TPR2 chapter 34 – Unexpected complications

Hello shellooooooooooo! TPR time again 🙂 Well what can I say- its never plain sailing with our duo ;)) Khabhi khushi….khabhi gum and sometimes outright fun :))) so lets see where this episode take us.

After this there will be no TPR for two weeks as I am away to family commitments! Kaminos dont cry too much buahahahhaha I know you wont ;))

DO comment I love to read them ;)) and as alaways you wll get a reply from me. Read slowly and enjoy!

Unexpected complications Chap 34

Geet walked wearily into the haveli to hear loud voices chatting away, her thoughts already in a dark place she came to a halt wondering what was going on. As the chatter became louder, It seemed they had guests and she was in no mood to make small talk. But there was nothing for it, taking a deep breath she walked in further.

“Ahh…Geetbeta there you are, come and meet my cousin Bambi from my mothers side and her daughter Simple.”

Smiling she looked at Daadima’s relatives as she walked in further into the sitting area. They turned to look at her and her smile vanished. They were both staring at her with hard eyes as if she was something that had they would need to scrape off the bottom of their shoes. Assessing her from head to toe, Bambi aunty almost sneered as she muttered out a suitable greeting and Simple just showed off her teeth, not at all nicely Geet thought.

Really? Geet wondered what was their problem.

“Errr Geet beta…” Daadima supplied apologeticly as she saw Geet’s smile vanish under their not so nice stares. “Bambi and Simple are stuck.errr they came for a wedding but the hotel they had booked seemed not to have their details, so they thought they would come and stay with us for a few days.”

A FEW DAYS? Geet groaned with the way things were between her and Maan a few days would be hard to get through with guests in the house. She really needed space and privacy to sort things out.

Maan walked in behind her just in time to hear that last sentence. Damn he was in no mood for this.

“Maan….please we have to talk.” Geet whispered to him. His eyes darkened but he didn’t reply striding forward into the sitting room moving away from her.

His eyes took in Geet’s dishevelled state and pale face but he chose to ignore it, he couldn’t get all soft on her now. He was in no mood for guests either. What he wanted was to have it out with her- why had she kept such a secret from him and more to the point why she didn’t trust him anymore to look after her. But now it would have to wait. Perhaps it was better that he couldn’t have it out with her straight away he was at boiling point. Yes, he it would be better all round to wait until later when he was calmer.

“OH! MAAN darlinggggggg..”.Simple jumped up as she saw him, clapping her hands she ran to him throwing her arms around his neck in gesture that was totally outrageous.

“You look simply wonderful but…..” she grabbed his cheeks and brought his face so close to hers “but too tired…it looks like marriage is not agreeing with you at all daarrlingggg…but don’t worry I am here now I will make sure you have the best care possible. Areyy cant you see your sahib has returned from work fetch him some tea at once!” she shouted at a startled Nakul.

Nakul stared at her as if she had gone mad.

“Didn’t you hear me you incompetent man!”

“Err chota saab doesn’t drink tea.” Nakul managed his eyes pleading with daadima to get rid of the woman.

“Nakul please go and see to dinner.” Savitridevi intervened her eyes giving Simple a dark look. “And tell chef we will be having guests for a few days..” Savitridevi wanted to ask exactly how many days they would be staying but politeness forbade her.

Geet already emotionally charged turned shocked eyes on them as Simple dragged Maan away from her side to sit beside her.

“Haan could you marry him off like that- in such a rush?” Eyeing Geet with disdain she carried on, “Darling Maan you naughty boy, you know Simple would have made you the perfect wife..she went to finishing school in Switzerland you know. She would have done the Khurana name proud!”

Swallowing her shock at the woman’s words, Geet’s eyes filled with hurt as Maan just sat there without saying a word in her defence. Usually by now he would have slayed them where they stood.

“Err Geet is the perfect woman for my Maan,” Savitridevi stressed firmly her eyes taking in Geet’s hurt face and Maan’s silence with some surprise, he was staring at Geet with a dark shuttered expression that spoke of simmering anger. What had happened between them that it had come to this?

