TPR2 Chap 9 – Relationships!

Morningggggggg sunday Sundae is served! Gosh here we are the story moves forward, Upsets and calming, Relationships deepen, new ventures undertaken and a shock! I have built so much in ..packed to the ceiling 😉 I hope you enjoy, do comment love to read them and excuse the mistakes. We have had 113,923 hits so far hoping we will get to over 114K today ;))) Love ya guys!

Chapter Nine

As Pinky saw Geet’s eyes ready to kill her she paled even more. If the ground could have opened up and swallowed her she would have willingly jumped into the hole.

“M..Maan was there something you wanted?” Geet asked again this time blocking his view of her desk by actually walking up to him and standing right in front of his face.


His eyes raked her from head to toe, he had come to see she was all right for himself, although Gulshan had already texted him that madam was back in the office, but he couldn’t really tell her that. “Yes, I wanted your notes from the meeting with Ashokji yesterday. But I see you are busy sharing more interesting details with Pinky.” Thoroughly put out that she may have been sharing their intimate moments with Pinky, he gave her a dark look and walked off towards his office without another word.


Pinky let out a low whistle and slid into her chair as her knees gave way, she fanned herself feverishly muttering “I don’t know how you cope with him! One look from those killer eyes and I am dead!”


“Thank god for that, at least he didn’t see the pictures!” Clearly relived Geet slumped down on her chair and gathered up the pictures quickly stuffing them back in the envelope.


“Err But Geet, SSk now thinks you have been telling me things that you shouldn’t have!” Pinky hissed rolling her eyes theatrically, drama in her every move.


“Better that then he see these and has me locked into the house.”


Some loud voices reached their ears, Maan was clearly laying into someone. “If you cant be trusted to do the simplest of jobs you have no business being here!”


The girls looked at each other and rolled their eyes, “Pity the poor guy who gets in his way at this moment,” Pinky advised, “You better go and calm Godzilla down Geet, otherwise we will end up with no staff.”


“Geet!” Adi came rushing in, “what is up with M….Maan s…sir? Why is he on the warpath. Thank goodness its late and most people have already left, nahi tou Maan sir would have dismissed quite a few!”


“Adi, don’t worry I will go and sort it out.” Geet put the envelope safely back in her bag and followed the sound of the dressing down.


“But…but…Sir…”the poor man stood quivering in front Maan.


“Just sort it out!” Maan growled and turning on his heel walked into his office firmly pulling the door behind him.


“Maan!” Geet ran into his office right behind him catching the door before it slammed in her face.


“What do you want Geet? I am in no mood to chatter to you, as you seem to be doing with all and sundry, telling them all our private details.” With a grim face. he sat down with a thump in his chair and started rifling through the papers on his desk.


Calmly Geet slid her self on the corner of his desk resting one cheek on the edge.


“Maan I didn’t share any of our private details with Pinky.”


He looked up his expression set. “Really?”




“So why did she say something about salivating over you? Who else would be doing that apart from me?” he raised a brow, “something I should know?”


The picture of Saxena flashed in her mind, unable to lie directly into his eyes, she slipped herself off the edge of the desk and turned away. “No there is nothing you should know. We were just chatting ….as girls do you know.”


“No….. I wouldn’t know.” Sarcasm dripped from him. His eyes narrowed, why did she turn away like that, then she turned back to him and smiled so sweetly. Hmm maybe he was imagining things.


She leaned across from him and looked into his dark pools of hurt. “Maan how could even begin to tell her what we do in private.” Searing hot images of them together filled her mind, for a moment she couldn’t speak, her voice was husky as she banked the fires back, with a heartfelt sigh she whispered “its impossible to even put into words..” he eyed her with scepticism…. then as a deep blush filled her face, a slow smile full of knowing filled his face. Yes it was impossible to put into words, the heat the intensity, the passion, the love.


“Mishty mine,” he said in the softest of whispers. “I love you.” His hand reached out and caressed her cheek.


“I love you too Maan.” Her eyes closed as she felt his love flood over her, she so wanted to jump into his arms and sink into his strength. Those pictures flashed through her mind, what if he was in danger?


Walking around to his side again, she gave him a deep look, “Maan please just hold me.”


“Mishty?” He instantly stood and slipped his arms around her. “What is it?”


She smiled up at him, “nothing…just hold me.”


He frowned down at her, “is there something you are not telling me?”


Unable to meet his eyes, she buried her face into his chest. “Cant I just hold you for a minute?”


“Mishty mine…you are Ok arent you? Nobody has…” he didn’t quite know how to put it without her getting a whiff that he was worried about her.


“I am fine! Maan stop worrying!” she squeezed his muscled torso tightly and let go. “Ok chalo I want to go home Maan, lets go!”


“I just need to finish this paperwork,” he sighed..then as he saw her wistful face he relented, “Ok I can do it tomorrow lets go Mishty mine.”


Adi and Pinky watched the door of Maan’s office with bated breath and then grinned to each other as they saw them walk out of his office smiling hand in hand to walk down to the car park.


