TPR2 – Chap4 Rooms of frustration!

Morningggggggggg Sundae Sunday is here yet again…one big pudding and I love to share it with you all ;)) This week the devil got me, u will go WHAT? Then read on…hahahha…bechare! I am not going to say any more! You have to read on and find out. Have fun, melt and moan ;)) But don’t forget to comment and tell me if you liked it on not. Full on!

last week…..

Love shone out of his eyes. “You hadn’t eaten all day had you? Ran off without breakfast. And then you refused food when Nakul offered, and then I didn’t help, and after you beat the living daylights out of that atta, I realised I had to feed you straight away.” He grinned and helped her into her seat. “Now eat! After that I will satisfy my hunger.”

But what are you waiting for? You can eat with me….” She moaned eyes closed at the taste of aloo paratha.

The butter dripped of her chin and went down her parted robe running into her cleavage. A moan escaped him. His eyes darkened on her.

I am not talking about food my Mishty!”

Chapter 4

But she wasn’t listening.

“Maan this butter chicken ..” she kissed her fingers, “…lajaawab hai!” Then a thought occurred to her… “err Maan yeh sab khaana kither se aaya? When I looked in the fridge there was only two sad plates of pasta.” She carried on eating happily, smiling at him sweetly.

“Tum ko khana kaha se aaya usske parwah hai…and what I am suffering right now usske nahi!”

“I told you, if you are hungry why are you waiting, there is enough food to feed an army here.” She stuffed some rice and chicken into her mouth..  “You always order too much food for me, I remember that time when you sent some to the flat in that chawl, even with Pinky sharing with me we had so much left over, we went and shared it will the neighbours.”

Maan stared at her as she rattled on, she was driving him insane. Every action of hers was pushing him to closer to the edge, that lush mouth of hers her could almost feel it on him…..

“Geet…” his eyes pools of want, he stared at her like a starving man at a banquet. She was so busy rattling on inanely and eating that she didn’t even notice, he was torn between screaming and banking down his need…he chose the latter, if she was well fed she would have more energy for the pursuits he had in mind. Gripping the edge of the table he stared on …surely she would be finished soon?

“Do you remember that khadoos landlord? I couldn’t believe you hit him….and then you kidnapped me and kept me in the outhouse.”

Did he kidnap her?

He couldn’t remember anything at the moment….. as she leaned forward to offer him a piece of aloo paratha, her robe slipped open giving him an uncompromising view of her lush breasts showcased by pale lace.

He forgot everything else save he needed her now..this instant! He wanted to taste her, feast on her, he opened his mouth to do just that and thinking he wanted to be fed she placed the piece of aloo paratha in his mouth, it was so incredibly erotic he nearly erupted right there and then.

“Are you alright Maan?” Frowning she stared at him for a moment, his pained expression puzzled her.

“Have you quite finished eating?” His voice was low and troubled.

“Haan…bu…” Before she could even finish her answer he was around the table and pulling her into his arms.

“Maan! Oh……….”

He ripped open her robe and pulled it off …his eyes drank her in as the moonlight caressed her newly exposed body almost as lovingly and hungrily as his eyes were drinking her in. Bending her over his arm his mouth closed on a tight rosy peak through the lace.

“You are killing me my Mishty….I need you so badly,” his words slurred against her breast as he shifted her and gave the same relentless treatment to her other peak.

Her hands sank into his lush dark hair, instantly the banked need sprang to the surface like a hungry tiger, his mouth was…so hot on her breast, the tongue snaked around its prize and she went into overdrive.

“I don’t think I can make it to the bedroom… I want you now!” His breath was harsh, her hands were already reaching for him, skimming over his heated skin.

But anyone could see them here, he was mindful that the restaurant people could still be downstairs, he clenched his jaw and let her go for a moment to reach down to retrieve her robe.

She was in such a daze…her whole body screamed out as he let go of her.

