.


“Yes, sir we are meeting him tomorrow at eleven. But as I said to you before you should look at other companies that size as well, Maan Singh Khurana is no pushover I have heard, I had trouble even arranging the meeting with him.”


“Hmmmm….Vikky I am sure we will win him over. Companies are falling over themselves to work with Americans. But just incase, I want you to be extra sweet to Mr Khurana. His company is just the right size to step into India with, still run by family and once in easy to control.”


He was sure Maan Singh Khurana wasn’t the squeaky clean Tycoon he was made out to be, after all someone didn’t rise so fast and so high without cracking a few eggs. Dan sat back in his plush chair in his hotel suite, wondering how such a poor country could also exuded such class and luxury. Then he thought again, it didn’t matter to him, his mission was to extract as much wealth from here as he could and hight tail out of here before the authorities catch up with him.


“Oh yes Dan Sir, I will be especially nice to him. I have already arranged for some gifts that we can take with us, a hamper full of goodies. I am sure he will be appreciative when he sees it. My news is that Shah Corporations is looking to another project with them, their biggest project yet worth billions, if we can place ourselves correctly we will be able to off load all our goods onto them.”


Dan picked his teeth with a thoughtfully provided toothpick from amidst his stack of food trays and stared at Vikky Khan. He had chosen him on a personal recommendation, as the man who knew how to get things done by hook or crook. He hoped he would deliver. This year had been especially difficult to hide the problems in the paperwork especially as the state departments were looking to investigate them. But India was a land of opportunity just ripe and plump ready to be plucked and India he had heard was a place where if you kept the right people happy you could get away with a lot and in return make a lot. Getting up he went to the well stocked bar and poured himself a drink.


“Well boy, I will see you tomorrow, pick me up at ten thirty.”


“But Dan sir its a good hour from here in Delhi traffic, perhaps even more!”


“Well boy, I don’t want them to think we are too keen, keep them waiting leave them panting I say.”


Vikky shrugged, well if that’s how he wanted to play it, but he had heard Maan Singh Khurana didn’t take kindly to being kept waiting. And he didn’t like the condescending tone of Dan’s voice either but he would have to put up with golden goose for a little longer to get what he wanted.


He looked into his very expensive Bourbon and smiled, after all the cost of this suite has to be paid somehow.



Geet looked at the headmaster with wide eyed anticipation as he stared down at Babli and Chotu.

The children had already sat some tests and he had just been looking over the papers.


“Hmmm….Yes…” he stared at Babli over his glasses, “young lady we will be happy to offer you a place your test results are excellent! Surpassing any child who has come into this school for a while.”


Babli beamed, Maan and Geet let out a anxious breath.


“And what about me!” Chotu couldn’t wait for the headmaster to get to him.


“Well young man you haven’t done as well as your sister, you have failed by two points.”


“I cant have done I know I answered all the questions correctly!” His small face was a picture of indignation.


The headmaster peered at him with a frown. He held up the paper and pointed to the question that had been marked with a red cross, “look at this, you got this one wrong.”


Chotu jumped up off his chair and walked over to the desk. He looked it and then looked at the headmaster with a frown, “are you sure you passed your test to get into this school?”


“Chotu!” Geet Admonished frowning at his behaviour, Maan turned away unable to hide a smile, earning a glare from Geet, but he just grinned back, Chotu was so utterly confident about his answer, he admired the fact that he was willing to stand up and say so.


“Didi, but look, the question says there are five birds sitting on electric wire. Two were shot and killed by a hunter. How many are left?”


“The answer is three.” the headmaster kindly offered.


“No the answer is 0!”


“Two take away from five are three,” Geet glared at Chotu, Why did he get such an easy question wrong?


“Didi! Its an ELECTRIC wire! All the birds would die!” Chotu folded his hands and looked at everyone in the room, had everyone lost their brains today.


The headmaster burst out laughing, “You are quite correct Chotu I was just testing you.”


Chotu frowned at the headmaster and then grinned, “So did I pass then?”


