TPR2 chap 8 – The Intrigue deepens

Aayyooooooooooooo Mummy sunday is here again ;)) Zoommmmmmm express train ke taarah keeps coming around faster n faster. This weeks epi I think u will find interesting characters who will be valuable later and of-course our old favourites to bring a smile to our faces. Kahani mein twist….happy zindagi ke gist….buahahahahaha…any way have a read, enjoy and don’t forget to comment!

Chap 8 – The Intrigue deepens

Geet looked at Gulshans apologetic face.

“Madam ..err Sir insisted!”

Pursing her lips, she climbed into the car muttering curses.

“Where to?”


“We need to get to Mirabel Towers, in Noida.” Gulshan nodded and pulled out into the busy Delhi traffic.


Really what was Maan’s problem? It wasn’t as if the day had started off badly. In-fact he had woken her at dawn with the softest of kisses. Following the suns rays into the room which stared at the end of the bed, waking her body, he started off at her toes kissing, nibbling working his way up her body until she had become totally lost in his caresses…….heat filled her face and a smile lit up the corners. No it hadn’t been a bad start at all it had been fantastic start! So why had he been so incredibly grumpy now? She looked out the window for a moment at the traffic and took a deep breath perhaps it was only Dan Emmerson who had irritated him, more probably the over attentive Vikky.


Sighing she picked up her papers, the traffic was dense she thought she might as well finish off her correspondence. Steadily she worked her way through the letters, replies and plans, querying some issues, making notes until she came to an envelope which had her name on it but no other clue. She slid it open and looked inside, it seemed to be full of photographs. Curious she emptied out its contents into her lap. More than a dozen pictures of Maan spilled over her knees falling to the floor.


A gasp burst from her, there were pictures of him coming out of buildings, meetings, walking with Ashokji, on his mobile outside KC, getting into his car, one with a spoon in his mouth looking at her as he would like to eat her right there and then. Picking them up off the floor she stared at them in amazement, and then looked inside the envelop again, there was nothing else, not a clue at all who sent them and why? Her heart beat faster, this just didn’t seem as if they were sent to her on a whim. She went through the post again, thinking there might be additional letters, but there was nothing else.


Her fingers sought out her phone, she was just about to dial Maan and tell him what she had just received, but she just stopped herself. What was the point in telling him when she didn’t know herself what it was all about. And if she did say anything, even thought the photos were all of him, he was bound to find some excuse to give her more security. Rolling her eyes at the thought of being followed everywhere, she slid the phone back into her bag. What was this all about? She stared out of the window not seeing anything, her mind raced, was Maan in some sort of danger?


“Madamji we are here, I will wait for you, just ring me when you finish with your meeting.” Gulshan pulled up outside the building. Looking back in the mirror he saw she was still staring out of the window her face pale and worried.


“Madamji! We are here. Errr are you allright?”


Geet blinked coming out of her worries, “Yes, I am fine, thanks Gulshan. I will take a taxi back you go back to Maan.”


“Err Madam nahi…” he turned back to plead to her “…Maan sir ne kaha hai I am to wait for you and drop you home when you are finished.”


Geet pursed her lips, WHAT was with Maan today? She stared at the envelope in her hand with his pictures, she needed to be sure he had the driver more than her. It would be safer.


“Gulshan and I am telling you to go back, who knows how long I will be today, its pointless you waiting around here in this heat.”


“But madam!.” Gulshan gulped…he wasn’t sure whose wrath would be worse, Madam ka or Maan sir ka! As he pictured Maan’s face and his fierce temper, he decided Maan sir ka defiantly!


“Geet madam please…Maan sir ka mijaaj aap tou jaante hai na.” he mumbled his face pale.


Looking at Gulshan’s pale face Geet relented, she knew if Maan had insisted he wait, the poor man’s life would be on the line if he disobeyed especially when it concerned her.


“Fine!” She relented, “But go and get some lunch I will be at least 2 hours if not more.” She took some notes out of her purse.


A huge smile of thanks and relief lit up Gulshans face, “arrey Madamji no,” he declined the money, “Maan sir takes care of all that.”