“Thank God!” Adi exclaimed. “But why was Maan sir so angry.?”


“Its a long story,” Pinky moaned, “I am so hungry!” She pulled open her drawer and pulled out a bag of crisps.


Adi looked at Pinky devour them with the speed of light. “Err Pinky, slow down you will get indigestion.”


“Never had it,” Pinky advised between furious munching. “Adi!” Pinning him with a stare she grabbed his arm and shoved him in a chair. “OK promise me you wont tell a soul!” She grabbed his hand and bending down, placed it on her head, “Promise ME!”


Startled by the sudden change of topic and positivily frightened by her drama, Adi mumbled a hasty ‘yes.’


“Good!” having finished her crisps, she pulled her drawer open and pulled out a bar of what looked like chocolate. “Thinking makes me hungry” she said as she saw him watching her with an expression od awe. “Is it the same for you?”


Adi gave a bemused negative shake off his head.


“The reason why we had to lie to Maan is that Geet showed me some pictures of him.” She popped a huge chunk of chocolate in her mouth.


“Pictures?” Adi looked very confused.


“Yeath all sofs of fictues…”


“Huh? Pinky finish eating first.” he sighed rolling his eyes at her..


“Thorry..” Pinky rolled her tongue around her mouth…”Chocolate toffee..gets stuck everywhere.”


Adi hid a smile, Pinky was really adorable. “You were saying….?” he waited for her to restart, stopping her from taking a another bite.


“Oh yes…someone sent Geet pictures of Maan.”


Adi stared at her blankly, “what kind of pictures?”


“Maan walking, coming out of offices, talking on his mobile, etc etc….” She walked around trying to puzzle it out.


“Why?” Adi looked confused, Maan sir ke pictures?


“EXACTLY!” Pinky shoved her face close to his. “Exactly! We don’t know why, there was no note, nothing! No clue to why and who sent them.”


He was just about to say something and then he watched her pop another chuck into her mouth and decided against asking her another question until she had finished.


“Hmmmm…there will be more.” he said matter of factly.


“Shore?” she swallowed the contents of her mouth and said again “More? What makes you think so?”


“Well there has to be, no one goes to all that trouble to take so many pictures of someone for no reason. There will be more, you mark my words. Now the question is how will we find out who it is that sent them and what their intentions are?”


“Adi, you are definitely right! I think its a woman, someone who wants to make Geet jealous and wants Maan back.”


Adi grinned. “Pinky you really watch too many Indian serials!”


“No I mean it, Maan Singh Khurana was always seen with so many pretty women before he married Geet, there is bound to be an angry scorned woman somewhere.”


Reflecting on that Adi pursed his lips..yes Maan sir had a few women in life who if they decided to take revenge…but… “I don’t know Pinky we will have to wait and see what comes next. In the meantime I think we should tell Maan sir about them.”


“NO! Adi you promised!”


“But Pinky he should know if he is being watched!” Adi stood firm.


“Haan…thats true….” Pinky looked down at her chocolate and found that she was holding an empty wrapper. “Oh!” Disgusted that it had already finished it she screwed up the paper and threw it into the bin.


“Yes you are right he should know if he is being watched.” Pinkys eyes brightened she grinned at Adi, “and its up to us to find out who is following him.”




“Yes Adi, we should follow Maan and see who is following him!”


Adi’s face paled, he could just see him and Pinky running behind Maan and having to jump into all sorts of corners to hide from that laserbeam glare.


“Errr Pinky I don’t think that’s a good idea..” his mouth ran dry and he fidgeted nervously, “f Maan sir caught me following him I don’t know what he would do…” his hands crept around his throat in panic.


“Arreyy Adi! You wont get caught I promise.”


“Better still, why don’t you just tell Geet to tell Maan sir all about the pictures, that way all our necks will be safer.” Rubbing his he pleaded with Pinky.


“Where is your sense of adventure?” Pinky sighed opening her drawer again to find that she had run out of food. Gathering up her belongings she grabbed Adi by the elbow and pushed him out of the door, “Come on I will outline my plan over a burger, are you hungry? I am so famished!”




Adi found himself dragged out of the KC offices still voicing his protest to Pinky’s completely deaf ears.



“Chotu you be really good, today is your first day at the new school.” Geet gave them both a once over as they climbed out of the car.


“What about didi? Why don’t you say Babli be good too!” Annoyed Chotu folded his arms and stood scowling exactly like Maan.


Grinning at the sight, Geet said matter of fact “Thats because Babli is always good.” Chotu stuck his tongue out at Babli who grinned and ruffled his hair in a fond manner.


“Geet stop fussing they will be fine.” At that both the children nodded vigorously, he stood between the children a hand on each shoulder.


“Didi we will be fine, Jiju has faith in us!”


“Hello Geet, Mr Khuarana,” said a voice right next to them.


Maan turned and saw Saxena, he had with him a very chubby scowling boy.


“Hello Mr Saxena.”