“Maan? No don’t stop!”


He took a deep breath. “I have no intention of stopping…but not here, anybody could come up,” lovingly he covered her up with the robe, “I don’t want my Mishty to be a feast for anybody’s eyes except mine.” Taking her hand in his he pulled her down the stairs and rapidly walked her towards their bedroom.

Her smile was radiant, she couldn’t wait to the get to the bedroom, she could almost feel him sinking into her…a moan escaped her full of need.

He smiled at her, knowing exactly what she was feeling as they climbed the stairs rapidly and almost ran into the bedroom.

To stopped dead.

Chotu was spread eagle on the bed and Babli was asleep in a corner curled up with a pillow.

“They must have come in at some point and fallen asleep.” Whispered Geet staring at the children in surprise.

“GEET!” Growling. he stared at them in sheer frustration.

“What!” She growled back. “How was I supposed to know?”

“You left the door open!”

“Huh? You carried me out of here. You left the door open!” They both rounded on each other, so desperate for each other but unable to do anything about it.

He grabbed her hand pulling her into the bathroom.

“Maan..NO! They will hear..”

“Don’t make any noise then!”

He shut the door and pushed her against it, his mouth was already burying itself in her neck, his hand cupping her breast.



“Maan! I cant help…if you….you do things to me that ….I cant help it!” She blushed as he grinned at her watching intently,whilst his hands started to free her again from her robe.

“And I intend to do a lot of it tonight!” He loved to hear her moans and growls of pleasure as he made love to her, her passionate response always drove him to such intense climaxes.

“Stop! Not here!” As he reached for her again, she closed back her robe closing the robe ties.

He had lost the ability to think clearly, his mind was clouded with passion. “Mishty! Where then?”

She could barely think herself so she said the first thing that popped into her head. “..Your study…no one will come there!”

“Study?” he barked it out as it were and alien word. He was beyond desperate now.

“Itne baadi haveli hai meri and I cant find ONE place to make love to my wife!” Muttering hoarsely he took her hand in his and quietly opened the door dragging her past the two sleeping children.

“Wait!” whispering she gently covered them both with blankets.

“Come on!” he rasped pulling her down the stairs with indecent haste.

Hand in hand, they ran towards the study to find the door ajar.

“Maan? Geet? What are you two doing up?” Daadima stared at them and their dishevelled state.

“Daadima?” Maan stared her with incredulous eyes, edging behind Geet, shock making him twist her hand behind her back.

“Daadima WHAT are YOU doing up! And at this hour?”

His brain fizzed with frustration. Was there no place to go in this huge house where they could be alone? Without realising he squeezed Geet’s hand almost to a pulp in frustration.


“Err sorry Mishty” he muttered, releasing it quickly.

Daadima stared at them closely, they both looked a little flushed and out of breath. Geet’s hair was all messy and loose and Maan was bare chested, no shoes and wearing wet joggers.

“Are you two feeling OK? Maan why are you hiding behind Geet?”

What could he say, dark colour slashed his cheeks. Ignoring her question, Maan stared at her harder almost willing her to vanish.

“Errrr we heard a noise ..I .. we were just checking it out, but Daadima WHAT are you doing up?”

“Beta I couldn’t sleep…so I decided to do some reading, and then I became engrossed in the annual reports of the American company who are looking to business with us.”

Documents? American company? He brain was almost frazzled.

“Daadima.” it came out as almost as a squeak… “err just go to bed, you must be tired..”. He wanted to go up to her and send her to bed urgently, but couldn’t.

“But I am not finished yet and not at all sleepy….you two go on up, I will go to sleep a little later.”

Turning her head back, Geet rolled her eyes, why was he making it so obvious that he wanted to get rid of her? And why was he standing behind her so awkwardly?

“Maan…err we had better get to bed , we have a meeting in the morning.” she urged, about to turn but he kept her firmly in front of him.