“She is beautiful..courageous, kind, all the things Maan needs. Isn’t that so Maan?”

Ignoring daadima and giving Geet a hard look he said, “I am sorry ladies…err welcome aunty Bambi, Simple, I have a thousand things to do. Nakul please make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need. Please excuse me.” With that he walked off towards the study without a backward glance.

Pain like she had never known lodged like a lump in Geet’s heart.

“Well..if you say so Savitri, I guess she has a certain kind of charm. You know nowadays these fast girls are so adept at ensnaring men like our innocent Maan.”

Savitridevi flushed with outrage and sent a quelling look in Bambi’s direction making her shut up. But Geet was beyond listening. All that she could think of was that he had got up and walked away! Like a lost injured woman she made her way slowly up the stairs.

“Well! Whatever you say Savitri she really doesn’t have any manners. After all she is your bahu shouldn’t she be asking after our comforts. My Simple passed all her etiquette exams you know.”

“Pity she didn’t take you with her,” Savitridevi muttered under her breath. And then loudly she said “Bambi you really haven’t changed have you….now I don’t want you to create trouble here if you are going to stay or shall I get Nakul to book you into a hotel some where else?”

“Areey Savitri you know I am just making conversation…no no …we will be fine here. Just fine….” she added looking around at the plush Haveli. Her hard eyes on the crystal opulence of the place. “No just ignore wont even know we are here.” She finished with a tight smile.

Savitridevi sighed and decided that the next few days would be very trying indeed. She knew Bambi didn’t have any hotel booking…no.. they had landed at Khurana mansions for free lodgings. Bambi had always been a free loader all her life, three husbands later and a trail of debts she was the relative that everyone avoided. Bambi’s mother on the the hand was the nicest aunt Savitridevi had and she was very close to her, she was almost like a mother to her so out of respect for her she put up with Bambi and her equally empty headed daughter Simple. She just hoped that the situation between the stubborn Maan and Geet didn’t grow into something serious that Bambi’s silly taunts and Simple’s idiotic simpering would add to and cause an irreparable rift.

Sitting down on their bed Geet stared into space for a long while. Had she done something that bad that he wouldn’t even talk to her now? All she had been doing was to trying and keep him safe!

Her phone rang just then absently she picked it up.

“Madam would you like better call rates.”

“No thank you.”

“But madam I can offer…” He went on and on until Geet got fed up and disconnected.

“Didi! When did you come in?” Chotu bounced into her room followed by Babli and jumped on her bed.

“Err just now.” Geet rubbed her forehead trying to keep a headache at bay. Her phone rang again, it was the same man. With a exasperated sigh Geet switched it off completely, she just couldn’t cope with it at the moment.

“Are you not feeling well?” Babli asked instantly.

“No baby,” Geet pulled Babli into an embrace and hugged her tight. She so needed their innocent comfort after the whole Singhania episode and Maan’s behaviour towards her.

Just then the man of her thoughts walked in.

“Jiju!” Chotu launched himself at him.

Maan who had come in with a ferocious frown on his face smiled instantly, playing with Chotu and ruffling his hair. Stood for a moment as if about to say something and decided against it. Going to his cupboard he pulled out his nightwear and grabbed a few things from the bathroom.

Wide eyed Geet stared .

“Where are you going?”Chotu questioned innocently.

“I am going to the outhouse.”Then as he saw Babli’s curious stare he added, “err I have a lot of work to do tonight I don’t want to keep your didi awake.”

SO! he was not even going to come to bed!

“Maan?” But he had walked out without so much as a backward glance.

Seeing Babli’s frown and brain whirr Geet promptly took control. “Err come on you two lets go and see to your homework.”

“Didi are those people staying here?”

“Yes for a few days…did you meet them?”

“No..Nakul uncle took us up whilst they were nosing around the house.”

“Chotu!” Geet Admonished. “That’s very bad thing to say.”

“Its true didi, they were just about to come into your room when daadima stopped them.”