“Dad! Look two new freshies, we are going to have fun with them.” said the boy with a malicious tone.


“Behave,” Saxena said to him, “err this is CC.”


“CC?” Chotu asked,


Saxena opened his mouth to say, “No dont tell them dad!” The boy screeched. “I don’t want these freshies knowing my name, I am going in.” he stalked off with a scowl.


“Must be something bad,” Chotu giggled to Babli. Geet glared at him to shut up. Instantly he was contrite.


“Geet I will see you tomorrow at my office?” Saxena questioned, his eyes scaling her from top to toe. Maan’s eyes narrowed on the man.


“I thought we finished our discussions yesterday?” She really didn’t want to go to his office again.


“Not quite, I would like to go over some matters …more thoroughly…” His tone bordered on the insolent.


She heard Maan’s growl deep in his throat. “Err yes, yes I will see you tomorrow.” Geet hurried Maan along. “Come on you two, Maan lets go and sort these too out.”


“Geet why are you having a second meeting with him?” Maan questioned as soon as they were out of earshot.


“Usual things Maan, he is the client isn’t he they like to get value for money I guess.” Pursing his lips he didn’t pursue it further as she fell into sorting out Babli’s and Chotu’s details with the receiving teacher.



“They will be absolutely fine Geet, its a very good school.” He squeezed her hand as they walked into the KC offices.


“Huh uh..I know..but in Rupnagar everyone knows everyone, here they don’t know anyone.” Chewing her lip she followed him into his office.


“They are bright resilient children they will find their feet quickly.” He sat down and started rifling through the papers on his desk.


“Yes I know..I know! Oh!” glancing at her watch she groaned, “I have a meeting, I will see you later.” Throwing him a dazzling smile she waltzed out of his office.


Maan had stopped going through his papers as he saw another envelope. With bated breath he slit the end open, this time there was only one photo.


Geet was stood outside a large office building, looking up at Saxena. A deep sound burst from him as he saw Saxenas hand on Geet’s waist. Red mist clouded his brain.


Unfortunately, Adi chose just that time to burst into his office. Only to fall back alarmed as Maan looked up from his desk straight at him with murder in his eyes.







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  1. Mazni

    March 9, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    OMG maan saw that pic whoever sending this want maan to doubt her or is that a lady ,was he ladies maan mean hope he never crossed limits even he was with girls .hope adi clear everything n saxena what is with new meeting hope maan reach on time, n geet maan pls dont hide thing from each other these two want each ipothers safty then be transparent to each other,dont hide things 🙂 nice update

    • janememe

      March 9, 2014 at 3:56 pm

      Thanks Mazni 😉 Glad u enjoyed…Saxena is a notty boy ;)) Adi is sworn to secrecy! What to do?

  2. naina

    March 9, 2014 at 12:29 pm

    go on pinky adi…..OMG…..saxena to gaya…..dogs of dillhi will going to recive a awesome treat

    • janememe

      March 9, 2014 at 3:57 pm

      hahahahhaha Dogs of Delhi ;)) Pinky and Adi make a great team :)) Thanks Naina for your lovely comment! 🙂

  3. Ramya

    March 10, 2014 at 8:37 am

    Hope Maan controls his anger this time atleast on Geet for not letting him know abt Saxena.Saxena gone case now.Msk’s taichi kick,waiting.

    • janememe

      March 10, 2014 at 9:25 am

      Taichi kick!! Yikes ;)) Me wait for that too! Hope you enjoyed reading Ramya ;))

  4. Beena

    March 10, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    Janey….. Brilliant yaar !!!!! I don’t really know where this hide and seek game is gonna end up…. but I’m just loving it. Its really interesting 🙂 so the children would have challenges at their school now !!! Pinky couldn’t keep secrets hehehe…. poor adi 😉 I’m quite curious how would maan deal with this saxena!!!

    • janememe

      March 10, 2014 at 6:08 pm

      thanks Beena fo your lovely comment ;)) Me neither lets see what I can come up with by next week! eeeekkkk such a short time!

  5. karam80

    March 11, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    Superbbbbbb update…..Maan gonna kill dat Saxsena nd poor Adi ……can’t wait to read next part…..plzzzz update soon dear….

    • janememe

      March 12, 2014 at 4:03 pm

      jeez thanks 😉 I better start writingggggggggggg!! :))

  6. savitha.

    March 12, 2014 at 4:34 am

    (y) awesome update ❤

    • janememe

      March 12, 2014 at 4:04 pm

      Thanks savitha ;)) glad u enjoyed

  7. Chetna

    March 16, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    hi dear! sorry 4 late comments! Was on training n cld nt access! intense update! Maan incensed! Geet manages to calm him! y wld he tells Pinky their intimate moments! Maan thinks something is wrong bt Geet distracts him! Pinky tells Adi everything! Adi falling 4 Pinky! Hate Saxena! Maan angry with Saxena 4 eyeing his Mishty! Maan receives a pic of Geet! n Saxena was holding her waist! Maan in a murderous mood! Adi enters! update soon! well written


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