“Yes, you two go up, you know these documents don’t really make that much sense….” Daadima muttered under her breath. Going back to her reading she waved them off in an abstract fashion.

“Aaj he daadima ko insomina hua?” Maan muttered, dragging Geet out and marching her backwards until they were out of sight of daadima.

A giggle burst from Geet as she tok stock of the situation.

“Tum ko haasi aati hai? Aur meri haalat yaha ..” He couldn’t go on, reaching out he pulled her into him smartly letting her feel his desperate need. He was ready to explode.

“OH!” a compulsive shiver ran through her, now she could almost feel him inside her.

Rolling his eyes at her he mimicked her “Yes..OH!”His hands trailed over her face, eyes dark. “I cant even think at this moment…I just need to sink myself into you, deep into your softness, like hot silk ……Mishty mine, aren’t you feeling the same way?”

Unable to help himself, his lips sought her in a deep kiss.

His words were so seductive…she needed him too, so badly, but where? Her brain suddenly pinged.“Maan there is one place where we can be alone and no one will disturb us…”

“Where? Where?” He shook with desperation.

“The outhouse…we completely forgot!”

Closing his eyes for a millisecond he took a deep breath, he hadn’t been thinking right, well, he hadn’t been thinking at all.

He couldn’t wait to get her to the bedroom….smiling at her he pulled her fingers to his lips and kissed them for remembering the outhouse. Linking her fingers through his he pulled her behind him towards the outhouse through the linking corridor with indecent haste.

Geet grinned but that grin faded as she heard loud chatter from the outhouse as they approached. She frowned at Maan, he too was frowning. As they neared they heard distinct laughter and music…Maan’s face became a thundercloud, he ran towards the outhouse to find Nakul and others having a party. They were all seated in a circle, drivers, help, gardeners, all playing cards and eating snacks and cakes.

“NAKUL!” A roar burst from him.

Nakul looked up and quaked in his shoes seeing Maan sir in this dishevelled avatar. But why was he standing behind Geet madam like that?

“What the hell are you all doing here?”

“Daadima said we could, its my birthday sir! She said we could all have a party sir.”

Maans face was a picture. Frustration and need made him see red. His hands clenched on Geet’s shoulders.

“Maan…no don’t.” As she felt his frustration and anger about to explode. “Its not Nakuls fault.” She told him quietly.

“Err, Nakul have a great birthday…”she smiled wanly pulling Maan away from there.

“Well that was a bright idea!” the long corridor seemed to go on forever on their return journey.

“Not my fault, not anyone’s fault really!” Glum she stared at his angry face.

He smashed his fist against a wall, the night from hell just got worse and worse. His ardour considerably cooled he muttered, “lets just go and find somewhere to sleep. Come on!

He saw her wane face and instantly felt contrite.

“I am so sorry my Mishty, I am being a ogre, its just …”

She put her fingers to his lips, “shhhhh…you don’t have to say anything, its the same for me.”

His fingers caressed her cheek so gently, hand in hand they walked back to the house and went up to their bedroom, fully prepared to get blankets and sleep elsewhere when they saw their bed was empty .

“Where did they go?” He went into the bathroom to check if they were in there, but it was empty.

“They must have woken and gone to their beds again.”Geet smiled.

A chuckle escaped him and then a roar of laughter as the whole evenings dire situation came back to him.

Smiling, Geet closed the door and locked it with a definite click, she turned and with deliberate action she opened and dropped her robe.

“Well I am going to bed….” her eyes full of heat as she watched as he shed his joggers urgently, “are you coming?”

She didn’t even realise how he managed to get her in to the middle of the bed so quickly.

Whipping off the lace nightdress that had been torturing him all night he whispered against her mouth.

“Oh yes…but first I am going make sure you do, again and again.” as he sank deep into her ready softness. She felt incredible.

“M…aaan! Dont stop! Please….” Clinging to him she writhed under him, meeting his every thrust, as he moved hard and fast against her, no longer able to hold back.