Geet decided that after she put the children to bed she was going to go to the outhouse and sort it out with Maan, he would have to talk to her. Avoiding her was not an option and then she would tackle daadima’s relatives tomorrow, they seemed to have something against her for no reason. She wasn’t going to mope anymore, she had to take control of the situation.

Maan stalked the room in the outhouse. It was impossible to talk to her anywhere! Between the kids in their room and guests downstairs he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He really had to talk with her now and tell her he was not going to take any more of this nonsense. He was the boss of this marriage. But how? Now he had decided to come to the outhouse to maintain some level of calmness.

He paced the room. He would bring her to him….yes, he would text her right now and tell her to come to the outhouse. At least here he would be able to give her piece of his mind without interruption. Muttering under his breath he tapped out a curt message to tell her to come to the outhouse as soon as finished with the children. Urgently!

A little later after putting the children to bed Geet showered and stared into her cupboard. What could she wear? If she put on a nighty he would think she was using her body to change his mind, if she wore kurti and jeans it would look odd at this time of night. Chewing her lip she reached into her wardrobe to grab a T Shirt and casual pants when something she had been keeping for a long time tumbled out into her hands.

Grinning, she fingered the soft fabric. It wasn’t day wear, it wasn’t nightwear…he couldn’t really say anything about it being too sexy…because technically it wasn’t. It would do just fine.

She quickly pulled it on along with some leggings before she could change her mind and softly padded out whilst everyone slept. Smiling to herself she went down the quiet dimly lit staircase towards the outhouse. If anything, one look at her in this and she would have Maan’s full attention and he would be ready to listen to her. Yes, she would sort this out tonight she hated arguing with him. She needed to be in his arms where she belonged.

A strange and heavy perfume had her coughing down the connecting corridor. Screwing up her nose at the awful smell she wondered what cleaning stuff had Nakul been spraying everywhere. She would have to tell him to stop, it was making her eyes water.

In the outhouse bedroom Maan paced, each moment she delayed his temper increased. What WAS she doing? It didn’t take this long to sort out the kids. No…. she was deliberately delaying. Damn it! Then he heard some footsteps outside the door. He walked towards it his brain in hyper drive.

Smiling at the thought that the whole issue would be sorted out soon Geet climbed the steps to come to a full and complete stop at the top. Simple was walking down the corridor towards the bedroom. THE bedroom, THEIR bedroom. Wearing a bright pink satin nighty and some equally neon filmy feathery pink thing on top. Geet watched in shock as she saw Simple stood outside the door and called out in a funny voice

“Maaaannnn. Coooooeee Maan……”

Brows knitting together Maan ground his teeth in frustration. Why was Geet making funny noises outside the door? He really could NOT understand her.

“Coooooooeeeeeeeee Maannnnnnnnn….”

She had gone mad! All this Singhania tension had obviously fried her brain. Why else would she be coooing like a kabutar outside his room?

Closing his eyes as red mist clouded his brain he yanked the doors open flung out his hand and yanked her inside.

Wide eyes Geet watched the doors fly open and Simple yanked inside with some force, then the door shut behind her with a firm click.

Geet’s mouth fell open in complete and utter shock.



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  1. mansiahmed

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    Sim0le😠 what the f….poor geet maan is very bad torturung her now he wanna be the boss of marriqge he has gone nuts…now wat will happen arrey yaar next part dekhe tho jaooooo😭

    • janememe

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      next part likha nahi tou kaise deke jawouuuu? Glad you enjoyed babes ;)) Thanks for commenting!

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    • janememe

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      hehehhe one is bimbo and other sample! Love it ;)))) Dont cryyyyyyyy I rather you enjoyed and had a greaT sundae 😉 Thanks for your comments.

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      THanks TJ darling ;)) Much appreciated that u humesha milenga ;)) hehehe had to stop somewhereeeeee!

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    pataka cant wait for next hi wait is killing first you lit a bomb & have to wait to see if it explodes or not

    • janememe

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      hehehheh pataka ko explode karo ;))

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      Bombs are always going off between them ;)) but the making up is sweet!
      Hope u enjoyed!

  6. chetna

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      Chapter 35 is up babes!

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