Nodding Geet gathered up her bag and belongings and went to meet Saxena.


“Geet!” Saxena nodded getting up from his bright green leather chair to greet her. “How are you? My apologies about last week, my girlfriend you know….” his face held a seedy apologetic look.


Didn’t he have a wife and three children? Staring at him she really couldn’t see his appeal. Agreed he was handsome in a model type of way, in-fact Pinky had told her he had been a model previously. He wore designer clothes, reeked of money but his manners were appalling, and the way his eyes stripped every woman who walked past was just disgusting.


Shutting her brain off from those thoughts she said, “I am fine, my apologies about the last time, I was stuck in traffic. Now lets get down to the designs I sent you, have you chosen your preference?”


“What’s the hurry Geet…” his eyes took her in from head to foot…”its always a pleasure to see you.”


Geet adjusted her self in her seat, her temper rising. Saxena was getting a little to familiar with his comments.


“Lets just get on with the work shall we Mr Saxena? And how is your wife?” Her tone and a flash from her eyes told him to back off. She just wanted to get on with the delayed meeting and get out of here, her mind was totally on who and why somebody had sent those pictures of Maan to her.


Three hours later she emerged from her meeting with Saxena and stood just outside the building breathing the fresh air. She had to admit if she didn’t really need the money to contribute towards the school fees or find the project interesting she wouldn’t have bothered carrying on with it. The man was totally odious. Slimy to the point of creating an oil slick all by himself without effort. The project however was really exciting and would take a few months to complete. She was to be the principle architect and also lead in interior design for a refurbishment of a block of tired old flats he had acquired. Worse still she just found out that his children were in the same school as Babli and Chotu, she was bound to see him in a few days time when the children begin their new school.


A shiver of repulsion ran through her, raising her face to the Sun she took a deep breath, she had to control herself, if Maan even caught a whiff of what Saxena had been insinuating to her or the way his eyes were trying to strip her bare he would explode with rage and immediately try to lay down the law. She had met men like Saxena before, men like him knew exactly what they were doing. Always trying to push women to their limits to find a soft point and play on it to their advantage. She should give him a tight slap and tell him to stuff his project, but the money and project he was offering were too tempting.


“Errr Geet! There you are the security man did say you were still here.” Saxena called from right behind her. She felt his hand creep around her waist, his hand squeezed her tightly making her gasp with outrage.


“Mr Saxena!” Her cold tone would have frozen hot coal to the spot, giving him a fierce glare she stepped back smartly only to find herself cornered next to the huge glass doors that were the entrance to Mirabel Towers. He leaned in trying to rile her further.


“Geet…sorry..just being friendly.” He stated with a sly grin, “I forgot to give you these files, see you soon.” he handed her the offending files with a slimy smirk and left her fuming and thinking if he tried anything further she would definitely let her itchy hand fly. Torn between calling it a day with him right there and then and looking at the folders in her hand with the exciting samples she decided to give him another chance.



“GEET! You haven’t heard a word I’ve said to you have you?”


“W…what..of-course I have Pinky!”


Hands on hips Pinky demanded to know, “so what did I just say to you?”


“You said…” .Geet tried hard to remember what Pinky had been babbling about. “You said…”


“Forget it!” Pinky slammed her papers on the desk. “Now tell me exactly what is bothering you.”


Geet looked at her dear friends gentle face, if she said anything about the photos of Maan she was bound to make into a bollywood suspense thriller. No she wouldn’t say anything to her just yet.


“I knew it!”


“Knew what?” Frowning at her excited pink face, Geet wondered what Pinky knew.


“I just knew it! Its that Saxena isn’t it? He made a pass at you!”


She shook her head in denial then her eyes eyes widened in surprise, how did Pinky guess?


“How did you know?”


“Geet, I told you he is a leech! He just cant help it. And one look at you and he would be salivating I just know, I ‘m right am I not?”


“Pinky! I can handle him, don’t worry. Its not like we haven’t come across men like him before.” Geet sighed, that wasn’t what was remotely troubling her.