“Yes, you did. Mr and Mrs Khurana both your children are bright and amiable, this school can offer them a great education and also all the skills needed that will catapult them into adulthood.”


“Your fees?” Geet had to ask. She didn’t bother to correct the ‘your children’


He named a sum that made her pale.


“Will that be an issue?” the headmaster questioned staring at her pale face, wasn’t she Mrs Maan Singh Khurana? Why was she worrying about money for her children?


“That wont be a problem,” Maan interjected ignoring Geet, he pulled out his cheque book and started to fish for a pen.


“No… No Mr Khurana that’s not necessary yet. All in due time.” He was still staring at Geet’s pale face.


“Is there a problem Mrs Khurana?”


Maan stood up, helping a frowning Geet out of her chair, “eerr no, thank you Sir, please let me know all the details.”


“Yes of-course.” The headmaster stood up and shook hands with them both, whilst Maan kept a firm hand at Geets elbow to lead her out.


As they walked out into the corridor, Babli stared at didi, she knew it was a lot of money, they didn’t have to go to this school if was too expensive. “Didi …”


Maan’s eyes understood Babli’s hesitation, he really didn’t want Babli to taking the burden of this at all. He went down on his haunches and smiled at her, “Err Babli can you take Chotu out, just go down to the the play area, your Geet didi and I will join you in a minute. And don’t worry there is no money issue at all.”


Babli nodded still anxiously looking at Geetdidi but she did as Jiju asked taking Chotu’s hand she they went down to the play area.


“Maan! You need not have guided me out of there like a naughty child!”


“You were behaving like one! How many times do we have to go through this again? Its really annoying me now.” His face was closed brooking no argument.


“But the fee, its astronomical!”


“Geet! Chup bilkul chup!” He stood fuming glaring at her.


The school was special, it had every facility she could have wished for and more. She looked down at the children as they played on the see saw, Chotu laughing out loud, carefree and completely confident, whilst Babli although smiling was quiet and reflective, perhaps she should just go along with this and let Maan do the necessary for the sake of the children. In the meantime she would just have to work harder and line up a few more projects to earn more to put towards their fees.


“Ok I agree.”


He stared at for a moment, “whether you agree or not I’m putting them in this school. Its the best in Delhi and I want them to have the best.”


“Oh!” Geet stared after him as he strode off, why was he annoyed with her? Hadn’t she just agreed?


“Maan! I agreed didn’t I?”


He didn’t even stop. Running down the stairs to the children.


“Chado! Gussa tou naak per always!”


Maan stared up at her, she was hesitating at the top of the stairs, “Are you coming or not?”


“Jiju! We both passed can we have ice-cream.”


“Chotu! We can have ice-cream at home. Nakul uncle will give it to us.” Babli didnt want jiju to spend more money on them.


“Didi, how boring, I want to go to a resta…. resta..u.rant and have it there. I saw on the TV they have chocolate and sweets, can we, can we?”


“Haan Chotu we can have all this at home!” Geet walked down to them.


Giving Geet a glare, Maan grinned down at Chotu, “Come on Chotu, Babli, I too would love some ice-cream and……if anyone else wants to come they can.”


“Whoopppeeee!” Chotu squealed hopping from one foot to another. “Wait till I tell them back in Rupnagar they will be so jealous.”


Babli rolled her eyes, “Chotu you dont have to show off.”


“”Oh yes I do!” Chotu jumped and skipped to the car, “I am going to have fancy ice-cream in a restaurant and going in huge car and I am going have all special toppings!”


“This is exactly what I don’t want happening!” Geet muttered in Maan’s ear as he settled them in the car.




“They will become spoilt.”


“Geet, after the terrible two years they have had after your parents passed away I think they deserve to be spoilt now and again. Don’t be so tough on them, and I for one will spoil them a little now and again.”