“Yes! I want to hear you moan for me!” He rasped against her cheek.

She had already started to climax, her fingers dug into his shoulders.

“Mishty!” he let go, unable to hold back tumbling into his own climax at her frantic and urgent movements.

Breathless, he rested his forehead against her, “Mishty mine you undo me!”

Wrapping her arms around tightly, she grinned at him, “You’re not so bad yourself.” Voluptuously she stretched under him, making him want her again instantly.

“Oh! I thought…”

“Hmmmm….you thought what? After making me run all over the house in such a condition you think that was it? Mishty mine, that was just the appetiser…” He whispered, his lips starting the fires again. “Now for the main course I am going to feast on you.” his mouth tasted a trail across her sensitive spots down her sternum to her belly button, teasing her, making her moan, before raising himself over her with a teasing devilish look in his dark sooty framed eyes.

For a moment she couldn’t think, or speak as he filled her to the hilt, it was so incredible. She moved her hips in a circular fashion that had him trembling compulsively with delight.

“Yes..ahhhh Mishty are you teasing me?” the devil danced in his eyes.

“Hmmmm…” Smiling into his heated eyes, she did it again making him growl and clamp his mouth over a lush peak, “But what about desert?” she gasped as he surged into her again.

“Ahhhh… yes desert,” his voice low and deep as he moved so excruciatingly slowly inside her, “for desert..You can have me!”


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  1. naina

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    hahahahahahahahahohohohohohohohohohohihihihihihihihihihihihi……the great MSK or the poor MAAN?

    • janememe

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      Loll Did u have fun Naina ;)) the troubles of MSK ;))

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      Thanks Menakkrish so happy you enjoyed it ;)) had fun writing it

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    January 26, 2014 at 8:29 pm

    hahahahaha…Bechara Maan ka haalat kharab ho gaya aaj….Jane you are brilliant…loved it!

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      Awwww Thanks kasturi, happy you enjoyed reading ;)) So nice to see you back ;))

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    Hahahahahaha….. Rofl….😂😂😂
    Such desperation Maan n Geet….
    Lovely update Janey…. I almost fell off my place… Chotu n bubli in their room, daadi awake, nakul partying hahahaha…. Gosh, even the lords wud have been laffing at both of them….
    Continue soon… Wud be waiting….
    Love u loads… :* ❤

  5. Chetna

    January 27, 2014 at 6:11 am

    hi dear! fab update! Oops desperate Maaneet bt no room? Babli n chotu in their room n dadi awake n the servants partying in outhouse! Its certainly nt their day! Finally they find a roon – their room lol! well written! Js to inform in advance – will b unable to read updates frm this sunday until the 22 feb! Gng to India 4 holiday! sorry! I will miss this updates!

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA total paisa wasool :-*

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      thank you Annie 😉

  7. savitha.

    January 29, 2014 at 11:33 am

    OMG..ROFL…they ran around the whole mansion..janey you are too good :D..bechaara maan..ha ha ha..running around half naked in search of a room..tsk tsk..:p lowweeeddd ittt..brilliant ❤

    • janememe

      January 29, 2014 at 9:28 pm

      Was fun na ;)) cant think nowwwwwww ! Glad u enjoyed it Savitha

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    poor maa 😛
    enjoyed full update …maan condition was hillarious …………awesome

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      Thankssssss Preeti ;)) Gosh I havnt written much for this week at all

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    Awesome update dear ……..loved it….Poor Maan….

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        I am fine babes trying to TPR- this weeks its going to be short too much work on

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      Sure babesssss will do ;))

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        Thankssss dear….Sooo excited 4 updates….

  12. Ramya

    February 2, 2014 at 8:22 am

    Wow hilarious Jane,Poor MSK

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      tHanks Ramya I am happy you enjoyed it babes ;)) keep on coming back!


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