“Then what is it?” Pinky’s eyes trained on Geets face. “Bolo!”


“Its nothing.”


Pinky searched her friends face “ its something, something more serious then Saxena.”


Head down Geet tried to fob her off. “Its nothing Pinky, really.”


Settling herself squarely down on a chair across from Geet, Pinky folded her arms and waited. Her little face set , eyebrows raised in expectation.


“Uff Pinky…really!”




Knowing Pinky would never relent, Geet leaned down and pulled out the brown envelope handing it to her


“Whats this?” Pinky peered in, then tipped the contents onto the table in front of them.


Her lips formed a huge ‘O’ as she looked down at all the pictures of Maan.


“Whats this? Oyeee reeeeee….Geet tum to chupi rustam nikli! Are you sending these in to a acting agent, how exciting, SSK would make a great film star, these sure do look fantastic, what a hunk!”


“Pinky! I am doing NO such thing!” Outraged, Geet glared at her.


“OK OK!” Pinky spread her hands up shrugging her small shoulders, “But why did you have all these taken?”


“I didn’t have them taken! Someone sent them to me.”


Pinky stared at her friend in complete surprise.




“I don’t know! That’s the problem Pinky, why would anyone send me these pictures of Maan for no reason?”


“Wasn’t there a note?”


“Of-course not , if there had been I would know what its all about!” Geet moaned frowning over the pictures.


Pinky tapped her cheek and jumped up to start pacing.








“Pinky!” Exasperated, Geet too jumped up from her seat and stood in front of Pinky.


“It could be…that these pictures are from a Mumbai Don! OMG Geet!”


Rolling her eyes Geet laughed, “Don? What Don? And we live in Delhi!”




“ And why would they send pictures of Maan to me? There is no blackmail note!”


“Hmmm….could be a woman who is after Maan! Yes thats it!” Pinky sat down and contemplated her theory.


“What? Pinky you are mad! If a woman was after Maan why oh why would she send pictures of Maan to me, his WIFE?”


Pinky thought about it and pulled a face at Geet.


“Ok clever clogs! Well what do you think?”


“Pinky I really don’t know, and that is what is worrying me the most.”


“Yes……” Pinky stared down at the pictures…”he is so good looking…..SSK!”


“Pinky! I am married to the man now!”


“Sorry Geet!” She said with a sheepish grin.


“But pictures…maybe its Saxena!” Pinky changed her theory.


“Saxena? Now you’re really pushing it. Why in the world would Saxena send me pictures of Maan?”


Getting up Pinky started pacing again. “You should be careful of that man. I don’t know…but I find that Saxena very creepy and you said he was already salivating all over you!”


“Who was salivating over Geet?” Maan’s stood arms folded at the door having heard the last past of the sentence, his expression a thundercloud.


Throwing a shut up now look at Pinky, Geet paled and then threw him a ravishing smile. “No one…err Maan did you want something?” Geet stood in front of her desk trying her best to hide the pictures from his gaze.


Standing in the doorway he shifted his gaze from Geet to Pinky. His eyes narrowed, Pinky was fidgeting nervously as if she had been caught red handed in the cookie jar, there was something definitely Geet was not telling him. What did Pinky say? Someone was salivating all over Geet? He homed in on Pinky, a dark brow raised. “I am sure Pinky I heard you say someone was salivating over Geet?”


“Err…salivating….err….” She stared at Geet blankly, the fierce look on Maan’s face draining the blood from her face.


“Arghh…Oh… it…Geet..and …you…salivating…SSK ..I mean Maan!” Pinky mumbled with a blush. Her eyes wildly jumping from Geet to Maan. Then realising what she had just said a huge tidal wave of pink hit her cheeks.


Maan’s expression darkened..he peered at Pinky and then back at Geet, his mind flooded with images of his Mishty, over him, aroused and in the throes of passion whilst she made love to him to the point where he had lost all sense, yes he had definitely salivating and feasting on his Mishty only a few hours back and a dark blush appeared on his cheeks.


What HAD his Mishty been sharing with Pinky?