She stared at him, he had completely understood all their pain. It was true, the children had gone through a lot and come out of it well, they were both entitled to a little indulgence. So why was she being so offish about it. Wouldn’t she be doing the same if Maan hadnt decided to do it first? What was wrong with her? Why wasn’t she able to let go of them and let Maan do things for them? Was she holding on to her aatma saaman unnecessarily at the sake of their happiness.? Chewing her lip she wondered if looking after them on her own for so long had her auto pilot? Maan would make a wonderful father, and again yesterday the first time they had been too eager to think about protection. What if this time she was?


What was she worrying about now? There she was chewing her bottom lip again, his dark eyes homed in on the lush pink mouth.


“Err Geet.. what flavour are you going to have?” Licking his lips, he had to ask as he could feel himself tasting her.


“Huh?” She stared at him in a daze her mind elsewhere. “Maan…”


Babli started Giggling, Chotu looked at his sister and frowned, “Maan flavour? Didi that’s not a ice-cream flavour!”


Carnal images flashed in her mind and she blushed bright red, her eyes looked to his face to see his were filled with liquid heat.


“I think Geet flavour would be sweeter!”


16 responses to “TPR2- chap 6

  1. naina

    February 9, 2014 at 11:58 am

    me 2 wanna have a maan flavour ice-cream 😉

    • janememe

      February 9, 2014 at 12:57 pm

      hahahahah I knew that would start a trend :)) nainaaaaaaaaa ❤

  2. honeygrape

    February 9, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    hahaha….maan makes her blush in just a second 😀 lovely part…i dont understand why she cant put it into her tiny brain that he s a part of her and he is take up her responsibilities also….half the people dont really realise this, when u r in a relationship you are not only bound to take their positives the negatives too…phew!!! i can understand maans irritation,…huh geet sambhal jao..:D i think she has started doin that now…eager to read more,….not liking viky khan and daan , ugly fellas….goin to be the trouble makers in maaneets life 😦

    • janememe

      February 9, 2014 at 1:00 pm

      Honeygrape without friction the action would be dim ;)) yeah when he give her that kaatil look he makes us all blush :))

  3. karamjeet

    February 9, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    Lovely update…..Chotu is again Awesome….loved it….last part is Superbbb…

    • janememe

      February 9, 2014 at 1:01 pm

      Thanks Karamjeet glad you liked it ;)) Chotu is bright as a button, just like his sister but not so reflective, he says it as he sees it 😉

  4. Beena

    February 9, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    Janey… thanks for the update. simply superb 🙂 oh i so so so loved chotu when questioned head master if he passed in the first place i couldn’t hide my smile either while i was sitting along with my family who were trying to find out what the hell was wrong with me because they were into some serious talks 😉 😉 oye i almost forgot about the 2 new characters what do they think about msk just because someone offers intn’l bus he’ll just agree n tat too trying 2 impress him wid a hamper!wl miss u

    • janememe

      February 9, 2014 at 7:54 pm

      Thanks Beena hehehe took me a while to come up with that one, the new characters have their own agendas 😉 Aww I will miss you too!

    • janememe

      February 9, 2014 at 7:54 pm

      I hope you have a fab weekend and it wasnt anything too serious.

  5. menakkrish

    February 9, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    Maan and geet flavour:-):-):-) interestinggggg..loved the update

    • janememe

      February 9, 2014 at 7:52 pm

      thanks Menakkrish ;)) tasty flavour 😉

  6. Beena

    February 9, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    thanks janey…have a wonderful wk ahead 🙂 wknd is over need to get back to work now 😦

  7. savitha.

    February 10, 2014 at 11:25 am

    where do I get maan ice cream flavor :p waise I hv arun icecream with me.but virtually wld love to taste maan flavored ice cream 😉 so dan is in for a surprise.. 😀

    • janememe

      February 10, 2014 at 3:16 pm

      its a trade secret Savitha ;)) heheh only Geet can have Maan flavour buahahahahha
      Dan is gonna have fun ;)) hehehe

  8. Chetna

    February 24, 2014 at 7:18 am

    hi dear! Superb update! Wonderfully written! Maan ice cream flavour?? Geet blushing! Vikky seems suspicious!


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