21 responses to “TPR2 chap 8 – The Intrigue deepens

  1. Ramya

    March 2, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    Naughty Pinky,SSK and salivating usage is funny.I think Mishty is going to black and blue Saxena.
    Blushing MSK ! Oh my ,wonderful writing Janey.

    • janememe

      March 2, 2014 at 5:55 pm

      Thank you Ramya 😉 glad u enjoyed the epi..heheh we love a blushing SSK 😉

  2. naina

    March 2, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    what a part yaar…full of saspence…i just love it….sure it was that vikki khan behind this picture story……wowwwww….breaking news….MSK BLUSHING

    • janememe

      March 2, 2014 at 5:55 pm

      Hmmm Naina you will have to see who is behind it all (and so will I) buahahhahhah but glad u had fun 😉

  3. honeygrape

    March 2, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    hahaha poor maan…pinky made him blush…hope geet tells him al these things….she still hasnt learned frm her mistakes…maan will kill her if he coms to kno about it later

    • janememe

      March 2, 2014 at 5:56 pm

      Honeygrape – well Maan didnt tell her either so they are even ;)) I love Pinky she is so adorable – totally like me in making drama out of everything 🙂

      • honeygrape

        March 9, 2014 at 3:03 pm

        haha so you are a drama queen 😀

      • janememe

        March 9, 2014 at 3:46 pm

        that i am :))

  4. Mazni

    March 2, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    Omg lovely but why geet n maan still hiding things from. Each other they r soulmates comeon dont hide anything from maan mishty n saxena tu kisse pitega geet se ya maan se?ssk blushing wow.

    • janememe

      March 2, 2014 at 6:02 pm

      Mazni, yeh dono are stubborn, until they figure it out they will always try n shield each other, waise isme he mazza hai.SSK is blushing hehehe kitna cute laagta hai!

  5. beena

    March 2, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    hi Janey… full of question n answers none!! what’s cookin Janey??? what r these pictures all about!! full of confusions, but I’m loving the new track… amazingly written. will wait for the next update. see ya soon 🙂 🙂

    • janememe

      March 2, 2014 at 6:04 pm

      Thanks Beena.I am so happy you are loving new tracks and twists..lets hope I live up to your expectations every week!! The pressure the pressure!

  6. Chetna

    March 3, 2014 at 6:07 am

    intriuguing update Jane! Nw oics of MSK?? Geet does nt tell him! Ahh MSK blushing! Pinky realises too late wt she sed! update soon, well written

    • janememe

      March 3, 2014 at 10:10 am

      Hi Chetna 😉 Glad your little grey cells were intrigued, thank you for saying it is well written, so happy to read that babes. see ya next week ;))

  7. savitha.

    March 3, 2014 at 8:02 am

    hayeeeeeee..a blushing SSK 😉 don’t we all love to see msk’s red ears??? 😉 loving the suspence!! hmmm..who could it be?????????????????

    • janememe

      March 3, 2014 at 10:11 am

      Lal lal ears! LOLL yes we like to see him blush kinna cute laagta hai. OMG how many questions marks Savitha looks like you thought a lot about it ;)) Glad you are enjoying!

  8. karamjeet

    March 3, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    Lovely update….WOW…..Maan blushing..pinky is tooo muchhhh….but who is sending pic of Maan to Geet nd Geet pics to Maan….plzzzzzzz Continue soon dear nd PlZzzzz update Madhubala part tooo……..

    • janememe

      March 3, 2014 at 9:28 pm

      yeah i keep going write more for Madhubala and keep getting distracted ;( Yup next week come and read next part ;))

  9. Annie Jose

    March 4, 2014 at 9:51 am

    Poor Gulshan stuck between kua and khaai 😀 and that Saxena creeps me out >_< , comming to the intriguing part, who the hell is sending those picture O_O…..Maaneet part I zee lub ❤ ❤ them to bits, hai what a place to end Jane 😦 you zee left me hankering for moreeeeeeee 😀

    • janememe

      March 4, 2014 at 10:10 am

      hehehhe How else am i gonna get you to come back and read? i love my Pinkyyyyyyyyyy :))


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